Covid 19 is not the only pandemic the world has ever witnessed. We were hit by flu’s, SARS, MERS and so many varied outbreaks. However, the world did not experience a stand-still then. Simply due to the negligible effect on the economy, or on humankind as a whole. So, these examples caution us that the world will always be open to unexpected pandemics in the future. Considering the current situation, we need to be well prepared not just physically and mentally but rather financially too. This pandemic has been an excellent example of survival of the fittest in business and marketing. With disruption in sales, in customer demands, in supply chains and with less working power, we have faced a humanitarian crisis. However, we now have to focus so as to get back on tract and adjust to the new environment.

Therefore, in this article we discuss the 10 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies with long term benefits.

1. Learn about your existence

Be aware! – the first thing that should come to your mind, is the position that your company/business holds in the market. Learn about the pros and cons you were faced with during the pandemic. Identify your competitors and their target. You need to be a step ahead in demonstrating your excellence. Planning should be the key to every little aspect of your company. Review on newer approaches and projects you can execute, and bounce on the field with a bigger comeback. Have a future vision that would enable you to identify your level of preparedness to any external as well as internal circumstance.

Post-Pandemic Marketing Tactics

2. Expand your business digitally

New perspective- With so many restrictions being imposed, it is indeed difficult for you to reach out to your customers or vice versa. I’m sure before this pandemic, a handful of us knew something like “Zoom” meeting app even existed. We were well versed with online home delivery systems but little with online marketing approaches. The first step towards this outlook is to create a user-friendly website or an application (app) that will help your customers, employees and your partners reach out to you, as and when required. Such an approach will enable you to expand your customer target and being digital, it will also lead you to get a larger coverage.

Post-pandemic marketing

This website/application will always be in use, irrespective of any external circumstances. However, you need to have hands-on practice on the way you will function for dealing with every problem that will advance you. An online customer care cell can also be set up to cater to the needs of your tribe.

3. Advertisements and campaigns through social media

There’s no harm in trying- the fastest mode of communication in today’s time is through social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, You- tube, snapchat, people not just use it as a leisure, but also as a mode of advertising their business. This will hardly require any monetary fund and you can always request your well-wishers to promote your business.

Benefits of digital marketing

For instance, traditional forms of business like catering, or extra-curricular, full time or side jobs such as dance, music did not necessarily require online activities. So, in this situation, you could just upload a video of yourself performing and advertise it to the population at large. This will also enable the customers to experience the benefits they would receive if they invest their time and money into business.

4. Invest into newer areas such as content marketing

Validated information- with so many questions on our mind regarding the pandemic and its after effects, we need candidates to not just answer questions but also to help us ponder on alternative approaches. If your business has been affected due to this ongoing situation, you need to focus on answering and solving doubts that approach you via your customers or employees. You need to make things crystal clear with your target, regarding how services or deliveries will be changed.

How do you market a pandemic

Also, it is important to mention the safety protocols your business/company will follow depending upon the standards given in your jurisdiction.

5. Discounts and promotions

Sale! Sale! Sale- with so many people running low on their finances, it is ‘OK’ for you to not think about huge profits right now and rather invest in luring your customer target. You could offer discounts and promotions or indulge in strategies like free home delivery, free six months services and so on. Newer attractive approaches like “give away” will also add up to your business value. These techniques can be efficiently utilized during festive seasons or during seasonal sales. Make sure to have background information about your customers’ birth details, that would enable you to contact them and provide discounted services during their birth month.

Digital marketing during the pandemic

Also, online contests and quizzes can be organized on a monthly basis with attractive prizes. This will help in seeding interest into your customers and they will regularly check your business websites for such interesting activities.

6. Invest in online teaching careers

That’s the way! – If you’re someone with a strong academic base and would want to extend your target to students and learners, this will be a very good initiative. With “online homeschooling” or online teaching being the new trend, many students find it difficult to cope up with this new system. Merely due to the inaccessibility to smartphones or laptops, poor internet connectivity or simply, due to the difficulties in adjusting to these new ways of teaching. Platforms like YouTube or other learning apps, already cater to this sector through educational videos. So, how will you stand out in the crowd?

What are the most effective digital marketing strategies

You will have to go a step ahead, here are a few steps to be followed:

  • Decide on your customer base- whether you want to target school, junior college, university students or candidates preparing for various competitive exams.
  • Register as a tutor via an online app or just start with your channel on YouTube. You could also begin with your very own online teaching website.
  • Provide an eye-catching title, discounts and do not forget to write your achievements as well.
  • Assure the students unavailable online, that one-to-one teaching will be provided along with all the learning matter. Yes! You will indeed have to go one step ahead and look into alternative approaches to contact such students. Either via phone calls or through personal tutoring by following all the safety protocols.
  • A word of mouth, social media advertisements and banners can be your support to increase your coverage.

7.Provide opportunities to the new-comers

Work smarter- with so many people unemployed and so many students unemployed with qualifications and degrees, you can start offering such candidates internships. This will form a mutualistic relationship, wherein you will have a greater and a better work force and the suitable candidates will have an earning to suffice their needs. Such candidates should be paid as it would empower their confidence and will root the seeds of dedication into them. Training sessions can be organized, so that they furnish their skills and have a hands-on practice.

Business strategy during pandemic

Being beginners, you do not have to pay them huge amounts, but they have to be acknowledged and get a good job experience by working in your company. A good treatment and considerate pay scale will also attract a large number of individuals who are anxiously in search of jobs.

8. Cut down on unnecessary finances

Savings! – review on your current ongoing expenses. Identify the areas where you need monetary funds the most. Also, look into the departments that do not require much maintenance. Google through the various schemes and subsidies available online. These can include funds from the government as well as private financial institutions. Learn about investing in other spheres such as shares. However, these are subjected to risks and hence you need to have a thorough knowledge regarding it. Try contacting your colleagues or well-wishers for any assistance.

How to market a product during pandemic

9. Take care of your Current customers and employees

Sit back and relax- Due to an alarming storm of uncertainties around, there are chances that your customers or even employs are drained mentally. With mental stress, it is rather difficult to concentrate or participate in any business-related activities. You need to contact your loyal customers, and assure them that your services will always be open to them. Your employees too, need to be acknowledged for their consistent performance, as they are a part of your core foundation.

How to increase sales after coronavirus

10. Guide your tribe into the after effects of post-pandemic sphere

Trust is the key- Although safety of individuals is the need of the hour, you have to successfully inculcate trust, honesty, loyalty, punctuality as well as authenticity into your employees. “Work from home” is in vogue, but does it really suffice to the disciplinary needs required in a work space? Hence, companies have slowly started expanding their comfort zones. With an ease of restrictions, at least one fourth of the employees can be approached on alternate days, by adhering to all the safety norms.

Role of digital marketing post pandemic

Make sure to designate these teams with newer responsibilities. These individuals will be the front-line workers and hence an increase in pay- scale can always be a bonus to add up to their confidence level.