Know the latest 34 LinkedIn Statistics for 2021

LinkedIn Statistics are unlike other networks and don’t have the most significant numbers. It is not the most effective public platform and doesn’t even have the most extended reach. But still, the statistics of LinkedIn can shock you in a good way.

Marketers can underestimate its value at first sight. But after giving a close look at its Statistics, any intelligent person can find it interesting.

LinkedIn is also the best place for marketers to make a good impression. The statistics purely indicate that this platform is the best place for marketers of B2C and B2B items and services.

LinkedIn User Stats

  1. 76% of users are not U.S. habitants

    It is well known that the United States has Linkedin’s greatest mart. But you may be surprised to learn that 76% of the LinkedIn users reside out of the United States. LinkedIn has got a grip around the world with 174M users.

    These users reside in more than 200 countries, with 107 million in Latin America, 163 million in Europe, and 196 million in the Asia Pacific.

  2. LinkedIn is the home of 722 million people

    As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn doesn’t have the most significant number of users, but with a sharp focus on business, it is undoubtedly a digit to be noticed.

    While Instagram has one billion users, Facebook has 2.74 million users, LinkedIn has formally advanced by the half-billion user count.

  3. Less than half of LinkedIn users are women

    Yes, you heard it correctly. Men are significantly more in number on this platform than women. But some studies need to be done to understand this properly as LinkedIn doesn’t give any other genders other than male and female.

    43% are female users, while 57% are male. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming a platform for every professional, and with it, you can reach anyone in this professional world.

    No doubt, LinkedIn is a great platform to find any professional.

  4. About 59.9% of Users are between 25 to 34 years old

    Of course, this is the age group to start and build your career, and LinkedIn is a business network.

    It shouldn’t surprise that more than half of the LinkedIn users belong to the 25 to 34 years age group.

  5. 40% monthly active users use the platform daily

    For those who stay active on LinkedIn throughout the month, around 40% are daily users. So, approximately 100 million professionals access LinkedIn daily.

    It is made more interesting by giving the users their daily relevant content, which they can indulge into without any restrictions.

    They are even more willing to check out what other people are sharing about different companies, experiences, or resumes.

  6. Linkedin’s announced target is 3 billion

    LinkedIn will not stop its hustle just at 700 million. They are not sitting back and celebrating this achievement. They are hustling harder to achieve their more important goal.

    The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, recently told that he wants LinkedIn to be the home of all working people worldwide.

    There are an estimated 70 million companies globally, and he wants LinkedIn to be the central pivot of every job posting in the world. But as of now, their main target is a family of 3 billion.

  7. LinkedIn has 63 million mobile users every month

    The count of mobiles is increasing rapidly, which is reflected in the number of LinkedIn mobile users. The count of mobile users is ascending every month, making us amazed every month. Using LinkedIn is very easy.

    All you need to do is open the app on mobile and scroll through it. Using mobile has also increased the opportunities of reaching out to people.

  8. LinkedIn is home to 530 million companies

    Five hundred thirty million companies worldwide on a single platform are not a small matter. But still, not every business is on LinkedIn.

    Another great feature of LinkedIn is that it naturally gives rise to a company page when an individual adds some work experience from a particular company or when an organization posts for some position.

  9. LinkedIn SlideShare has posted 9. 18 million pieces of content

    It acts as an excellent proof for Linkedin’s credibility as well as SlideShare’s publicity on LinkedIn.

    But this is true. Eighteen million pieces of content, just by SlideShare itself, is a considerable number. It is not that high like Linkedin’s user count, but certainly, 18 million pieces is a lot.

    An intelligent B2B marketer certainly sees this as a huge opportunity to start sharing valuable content on LinkedIn.

  10. Most of the Fortune 500 companies utilize LinkedIn

    92% of the Fortune 500 companies have been reported to use LinkedIn. LinkedIn stats from 2017 has proved this.
    And it shouldn’t come as a surprise as LinkedIn is a work-oriented platform. LinkedIn was also among the Fortune 500 companies.

LinkedIn Marketing Stats

  1. LinkedIn is the preliminary Market Development Driver

    According to eMarketer, around one-fifth of the B2B advertisement spent in the United States is sent to LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn also has a share in the mobile market, as LinkedIn mobile users are increasing rapidly. But it would be wrong if you think that the mobile market has more demand than on desktop.

    Both the mobile market and that of desktop have an equal level. So, LinkedIn is a perfect place if you are here to reach out to those mobile buyers!

  2. Involvement is increased by posting

    If you think that LinkedIn is just searching and posting jobs, you might not have completed your LinkedIn exploration.

    Every day, you can use post some interesting or engaging stuff. Organizations also use this tactic to increase the involvement of LinkedIn users in their posts.

    Resharing content related to your organization is also allowed to increase awareness. The use of hashtags while posting on LinkedIn can increase the rate of engagement by a good number.

  3. During closing deals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps get a +7% higher rate to win

    If you didn’t know about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator before, it’s the right time to learn.

    It assists marketers to target the right customers, customize their services and understand better the main elements. It helps the marketers find the right type of people and get close to them searching for the correct leads.

    Marketers who use it get 18% more customers to reach out to. And the best part is yet to come. While closing deals, they get a +7% higher winning scale.

  4. An outstanding contribution goes to the buyers’ journey from LinkedIn

    The most significant donation to any buyer’s decision-making journey is Peer analysis, social media platforms, and advertisements.

    A survey was conducted, and 52% stated that LinkedIn had a substantial impact on their research.

    Users search for existing discussions, comments, and posts about the product and even ask for guidance when facing a dilemma. Some users also used LinkedIn to connect with leaders to know their beliefs about the item.

  5. Users get a 10% to 25% Response rate through InMail

    As compared to other email or messaging platforms, in LinkedIn, messages receive a 300% response rate. The chances of getting a response to the messages sent to your prospects are 10-25%.

    The InMail also allows your prospects to know more about you and your business from your profile. They can also get to learn more about your connections, solutions, recommendations, along products.

  6. Double your buying power with the LinkedIn audience

    LinkedIn is solely a business platform. So, the quality of leads it provides is very high because 4 out of every five members are responsible for making business decisions. So, LinkedIn users have double buying power.

  7. LinkedIn is the best channel used by B2B marketers

    According to some well-established marketer’s guide to LinkedIn, about 94% of B2B marketers use the platform for information scattering. If Twitter is 89% and Facebook and YouTube are at par at 77%.

    No doubt, LinkedIn is the first and the best place where B2B marketers go.

  8. Most of the marketing executives vote for LinkedIn to be the best place for quality content

    Yes, you heard it right. Around 91% of Marketing executives find LinkedIn as the best place to find quality content.

    It’s a well-known fact that LinkedIn is purely business ground. So most of the users are educated and understand that what is the actual value of quality content.

    Moreover, LinkedIn is a place where a person gets more knowledge to know more. So the posts shared here have to be of high quality, which is of some help to the people.

    A crowd of 91% people stated LinkedIn as the fundamental ground for quality while 29% went for twitter and 27% for Facebook. The ultimate decision takers reside in this platform to find quality content.

  9. In their digital marketing mix, 92% of B2B marketers involve LinkedIn

    If you are a regular LinkedIn user and a B2B marketers’ follower, you’ll undoubtedly know their marketing policies and what they are currently doing.

    92% of these marketers listed LinkedIn when asked about the channels they included in their content marketing mix.

LinkedIn publisher stats

  1. The feed updates are seen 280 billion times in a year.In 2021, LinkedIn stated the number of feed updates to be 280 billion. It made the regular distribution of quality content to be a daily routine.Users scroll through their feed from time to time and update the given content. It requires a solid distribution tactic that is not to be missed.

    Moreover, LinkedIn articles are the tool you need to supplement your content distribution strategy.

  2. Long and informative posts get the most shares on LinkedIn

    If you are searching for the type of posts that get the most shares on LinkedIn, then here’s it.

    The long-form content is the most shared one. These quality content perform the best on LinkedIn.

    But keep in mind, it should be long-form, not very long form. The posts with around 1900 words got the most number of shares.

    So, if you are looking for a particular limit, then creating content that ranges from 1700 to 2100 should do the trick.

  3. Just 1 million users have posted an article

    Yes, you heard it correctly. Only 1 million users have published an article on LinkedIn.

    So out of 500 million users, just 0.2% have contributed towards Article publishing. Even if you republish your content, it can put you in a unique group of users who love to give their creation some boost.

    Even the LinkedIn algorithm approves that indigenous posts seem to get more hearts than external links, making LinkedIn a better platform to publish your masterpiece.

  4. The magic of 8 images

    Yes, the magic of 8 images in an article on LinkedIn considerably increases your post’s performance. A little more or less can result in a drop in the number of views.

    The reason for this is entirely unknown till now. But it seems as if the LinkedIn algorithm works better for those whose posts contain exactly eight images, maximum.

    The reason can also be that subconsciously, readers are more prone to share content if they find eight images in it. But this factor has amazed many and still unique to many!

  5. Small lists were amongst the most shared LinkedIn articles

    Lists are always so near to our hearts. They are small, straightforward, easy to remember, and easily digestible by our brain. These factors of lists make it the most wanted type of content on LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn users love lists that are less time-consuming and easily understandable. Some studies found that lists containing around 5 to 10 items were the most viewed and the shared ones.

    Whenever you have to deliver some meaningful content, always make a list out of it and then share and sit back and watch the magic as the number of shares continues rising.

  6. 40 to 49 charactered articles perform the best on LinkedIn

    Articles having titles that have 40 to 49 characters perform very well on this platform. The titles having around 30 to 50 characters are considered to be ideal.

    So staying in the middle of it would help you get a good number of shares. But oy characters always doesn’t matter as quality and content also play an equally important role.

  7. Moz domain control of 100

    You might be thinking, “What is this Moz domain?” Simply, it is the points received by a website out of 100 points. It shows how a search engine can rank them. And, it would help if you were happy to know that LinkedIn has a fantastic 100 in it. So, this boils down to the fact that Google prizes them.

    With this, the benefit you get as a B2B marketer and a content creator is that every article you post on LinkedIn will be marked, and it’ll come upon the searches.

    You and your LinkedIn content get the higher hand as the domain authority gives you the best over other indigenous content with the exact keywords.

LinkedIn B2B concentrated Stats

  1. 97% B2B marketers use LinkedIn

    Some recent studies have shown that about 97% of B2B users are LinkedIn users. LinkedIn is an essential tool for these marketers for their marketing campaigns and strategies. You can also be a successful marketer if you use LinkedIn to scatter the information.

  2. A SaaS company got 11 times more response rates in InMail

    A specific SaaS company used the feature of sponsored InMail to reach out to certain LinkedIn users, particularly decision-makers. It doesn’t state anywhere that the era of email has come to an end.

    It is trying to establish that trying to target decision-makers directly can be an effective tool in LinkedIn.

    The highest executives, for example, the Fortune 500 executives, may have emails filled with thousands of emails they will never look at. But Linkedin’s sponsored InMail always allows you to get yourself in front of these best executives.

  3. Just 0.59% of posts from B2B traders from the organization page generate over 10% leads

    Doesn’t this sound magical?? Yes, it may sound esoteric, but this is the truth.

    Just about 0.59% of posts arrive from the B2B traders from their organization pages, but it mesmerizingly generates around 10% of leads. It seems as if the organization pages on LinkedIn are not showered with adequate care as they deserve.

    Of course, a personal connection is better to have in the business, but these company pages can also be the main parts to generate leads. Deserting the B2B lead generation efforts from your account would never be fair, but putting more effort to repost the company’s posts would help in a much better way to generate leads.

  4. With the assistance of LinkedIn lead generation forms, 90% of B2B marketers could reduce their cost per lead

    These LinkedIn lead gen forms are mainly publicizing alternatives that this social giant provides.

    There’s no additional requirement to drive traffic or sales or generating leads. Publicizing on LinkedIn has proved to be very beneficial for the majority of marketers.

    They spend a portion of money on LinkedIn that was to be spent on giving ads. But still, the results delivered by LinkedIn are excellent. But this is solely dependent on the number of decision-makers using LinkedIn every day.

  5. LinkedIn is a marketing plan for B2B marketers

    About 71% of B2B traders accept that LinkedIn comes under their advertising plan. It is again connected to the good count of decision-makers using LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the most wanted place over all other giant platforms when these marketers target their clients, including Facebook.

    Everyone knows that Facebook has more users than LinkedIn. But remember that LinkedIn is specifically a business-oriented platform. So, here people are more willing to do work and find their profit on the forum.

    That is why surely B2B marketers will always choose LinkedIn for advertising as their first preference.

  6. B2B leads generation is the highest on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is so good for business.

    The act of lead generation for B2B marketers is done the best on LinkedIn. Around 80% of the leads arrive from LinkedIn, 13% from Twitter, and 7% from Facebook. It clearly shows which has more importance for lead generation.

    It should be enough highlight for someone to get convinced to start investing time in LinkedIn browsing. Moreover, it is not like other social media platforms where you can scroll through useless things and waste your time. The more you scroll through LinkedIn, the more you get to learn better things.

    The 80% lead generation from LinkedIn results in 4 out of every five lead generations. So, LinkedIn proves to be more beneficial.

  7. LinkedIn gets thrice more conversions than Facebook and Twitter

    The conversion rate at LinkedIn is found to be 2.74%, at Twitter was 0.69% and at Facebook was 0.77%. LinkedIn is purely a work-related place, so you can quickly get willing customers.

    LinkedIn doesn’t only help you bring in potential leads to your website, but also people with high qualifications who understand the importance and usefulness of the product and are more willing to buy.

  8. Around 65% of B2B organizations have got a buyer through LinkedIn

    Finally, this should also not come as a surprise to you as LinkedIn is a business platform. Everyone here is looking for something or the other.

    So, finding proper buyers is not difficult here.

The bottom line!

The Statistics mentioned above can help you to get a better understanding of LinkedIn. You also have come to know how most of the professionals work and use LinkedIn for their benefit. These Statistics, as mentioned above, can help you a great deal to make your strategy for receiving excellent profits. No doubt, LinkedIn is the best platform for jobs and businesses. If you are still not a LinkedIn user, this is your time to join in fast. Amidst this choking competition, reach your destination more quickly, where your potential customers spend their precious time.