With so much content available to us, getting the right traffic is pretty overwhelming because it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Some content can be attractive while some may be blank, so people usually come back to visit a good, simple, and felt content on all levels.

Therefore, to stand out in the crowd and be at the top of the google search list, a decent content marketing strategy is the need of the hour.

Imagine writing a thoroughly well-studied article without any interested reader!

How does it feel? Perhaps sad!

However, one can easily pick up these 17 interesting tips for actionable content marketing for increased traffic and see the difference they hold.

  1. Fix a plan!

    The primary goal that we have as bloggers and digital writers is to direct more and more traffic to our sites, increase reader visitors, and better rank on the search Engine Results Page (SERP).

    The very first step in achieving your goal is making a plan on how to work. A content marketing plan is critical, or else it will seem like you are driving into a destination you do not know about. A content marketing plan will define your goals; it will be transparent and clear about the issues that are going to address.

    A content marketing goal includes- the target audience, content created for that target, and the positives they will achieve from the content.

  2. Content remarketing!

    Content remarketing is the process of holding on to your visitors by targeting them with content once they leave your site in an attempt to re-engage them and to attract them back to your site.

    This technique gives you an opportunity to tell your visitors you exist and come back to your site to check some fantastic lists.

    Your visitors might be reading some online news, watching YouTube videos, and there you are, sliding into their screen to show them something exciting that you have created. In simple words, it is an approach to get your visitors back to your site.

    Remarketing provides you with the following opportunities:

    • Increases repeated visitor lists and engagement.
    • Raises the efficacy of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.
    • Increases branded searches.
    • Makes bounced website visitors turn into leads.

    It is essential to build engagement with your customer base, and therefore tagging them is a way of expressing that they are worth the content and time. There is also an increased chance that these readers would circulate your article, thereby increasing your reach profoundly. By grabbing the existing users, you can call upon some new users as well.

  3. Keyword investigation!

    The very first step for content production is finding the right keywords. For which you need to focus on SEO to write unique quality-worth content. To reach your business goals in content marketing, you must optimize your website keywords. Keyword research being the fundamental concept of SEO, is the primary aspect you need to be well versed with if you are a beginner.

    So, what is keyword research, and why is it important?

    This is a process that includes finding the right keywords to identify how target users find websites like yours, in simple words, to increase targeted traffic to your business.

    For instance, you want the latest news of a cargo ship being blocked in the Suez Canal. You might type it on Google and will expect to get your results on the first page itself, also known as SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

    So here, keywords will include- Suez Canal, Cargo Ship, blocked, and so on. This way, keyword research helps to understand the queries that the users put forward to find in the search results. And in this way, business values are assigned to these hit words, commonly used by the target audience.

  4. Acknowledge complexities!

    Trying to answer complex questions is regarded as one of the best content marketing strategies. And logically, why will someone surf the net if the answers to the questions are easy? But, you may bounce back saying, not everyone knows everything!

    Then create things that are not expected to know by everybody and develop them so that the masses will get lured to them. All you got to do, is find questions that are difficult to solve by people in large; for instance, Mathematics and Statistics are academically interesting yet provoking subjects that are not liked by a large crowd. So why not make things easy and write your posts on the ANOVA test or the t-test. In this way, you will target a large academic group to your site.

    Another exciting approach is to create a Quora profile and insert a link to your website that discusses the subject raised in the question. Answer questions and ask people to check out your blog for more details. So, you are making yourself visible on other websites and promoting your site as well. Also, make sure you are well versed with the topic and provide the correct information to your users.

  5. Add scientific data!

    The world is ever-evolving, and therefore, people are becoming more and more aware of the literature that is available to them. Gone are the days when you could post something, and people would believe you. Evidence and reports have become a prime and fundamental aspect of letting users know that you are providing the correct information.

    Adding facts, reported studies, clinical trials, and other scientific proof that has been well documented could add weightage to your blog or content. It leaves an impression that the writer is updated and is aware of the topic’s integrities. Giving the suitable sources of the articles, websites, journals, or books where you have given the information is another way of keeping plagiarism and copying at bay.

    Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work, written documents, or even ideas and proclaiming them as your original work. It hampers the credit that needs to be given to the right person and must not be practiced at all.

    So if I write two sentences, which one do you think will make an enormous impact?

    “Men tend to drink more carbonated beverages than women.”


    “According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), men tend to drink more Carbonated beverages than women.”

    The second sentence has a more significant impact because it is supported by the CDC, which means there has been a study done, and it is clinically accurate.

  6. Stop copy-pasting!

    The most common mistake done is copying articles from favorite blogs or information available on the first page of Google itself. If you type the keyword and someone else does the same, why do you not think that Google will show the same search results? Now, Google cannot differentiate if it was you or somebody else. So, no matter who it is, everyone will exactly get the same list of searches when you type in the keyword. Then why copy?

    As discussed above, it is an act of plagiarism, and by doing so, you may create considerable content but is it worth of content?

    Well, you can indeed address this the right way!

    – Make sure you quote them whenever you have grabbed some information from them.
    – Provide references wherein you need to include the name, website/journal/article, year, month, date, and the URL to that site.

    For instance, or even cite social media accounts, for example, @username on Instagram to repost or click on the Share button on Facebook, which lets people know who has created the post first.

    – Last, do not forget to cite images and videos by giving suitable sources.

  7. Highlight the brand!

    One of the essential strategies of content marketing is to be a voice to your brand. In other words, it should reflect your brand. Perhaps, you are doing this content to move your brand to the next level. Therefore, your content needs to be created so that it talks about your brand and makes the target audience visit your brand.

    For instance, if you own a site that deals with buying Instagram Likes or comments than in your articles, you need to cite your website as an example to reach your goals.

    Say, I am writing an article on how to increase Instagram comments?

    After giving a brief introduction about the topic, you would jump on citing an example of your site and also providing a link to it.

    Buylikesservices.com is one of the finest sites that provide Instagram Likes and Comments as the cheapest rate available in the market. Our outstanding team of professionals is well aware of the niche dynamic and helps you get the right recognition you deserve. All you gotta do is visit the site, select the package of your choice and relax as your order will be delivered to you.”

    In this way, I am not just providing information on how to increase one’s likes and comments on Instagram, but also adding the brand’s name to reach its goal.

    Also, this site is a real, authentic one, and you can go check it out for Instagram, Facebook, or tiktok services.

  8. Voice out!

    Speaking your mind out is an essential aspect of a writer. Writers are meant to bring a change through their hands in the way they write. The pen may be your most powerful weapon here. Be it sensitive topics like women’s safety or propaganda on global warming, write your heart out. It is crucial to market good quality content in the market; one that is informative and enlightening.

    Do you know what adds value to your articles?

    Your own experiences, the lessons you’ve learned. They may not be accurate to all, but at least they may touch hearts that are broken. Just copy-pasting articles from other websites may not help in brand recognition, and it will reflect just your dedication to work. There’s no harm in taking ideas, but you got to improvise on those ideas.

    Competition is essential as it makes us push forward beyond our limits and makes us do things that we feel are impossible. Knowing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is another factor you shouldn’t ignore. Did you know one could employ “spying” to learn more about your competitors?

    Here are some tools that you could browse to know more!

    • SEMrush
    • WhatRunsWhere
    • Adbeat
    • Ontolo
    • MixRank
    • Moat
    • KeywordSpy
  9. Learn about your audience!

    Your audience represents your target group, and you must know about your target audience’s likes and dislikes. To create the right content, you should know who your audience is.

    How would you know about your targets then?
    Here are three crucial steps that you need to follow;

    Step 1: assemble demographic data

    This is the primary step to get data about your visitors, readers, email subscribers, and social media followers.

    So, who will help you find the correct information?

    Email subscriber analytics, social media analytics, and web analytics are data providers that will help you get information on your target group’s gender, age, qualification, and income.

    Step 2: get customer feedback

    Customer feedback is a direct way of knowing what your clients feel about your content. It indeed gives you insights into how your data is helpful and how it can be improved.

    Step 3: create customer avatars

    This includes data on customer’s issues, problems, information sources, and behavioral motivators.

  10. Appraise your current status!

    Your content will be out there. Be it articles, blogs, or social media content. The next step is to figure out if this content helps you reach your goal and assess if the content is creating positivity within your readers.

    To do so, you need to do something called content auditing.

    So what is content auditing?

    It is the process of logging onto all your content, assessing its usefulness, and identifying its gaps.

    If you want to log in to your content, sites like Screaming Frog work well by listing URLs, analyzing page descriptions and titles, finding duplicate pages, and creating sitemaps.

    Checking the usefulness includes:

    • Looking out for metrics that form if the data is shared.
    • Identifying any bound sources.
    • Narrowing the search engine ranking for those keywords.

    Finding gaps includes:

    • The goals that are not met.
    • Answers you don’t provide to your readers.
    • Improvising on the repeated content.
  11. Audience interaction is a must!

    Audience engagement is the key to your success. It would be best if you typed it in such a way that you are being encouraged and friendly to your readers. The more you inspire your readers, the stronger the relationship becomes. And there are high chances that these readers will be lured back to your page.

    Another aspect is “calling for action.” This encourages your readers to interact with you through comments, emails, or your brand’s social media page. Leave some space to note comments, feedback, or options to rate your content. It builds a direct engagement between you and your client. Also, it is necessary that once you get a comment or feedback, you need to revert as soon as possible to your users. This creates an impression that you care about your readers and provide the correct information to them.

  12. Collaborating with the known!

    To increase your reach so that maximum people read your content, you can collaborate with well-known people in the industry. Be it social media influencers or writers, collaborating with them will help you gain recognition from their target audience too. So, more and more people will read or view your content.

    For instance, interviewing a famous personality will grasp some attention from their followers as well as well-wishers. On can even collaborate with social media influencers to promote or endorse your brand and assignments.

    Social media influencers are individuals with a large follower base. They are liked and adored by thousands of followers for their clothing choices, food, and lifestyle.

    So, you tend to grab the attention of a larger audience and be it in the hall of fame too.

  13. Remodel your content!

    Writing blogs daily sounds fun but do you know how time-consuming it is to develop a new topic every day with widely accepted and proven research?

    However, being consistent is critical for your audience as it keeps them glued to your page. So one way to keep up with the consistency and not waste much time on writing newer topics every day, consolidate older articles and repurpose them.

    It will allow you to update old data and republish it with better information.

    How can one update an existing blog?

    – Provide the latest facts and stats
    – Add images, videos, and sources
    – Provide links to your other similar blogs

    Another way to re-introduce the blog is by coming up with titles like “2.0” or “second edition.” It is also vital that you update the date of posting. The earlier the blog is updated, the better impression it has.

  14. Add social media links to your writing!

    Currently, social media icons that can be created include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. For creating social media icons, you have to enter the URL of your social media profile page for the social media sites you want to make.

    After selecting the social media icon, select the size and click on the “generate” button.

    It is widely seen that blogs go hand-in-hand with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By linking social media sites, you tend to increase more and more viewers to your blog. And the best way to do it is by adding social media links.

    This way, it is also easier to share content on other more comprehensive platforms.

  15. Discovering content syndication!

    The basic framework behaving syndication is that if the content creators have a broader appeal and popularity, it will allow other publications to publish this content on their site.

    The publication has to credit the content writer’s work to link back to the original site for greater visibility.

    In this way, you tend to extend your content’s shelf-life and let it circulate for some time. It allows you to double the usability of your content to share it with a larger audience without reinventing it.

    So if you syndicate one article to 15 blogs, you can 15 links back to your site.

  16. Use titles that arouse emotions!

    One of the easiest ways to gather more vigorous attention is to write content that generates some hardcore emotions, stuff that readers could relate to and are interested in knowing more about it. According to one analysis, titles that have a solid emotional title get more clicks.

    For instance, if you focus on social media posts, posts that arouse happy, sad, or exciting feelings make people like, comment, and share the content.

    Another exciting catch is when you try and narrate a real story with a lot of spice and suspense. To relate to your users must be your key focus here.

  17. Promote your content!

    Just writing and posting your content is not the only task. The actual job comes in when you try strategies to circulate and increase the reach of your content. Among all, social media promotions are one of the fastest-growing ones.
    More than half of the world is on social media, and so, social media is a gateway for some easy and fast business. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok, these platforms are growing massively and can be used for business propaganda and exaggeration. So, why waste time? Start right ahead with a social media plan.

The bottom line!

Content marketing holds for all kinds of business. So, irrespective of what you dwell into, these content marketing tips should be present in the corner of your mind, and you must make sure to utilize them wherever possible. No shortcuts work here. However, passion and dedication to your work will pay you off.

Some may be beginners, and some are pretty familiar with the industry’s working, but remember not one or two strategies may fit your purpose, but the age-old mantra remains the same- try until you succeed!