Getting hindrances in increasing your Instagram followers‘ count can create an infinite conflict. You might feel helpless in many ways. Sometimes you start to feel that whatever effort you put into your Instagram account isn’t enough. But it’s not always true.

Looking back at the things you post on Instagram can tell you why the stable and declining number of Instagram followers. Which can include apathetic content, out of the order posting of content, or not using other Instagram features (like reels, IGTV, Instagram live sessions, etc.)

Not purchasing likes can also be another reason for stable Instagram followers. And after correcting these mistakes, you can watch your Instagram followers count rise. These are also some reasons for the stable number of Instagram followers:

  1. Impatience regarding Instagram count

    There is one thing that everyone needs to understand, and you can’t grow followers in the span of a night. If you are new (beginner), it will take time to attract Instagram users. You have to wait and let people find you (or your content) to connect with your account.

    Don’t get disheartened. Take your time on making your IG page the best page, and then you can rely on the IG algorithm.or, if you don’t want to wait and want a quick solution, you can purchase Instagram followers or views.

  2. Lack of interaction in your content

    The best way of engaging with your followers is by giving them a reason to start a conversation in the comment section. One way of doing so is asking them to either tag their friends in the comment section or ask them to write their opinions about whatever you are posting.

    Another way of interaction with your followers is to ask them for feedback or advice to improve your page. This would make your followers think that they are valuable and would like your page to grow, and eventually, they will ask other people to follow you. You can also use the polls and question stickers to interact with your audience through your IG stories. You might learn something from your followers.

  3. Irregular posting

    When you post irregularly, you sabotage your account because people will not know when to expect your posts. If you don’t post for a long time and then post a lot of pictures altogether, there is a chance your followers might miss your posts.

    The amount of pictures you post at a certain frequency matters a lot in your IG page’s growth. But it’s better to opt for regular posting so your followers can expect your content at the right time.

  4. Not utilizing Instagram’s other options

    Videos are building up as a major source of popularity on IG with a lot of engagement. If you are not taking advantage of IG’s video options like reels, IGTV, or stories, you miss out on many things.

    Views on videos can increase your profile’s quality, which can be a reason to buy Instagram views and likes.
    Stories are a popular way to increase engagement, but now that reels have been introduced, it is necessary to utilize this option. So, in this way, your followers will have different ways to take part in your profile.

  5. Boring content

    Believe me; it’s a disease. When you get too friendly with the niche, you’d like to hedge your bets- but that’s the issue. Start taking chances with your account and content; flaunt more of your character in them.

    Start adding value to your pictures. And how will you do that? You can make it happen by adding captions that narrate the story behind your picture (even if it’s a simple selfie). Don’t post everything on your Instagram account. Sometimes quality matters more than quantity.

  6. No usage of appropriate Hashtags

    If you take no notice of Hashtags and disregard them on the side, then you are simply wrecking your Instagram profile’s success. Hashtags can be used to connect to a specified group of spectators (who can also introduce you to different communities on Instagram)

    It is beneficial on every social media platform. It helps people in reaching any category, be it travel, retail, health, or lifestyle.

  7. You are not purchasing IG followers

    A lot of people doubt the rationality of purchasing Instagram likes, views, or followers. But it might be a better tool to help you become a social media pro. It is pretty accurate that buying IG auto followers and likes violate Instagram’s policy, but only if they are phony.

    Pro tip: whenever you think of buying IG followers choose a website that is legitimate and provides real Instagram followers (refrain from buying likes from the websites which offer robots as followers)

Why should you buy Instagram followers?

This can be counted as the easiest way to improve your online IG profile. Many websites offer genuine and real followers, unlike the companies that provide fake activities. These sites don’t violate the terms of Instagram and are a legal way to assist in boosting your followers, that too at an affordable price.

Here are a few good reasons why you should opt to purchase followers:

  1. An excessive follower count automatically expand your following

    As a trademark on IG, you are most likely to surround yourself with profiles which provide analogous worth to their customers. There are a lot of accounts that comparatively have more followers than you. And, sometimes, it’s tough to grow followers naturally. A lot of people follow people with a high follower count.

    So, purchasing followers helps a lot. It makes the IG handle look great so that people come and follow you instead of other profiles.

  2. It’s worth less than your effort and time

    If we ever just sat down and started noting down the effort and time required to grow our Instagram profile, you will be astounded. On top of that, there is no assurance that you will succeed.

    So, after looking at these facts and conditions, visibly, buying likes is an easier way to increase your follower’s count. But you have to make sure that the service provider is trusted and fair and provides real followers.

  3. It puts your trade-in in a better place

    Most of the businessmen are well informed about the fact that holding onto many followers boosts its reliability. Or in simpler words, your IG or FB followers become loyal to you if you ask for their feedback/ advice, and acting upon their advice will make them stay (and refer your account to other people).

  4. A universal growth of online visibility

    Any IG profile that possesses a large number of followers on any social media platform (including Instagram) captivates a lot of recognition to its content and the owner’s character.

    That is why it is dangerous for trade, sole trademarks, and beginner bloggers to give their best online because everything, from news to social events, is available online. And due to that, competition is also increasing. Anyone who has many real Instagram followers with their individual opinions are known as Influencers, and their contribution on social media is highly appreciated.


Don’t get demoralized if your Instagram account isn’t getting the attention you hoped for. There might be a lot of basic blunders that you might not have noticed, which might be stopping your Instagram account from growing.

Look at what you are posting and assess it. Try to make your content entertaining and engaging, use hashtags in your captions, utilize different features of Instagram, be patient or consider buying likes for the growth of your page.