Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers

Now you can too reach for the stars, that too with one click of your mouse. You can be a million followers strong star overnight. Becoming an Instagram Influencer is the dream of millions, and if the followers count is more than a million then that influencer is considered ‘A’ class elite. You can be that star, you can be that viral sensation when you get 1 million Instagram followers from our site by buying our package, you get a wild pass entry to that elite club. After that, there is no looking back for you. Money, fame, glamour all would be following you everywhere. So what’s stopping you? Order now!!!

1 Million Followers Package

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With Buy 1 Million Followers Nothing
Can Now Stop You FromBecoming An Instagram Star Overnight

An instagram influencer starts with an account that has even a 10k follower’s count. As the count increases so does the effect of the influencer. If the account has more than a million followers then that account is already an international star. An account with 1 million followers gets instant attraction from the advertisers and gets loads of loads of money for promotions. Now this status can be achieved in a flash. Yes you heard it right the quest for 1 million followers can be achieved by you just by one click. That magical button is buy 1 million instagram followers.

Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers

How Can One Get 1 Million Followers Overnight?

Organically it is impossible unless you are Jennifer Aniston, who got the quickest million followers in a span of few hours. If you are not like her then it is virtually impossible to achieve this. Unless of course you visit our site. At we are pioneers in delivering instagram followers and likes in bulk and that is why the 1 million followers is easy for us to deliver. You only have to order it through our site and within a span of 24 hours your account would be 1 million strong.

Is It Possible To Get One Million Followers Through Buying Option?

Well if you think logically and in general terms it seems a feat not possible to achieve. Organically it is a futile dream. Unless the US president asks people to follow you. Which would be quite something huh!! Well jokes apart by regular means if you are a regular Joe it is not possible to get even a thousand followers forget 1 million. It is only possible through some highly reputed sites, which have the capacity to give followers in range of one million. But all things said it is very much possible to get 1 million followers if you buy 1 million IG followers through

Are These 1 Million Accounts Active?

One million is a very big number and so the answer to this question cannot be in plain black and white. While our site gives all the followers that are active and real, but when dealing with a million accounts one cannot be sure that all of them are active at every time. Some people are super active, some are semi active and some are not active at all. So we give all the active accounts but at any given point some may be active and some may be negative.

Is It Fruitful To Buy One Million Instagram Followers?

If you want to get a global impact soon then this is the correct option. However it has some prerequisites to it. Which must be met or the account can be blocked or cancelled.

  • The instagram account must have at least a few thousand followers.
  • The account must be active.
  • The account must not be in private mode.
  • The account must have posts.
  • The account must have active owner.
  • The account must be preferably at least 6 month old.

How Can ‘Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers’ HelpYour Business And Brand?

Instagram is a great platform for business promotions and brand recognition. Nearly all the big and small brands and business are on Instagram. Being famous on instagram is a sure shot way to get your brand popularity and providing it with a bigger and larger market. So when you are talking about an instagram account that is a million strong that is a humongous business opportunity. It can really catapult your instagram and along with it your business to unprecedented heights.
Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

It Can Make You Equal To Bigger Brands:

Even the most popular brands are just a few hundred thousand followers strong. So if you brand’s account is having a million followers this would raise many eyebrows and everyone in your niche would be talking about you. They would all be wondering who the new player is, and thus you would get a lot of organic traffic, which means more potential customers.

It Can Make You Instant Niche Influencer

Any niche is dominated by their own influencers, now depending upon the niche the influencer’s followers count differ. Generally the influencer for any normal niche is having a few thousand followers. So when your account becomes a million strong, it instantly creates ripples in the niche. You become an instant hit with the niche audience. Thus by buying one million instagram followers you become an instant celebrity.

It Increases Your Sales And Profit

Instagram marketing is all about reaching more and more targeted people. So when you buy instagram followers in a million you attract a great attention to your instagram account. People are interested in the account which has suddenly got so many followers. So they visit their post in bulks this creates excellent business opportunity for you. Your sales would sores and so would your profits. It would write the success story for you.

Makes You A Celebrity Instantly

A million followers is someone who is famous and popular. So when an account has millions of followers strong that person or brand becomes an instant celebrity. Even if you meet your clients globally you can flaunt your account status and they would be impressed. No one knows that you got these followers through buying instagram followers cheap option. Unless you tell them. So a million followers would surely make you and your brand an international star. It is a 100% sure way to achieve stardom and fame.

Gives You Excellent PR

Buying Instagram followers with no drops is an excellent option to get your PR strong. An instagram business account that is a million strong in followers numbers is always looked upon with much appreciation among the business circles. The advertising world would love you, and would be more than willing to work with you. You would get all the PR that your need for your brand, company and profession to grow and flourish. It would be a sure shot sling towards great glory and a perfect way to achieve professional and business growth.

Do you know what differentiates a super influencer from a normal one on Instagram ? Well let me tell you that, it is the count of followers. The ones who have 1 million followers or more are known as the super influencers. So it is the 1 million mark that is essential to take you the A list of the Instagram universe. Such is the craze and fame in this genre that people even buy 1 million followers just to get in to this elite list of influencers.

So it is a reality of the brutal Instagram world where your popularity depends upon the number of followers you have. The more the better, and if in millions then gold mine. So the quest of every wannabe or small influencer is to reach the million followers mark. It can open unprecedented opportunities for you. So get your first million follower mark and become a star in reality.

Why Is It Important To Have Followers On Instagram And Other Social Media Platforms?

Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers
To start with, let’s have a brief recap of what we know about social networking systems? Say, 15 years ago, we had very little to do with computers. Only the specialists handled the work. But today, everybody has become competent with Computer Technology. Day to day new facts and fictions, theories and inventions have led us to advancement. The cut throat competition has driven us to another new world. From the stone-age to the web-world, ages have passed but still, there is a long way to go and the sky seems to be the only limit.

Every day, the first ray of the sun comes with a new thought, vision and Idea. Life has changed due to the invention of social media, especially Instagram. Instagram keeps us updated with the latest trends. It has helped expand our knowledge. As one enters this web-world, gets trapped in a maze and finds it difficult to get a way out. So, he looks for a new kind of networking platform which supports the smartphone age. The information system has provided the end users with many apps and Instagram accounts.

Connectivity nowadays has become easy. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp etc. are very popular among people. They can chat, share photos and videos and comment on the sites they are in touch with. And the latest among these apps, is Instagram. Now the first question that comes into one’s mind is that, what is the use of Instagram, when other apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp are already existing? To calm their excitement, let us discuss about ‘Instagram’.

A Brief Journey Towards The Inception

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, two Stanford graduates, who worked for Google, Microsoft, and Obeo (Twitter) like companies, founded ‘Instagram ’ (owned by facebook) in October 2010. To their surprise, Instagram became popular in a couple of months. It could have registered 1 million users, whereas. Facebook, Twitter and other apps, took time to achieve this target. This social media platform i.e. ‘Instagram ’ made sharing of posts, pictures and videos and other content easy. This helped the businessmen enhance brand visibility and get wider markets. Common people use this app, for business, whereas celebrities use it for gaining popularity, fame and social interactions.

Through Instagram you not only can share experiences with the follower but can also post images and videos to other sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Flicker and more, with just a single click.

The only thing that one must worry about, is to have a higher percentage of followers and only authentic, real life followers not the fake ones.

People Buy Instagram Followers To Become Influencer

We all are living in a Hi-tech world which is ruled with social media platforms like Instagram . This revolutionary application has changed everything. The social networking platforms have provided us with various Instagram accounts and applications. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are commonly used. But these apps have some limitations. Therefore, to make connections with people quick and easy, Instagram was launched for Android phones in 2012. It has 1 million users now. Instagram is an online social networking platform that helps you share photos, videos and images with your followers. Instagram is a combination of two words Instant + Telegram = Instagram.

Anything which is written can be shared along with captions, photos and videos with your followers through Instagram . It can also be understood as an engagement between you and your followers. When you are with your start up business, you need somebody to give you a push. These followers prove to be a push button for a new start-up. The more the followers, the more will be your popularity and reputation enhancing your business. Like everything in this world, there are Merits and Demerits of buying followers.

Hence, you have to be very vigilant. You may come across many fake followers. These fake followers may bring disaster. They will remain inactive and never engage with your content or post. This may also hurt your brands. This will be a wasted investment. In order to avoid these problems let us focus on the reasons why one should buy real active Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers Cheap
  1. It Helps Improve The Visibility: –

    The online presence of the influencer depends on the views and shares that his post receives. The more you are active on your site, the more is the level of engagement with your online audiences. The marketers on social media generally use such popular pages for marketing. This leads generation and helps you increase the source of your income from paid Ads. If this happens, you reach a wider audience with more sales and payment packs from the online marketers. Certainly, your market presence will increase the market of your brand leading to your increased income.

  1. Reputation / Goodwill: –

    Celebrities have a big influence on our lives and common people love to be associated with them. Many researches have proved that the pictures and posts of the celebrities receive more likes and comments. If you have such posts on your page, you will have many followers leading to many likes and comments. This will certainly attract other audiences to visit your page and follow your post. This is how you will be able to build your reputation. Once you gain a good reputation on social media, make it a point that the quality of the content is up to the expectation of your followers. This will give you a chance to be in touch with your followers through chain reactions. This will prove your loyalty towards them, and they will be engaged with you forever.

  1. Internet Marketing: –

    If you have a large number of followers on Instagram or other social sites your product and content will get a wider market. In such a case, you can Link your account to other social media platforms. This is how you’ll reach a wider market and spread your content. This will enable the active clients, who visit your page or site to check comments from your online followers. The reviews and feedback given by the online followers will help you give credibility to your business. When you start getting more likes and followers, the search engine rating will increase and more and more customers will visit your site. Another important step to grow your business is to link your Instagram account to Instagram and other social media accounts, which is a cost free technique for effective marketing.

Merits Of Getting 1 Million Instagram Followers

Getting 1 Million Instagram Followers
  1. Before buying 1 million Instagram followers you should look for an improved visibility of your profile. An effective profile helps you gain organic followers. The visibility of your profile counts more than the content. When people see that there are about a million followers on your site, they take your content for granted and wish to be your followers. In short you have a brighter chance of gaining new organic followers. It is easy to gain followers by yourself within no time. But it may be frustrating sometime. Therefore, it is advisable to buy followers from the sponsored services.
  2. The more number of followers means more customers or clients visit your site, so it doesn’t matter what business you are in or what you do? All that you need to do is to fill in your profile’s details with some attractive short story, have a brand avatar and a link to your Instagram account. With this you’ll be ready to engage with new visitors. If the followers count is 1 million then it catapults the whole effect.
  3. You have to be social and active by paying personal attention to your followers. Participate, interact and show interest in what your visitors and followers think and write. Make them feel attended by putting likes and comments on their posts, photos etc. Acknowledge their presence on your site.
  4. 1 million Followers help you grow into a super influencer. Share your opinion along with your services and products consistently and involve your audience in a conversation. Before you ask for something back, give your viewers a good content. This will definitely help you gain organic followers in thousands and millions.
  5. Interact with other influencers to not only get moral support but some tips to take your business into a better light. Most of the business owners believe that holding more number of followers on the company’s social media accounts increases its credibility. If you have many fans on your Instagram or Facebook account it depicts your legality.

Possible Demerits Of Getting Followers

  1. You are buying fake followers. When you buy Instagram followers you pay for numbers alone there is no guarantee of engagement as such accounts are not real. Fake followers are created and managed by the user those who wish to be followed in return or by the services that sell followers.
  1. Purchase Instagram followers do not provide long term value to your profile content. They will remain active in the beginning but they won’t give views, likes or comments, or become inactive at a later stage. You’ll get early engagement which will taper off one day. In the absence of likes and comments your post won’t show up on any explore pages and even not on your audience’s newsfeed.

    When all of the sudden you report that 10,000 followers are not engaged with you, your Instagram account performance will hinder. When users will find that you don’t have sufficient engagement on your posts, they’ll stop following you. If you have less numbers of likes per post, your audience will become suspicious. They’ll be least interested in discussing your brands with their family and friends. This will hurt your brands.

  1. If you have a higher percentage of fake followers, it will be difficult to measure how popular your brand is among your targeted audience. If the percentage of an unauthentic audience is high, you won’t be able to measure the post of your real audience. When you fail to know how well your posts are doing or about the views of real audiences, you’ll never be able to convert them into real customers. Hence, paying for Instagram followers doesn’t mean paying for quality real- life followers, it is only for a blank number.

    As discussed before Instagram is limited to engagement only not to followers. Henceforth focus on creating genuine relationships with real audiences. Try to make your content attractive, engaging and authentic, in order to impress real audiences. Your loyal followers will no doubt engage themselves with your brands. When they see you stand with white collars. Instagram has updated its community guidelines. Changes have been made in terms of use to identify and remove such fake followers from its platform.

    The likes, follows of comments from third party apps mostly designed to grow accounts artificially are being removed. As per the new updates, if you buy followers you violate Instagram community guidelines and this may lead to harsh consequences. Instagram now maintains genuine interactions on its site, it is protecting real accounts and experiences. Hence, it is good to grow your audience originally, rather than buying.

How To Increase The Organic Engagement Of The Audience On Instagram?

In order to grow authentic audiences on social platform Instagram comes up with different actions,
this will help you drive engagement.

Buy Followers On Instagram
  1. If you abide by the Instagram marketing practices, while promoting a personal brand or company account, you will be able to gain your first 1 million authentic audiences. All you have to do is make your account public to enable your users see your profile and content. When your content will be seen on the explore page of your users, definitely, it will increase the number of your organic audience.
  2. Use high quality content ie (photos, writings, captions) feed your users with a variety of posts in the form images, GIFs, videos, quizzes to build trust and excitement among your followers. Your style should be unique, so as to make your followers feel fresh and new. Use hashtags # along with your brand correctly. Say if you are good at fashion designing, use # fashion.
  3. Instagram also assists you to choose your content and their way to interact with your Instagram community.
  4. Instagram offers different ways to connect with your audiences, these are Instagram life, IGTV Instagram stories or shopping on Instagram . Through these features, you can engage your audiences organically and authentically. So, to conclude, keep your eyes fixed on your target of buying likes, increase your engagement strategy and make sure your post is seen by more and more users. Instagram will do the needful. Before I wrap, I believe that you must have understood the basic concept of being an Instagram mer and that in future you would follow these suggestions and directions to grow your business and face the healthy competitions positively that are dominating the business world especially online marketing systems.

How Much Does Instagram Pay As Per The Followers Count

Now, it is very much clear that the formula to become successful on Instagram is the more you have followers, more will be your money. There are many aspects, which play a vital role in increasing your money such as your engagement with the followers, quality of content, your reputations among your end users, your ability and skills and the last is your audience’s level. It also depends on the terms and conditions laid in the contract and the sponsor’s nature.

Let us also discuss about the Instagram Influencers:-

The Instagram influencers are divided into three categories:-

Why You Want To Become An Influencer?

Influencer is required to impress your audience. The Influencers help to present your brand in an attractive manner. An Influencer is therefore, a supporting aspect, who plays a good impact on the audiences. By seeing your Instagram account, the audiences learn about your brand / business and decide whether to remain on leave your page. Your Instagram account’s design plays a vital role in expanding your business. A brand or service beautifully presented lays a big impact on its user rather than something presented plain and simple.

It is very rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. As soon as the audiences see something awesome and unique presented beautifully, they judge your business within no-time and if the Instagram account appears to be outdated or less impressive or less attractive, it will lay a negative approach on your audiences, hindering your business. They’ll switch on to some other competitor’s page and leave you. Henceforth it is very essential to have an Influencer to help your Instagram account look appealing, attractive and impressive.

This will no doubt help you gain more and more audiences at the first glance. Secondly it also helps to optimize your search engine, most of the Influencers use special elements and practices to publish your content. Which affects the running of your search engine. You have to be very careful with it, because if your Influencers are not up to the mark, your visibility on the webpage is in danger. Therefore for a safer side partner up with an Influencers agency, for assistance. Search agencies know what to design and to make you stand shoulder to shoulder in online marketing.

Your Instagram Profile Determines Your Follower’s Growth

By looking at your Instagram page, audiences can judge the way you’ll treat them. If your Instagram page is inviting, latest, effective and full of effort, it will give your audience an insight as to how much you value your customers, and are ready to welcome new people who visit your Instagram account. Frankly speaking, this all will help you attract a large number of potential customers and help you reach your 1 million followers for sure. It will help you build trust among your audiences. Your Instagram account should not be poorly designed. If the design looks outdated, less informative they won’t trust you. To help your audiences remain on your site.

Make sure that your Instagram account is designed, professionally. The longer the audiences will remain on your profile, the more will be the chance to grow your online business. There is competition prevailing everywhere. You need a good design Instagram account because your competitors are already doing this. If your Influencers stand at par, then your customers will remain with you visiting your page, but if they find other Instagram accounts with better design, high quality content and performance, they will take no time in shifting to other sites.

A good Influencer always maintains consistency. In order to make your audience get familiar with your brands, you need to be consistent when using fonts, style and layouts on every post of your account. If it is not so, your Instagram account will look shabby and unprofessional. Hence, the audience will switch to some other site, which looks more appealing and professional. Therefore to build your dream Instagram account get it designed by some professionals, so as to facilitate your audiences in this era of competition.

So get your first 1 million Instagram followers soon. The world awaits a new influencer and you could be the one who makes it to this elite cult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is it to buy Instagram followers?

It is as safe as buying your house grocery. It is entirely reasonable and bears no adverse implications. It is your one-stop closer to becoming an Instagram influencer.

What Are The Payment Options That You Accept?

We accept all direct Bank payments. We accept all type of credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, Citibank, Chase, Capital One, Bank of America, Synchrony Financial, Wells Fargo, Barclays US, USAA, Credit One, PNC Bank, etc.)

We also accept other payment options like PerfectMoney, MoneyGram, Web money and Western Union Money Transfer.

We are also comfortable with all type of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH) XRP ($XRP), Tether ($USDT), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Litecoin ($LTC) etc.

Which countries are included in the views list?

We deal in every country that has instagram. Here is a list of top 50 countries of whose likes we sell.

Qatar, Monaco, Luxembourg, Singapore, Ireland, Brunei, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Switzerland, United States, San Marino, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Bahrain, Andorra, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Oman, United Kingdom, France, Malta, Japan, South Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Cyprus, Israel, Czechia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Estonia, Equatorial Guinea, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Malaysia.

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