Buy 1 Million YouTube Views

Money, fame, and celebrity status awaits you, with buy 1 million youtube views you can get all these. We are giving you 1 million youtube views at throw-away prices. Youtube is all about views the more you have it the more is the worth of your channel. The views also decide the number of ads you would get and thus, the count of views is directly proportional to the earning that your channel receives. Buying 1 million youtube views would get you:

  • Instant viral status
  • Instant followers count
  • Increased income
  • Increased comments
  • Instant SERP rankings on the youtube search bar

It is your a one-way ticket to fame and glory, that too at a throwaway’s prices from Buylikesservices. If there is such a short way to success why waste your precious time on useless activities. Click on the buy now button and liberate yourself from the tag of normal to special. You cannot miss this gem of an opportunity to get a million views. Get your video’s thumbnail to feature a 1 million views tag. Don’t wait over this and act now, get higher than your competition and get into the elite status.

1 Million YouTube Views Package

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The YouTube algorithm uses YouTube 1 million views to rank channels and videos. Your video can get the first rank if your views are more. In the ranking algorithm of YouTube, eighty-five percent of the weightage lies in 1 million views when it comes to ranking. If your YouTube video views and 1 million views is high, your channel and videos will stay on top of the search list. It will also help you have more real views because your content would be recommended everywhere. However, if you want to have more views and high retention views organically, you will have to wait. This article portrays how and why you should buy YouTube 1 million views.

What Are The Benefits Of YouTube Views?

It is beneficial to buy views for YouTube. You can do that by visiting any reliable site that provides you with views, subscribers, and views. One of the fantastic benefits of buying YouTube views is that your channel will rank higher on the YouTube platform. Another good thing is that you will get an organic audience and views for your channel. It will be visible in the top 10 (or the first page) of Google and YouTube search list.

The best part is your YouTube videos will begin to popularize and, in turn, bring your channel into the limelight. If you buy YouTube 1 million views, your channel will get monetized in a short time. One can apply for getting the channel monetized once the subscribers reach one thousand and your 1 million views is 4000 hours. The next thing is to know which the safest place to buy YouTube 1 million views is.

Buy 1 Million YouTube Views
Best Site To Buy Youtube Views

What Else Can You Buy For YouTube?

You can plan to purchase YouTube subscribers, comments, likes apart from YouTube 1 million views. There are many advantages to purchasing legit YouTube views with YouTube 1 million views. Some of them are given below:

  • You can become successful by buying real YouTube views. It will take your channel to incredible heights. You need to have several subscribers and views to become famous and successful. So, choosing the best site to buy YouTube 1 million views and views is a fast way. More people will like and subscribe to your YouTube channel if the views are more. Buying high retention views is an excellent idea to raise your channel.
  • If you buy YouTube views and 1 million views, your channel has higher chances of ranking high. When people search for some related keyword, they will find your channel and videos. If your videos are likable and attractive, your channel will naturally rise and shine. When you get instant views, likes, and comments for your videos, Google and YouTube show your videos in the search list.
  • YouTube 1 million views and views help you get real views. It is one of the fantastic ways to have more organic followers, subscribers, and views on your videos and channel. Organic people will think that your videos are worth watching because they will have many real or bot views. Your content will also stay at the top of the list because of more views and views. People will be interested in watching your liked and viewed videos. If they visit your channel, they may also find other suitable content. So, buying YouTube live stream views and 1 million views can even help gather more subscribers.
  • Many people consider YouTube AdSense safe to earn money. It is true because you need one thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of 1 million views to start earning. It is also an excellent place to earn and become popular. If your purchased real views are more, there will be more subscribers, and people would be interested in your content. Therefore, it is smart to buy 1000 views or even 1 million YouTube views with 1 million views to earn well.

What Should You Remember While Buying YouTube 1 Million Views?

The first thing is to ensure that the YouTube video or channel link is correct. While you input the video link, check it twice to make sure you are putting it correctly. The second thing is to be sure that the video you have uploaded for getting more than 1 million views is copyright-free or has the authority to use it. So, even if you consider Adsense safe, your channel may not be monetized because of issues like copyright. You may need to bear with the YouTube policy consequences.

The video you want to have more YouTube 1 million views for should not have country or age restrictions. The safest place to buy YouTube 1 million views gives you real users worldwide that provide you with the 1 million views. The payment you carry out through the best site for YouTube 1 million views is entirely safe and can be done using Visa, Discover, USD Coin, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

Buying YouTube 1 Million Views

How To Check Your YouTube Views?

You can easily check the 1 million views for YouTube. The views one gets from their viewers vary. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • The first thing is to log in to YouTube.
  • In the upper right corner, you will find a small circle with your picture or avatar. Locate it and click.
  • After that, click on the YouTube Studio/ Creator to move to your YouTube backend.
  • Next, tap on Analytics on the page of the backend.
  • The last step is to click the YouTube video for 1 million views or hours. At the top right corner, locate the time range and select yours.
Buy Real Youtube Views

Why Should You Buy YouTube 1 Million Views?

YouTube is one of the best video content sites on the internet. More than a million videos have been shared and uploaded on YouTube. These videos range from amateur videos to movie trailers and everything you may wish to watch. The time people spend on your videos is YouTube 1 million views. If the 1 million views for your channel’s videos is high, it will help you earn more money and fame.

Your video is also more visible to YouTube viewers. Many people think YouTube Adsense safe, so you can use the YouTube Partner Program and apply for the money. When you get at least 4000 hours of 1 million views and nearly one thousand YouTube subscribers, your channel will get legit YouTube views and more money. These subscribers and 1 million views are for the past 12 months only.

Your video’s ranking will also increase because the views or YouTube 1 million views is more for all the videos. You can even get the first rank in the search list. Eighty-five percent weightage of getting the first rank on YouTube depends on the 1 million views.

If you want the YouTube algorithm to support your ranking and promote your videos to get more YouTube comments and views, you should find the safest site to buy YouTube views and purchase them. People buy likes, views, and 1 million views from the best site to earn more and become popular in the USA.

How To Buy 1 Million Views For YouTube?

First of all, you need to proceed with the payment, and after paying, a dashboard will appear. Here, you can mention any five videos on which you want more views. Write the YouTube video URL, and the best site to buy 1 million views will naturally distribute the views. You may get instant 1 million views or within twenty-four hours, but the safest site to buy YouTube 1 million views will surely deliver you your requirement.

You must enter the correct URLs in the dashboard, and after that, you will get a confirmation mail from the site. Remember that your customer email id is different from Paypal. Your order will be processed, and the real delivery might even take more than 24 hours. This time depends on the website you choose.

How To Buy 1 Million Youtube Views

Are Your YouTube 1 Million Views Hours Real Or Fake?

Just as you can buy legit YouTube views, you can also buy real YouTube 1 million views. Active and original people will bring you the views if you choose the best site to buy. You can even track your YouTube 1 million views through the dashboard that is 100 percent genuine.

There are providers such as Google Admob that offer ads between your videos so that more people view the content. When people watch your content, they will be rewarded with premium content, in-app currency, and likewise. These ads are watched till the end by the viewers because they will be getting rewards.

You can buy 500 views or 1000 views cheap, but legit YouTube views are safer and better. It is because these people may be interested in your YouTube videos and like them genuinely. In the same way, it is good to buy real 1 million views because these viewers may even bring you more YouTube comments and subscribers.


Whether you buy 1000 views or 1 million YouTube video views, remember to choose the site wisely. You may buy bulk YouTube views or 1 million views, but they should be of high retention. So, select buy YouTube 1 million views, and become famous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I buy real targeted YouTube views?

If you want a genuine and successful journey on YouTube, then real and targeted views are the best option. It only gives you views from like minded people and so the views on the video are to the full.

How to buy real safe youtube views?

The only key is to buy views from an authentic and safe site like the You need to find the site which has good user reviews and which provides only views from genuine and true accounts.

How much to buy youtube views?

It all depends on the package, one thing that you can be sure of is that the rates here would be nowhere to be found on the internet for this type of quality. You can get a 1000 views for just $3.
How Does The Number Of YouTube Video Views Impact The Ranking?

Where to buy YouTube views?

Sites like, smviews, and provide YouTube views and likes to customers. These views may be bots or real people clicking on all your videos and watching them till the end. Choose the best site to buy views from both the money angle and retention. Make sure the site you are buying from is genuine.

Where to buy youtube views or best place to buy youtube views?

The best place to buy the youtube view is of course We offer the best in class products that would help your channel to grow more and never to lose any views. So don’t look anywhere else you have reached the right place.

Is it illegal to buy views?

Illegal views are the ones which you get from a bot account. Which does not have any following or video to its credit. The youtube algorithm catches them and penalties them. But our views are genuine so you don’t have to worry, besides it is not at all illegal.

Why Should I buy high retention youtube views?

The same reason you would buy a high mileage bike. To get the best out of it. When you buy high retention youtube views you are allowing good quality views on your videoM, which would mean good algorithm review.

Why Should I buy youtube views from us?

Because we are the best and we provide only true views. If your aim is not only to get more and more views but also to grow as a channel, then Buylikesservices is the best site for you. Un-parallel track record of 500000 customer base is the proof of this.

What Can Be Done To Boost YouTube Views?

View can be grown organically, which you must have tried otherwise you would not have visited this site. The other option is to buy views from The organic path is long and needs a lot of hard work, and then too there is no surety of success. But with our services you achieve your milestone in a jiffy.

Are Purchased Views Real YouTube Views?

Yes, the views that we provide are from active accounts which have their own channels running. We have created a web of likeminded people who help each other to grow as a community and increase the views of people in the community or the ones which we recommended.

What Advantages Does More Viewing On YouTube?

There are unlimited possibilities of what the buying of youtube views would do to your account.

  • You can become a celebrity overnight.
  • Your channel can get monetized.
  • You can start earning.
  • You can promote or develop your business.
  • You can become an influencer and earn through promotional income.

The list is long and the benefits even longer. So don’t wait and jump in.