Instagram is notorious when it comes to adding a link to any post. Yes, it is not link-friendly, but that does not mean you cannot get the engagement or the traffic you want from Instagram. Maybe you are just not making use of all the options available to use on this extremely popular social media platform. You can indeed get a lot of audience to your site or blog from Instagram.

Some quite easy-to-execute strategies would aid you greatly in using Instagram links on your post and thus, drive traffic from your Instagram to your site or blog.

Below are the said strategic ways that would help you get the traffic that you want. You would get to know about the strategies you can implement to attract more inks on your links. You have to keep on reading this article to find out more about these strategies!

9 Expert Tips to earn traffic from Instagram

  1. Add the link to your website on your bio –

    When you first make an Instagram profile, it is safe to assume that you would have a link in your bio. Maybe, it’s still the same as it was at the beginning. But there is a good chance that you haven’t tapped into the full potential of that link in your bio. Firstly, you can update this link as many times as you want and gain traffic when you have a –

    • A newly launched product or a collection
    • A featured story
    • A new campaign page
    • A lead capture page
    • After changing the link, you would have to draw attention to the link by adding in CTAs or calls-to-action strategically in your post captions. Some examples of CTAs are-

    • “Click the link in the bio to know more about….”
    • “You can read the full story via the link in bio!”
  2. Place CTA or call-to-action images –

    This is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site from Instagram. Firstly, you will need to design aesthetically pleasing Instagram photos to post and layer a call-to-action over them. Having CTA images is especially beneficial if you are hosting an Instagram contest or giveaway. You could direct people over to your website and tell them they could fill up a form to participate in the contest.

  3. Include a link on your IGTV videos –

    If you are new on Instagram or not familiar with IGTV, we’ll let you in on a secret! Did you know you can add links in your IGTV descriptions and that they are clickable? If you have a brand, website, or influencer, you should try honing your IGTV skills and adding the links in the video description. That is arguably the easiest way to get traffic from Instagram.

  4. Investing in Ads –

    When you have had Instagram for quite some time but find your reach dwindling, you could start investing in Instagram ads. When you have ads, you will target the right audience based on people’s preferences. Moreover, these ads are clickable (whether they are image, video, or carousel), which would also generate traffic from your Instagram over to your website.

  5. Utilize the Instagram Shopping tab –

    Instagram has a new Shopping Tab, and you can utilize this to your benefit. You can turn your feed into a store window by tagging products, preferably from your website. That way, you will have several shoppable posts, which would ultimately drive traffic to your website.

  6. Your stories must have links –

    You must have seen the ‘swipe-up’ feature that many content creators or official accounts use. At present, only creators or verified accounts that have more than 10K followers can utilize this feature and add a link to their stories. So, if you have over 10000 followers but still haven’t started using this feature, now is the time!

  7. Have Story Highlights –

    Instagram stories only stay for 24 hours, but how would you drive traffic to your site after a day? Thanks to highlights, you can now group the same stories and permanently have them in your Instagram profile. Since not every story needs to be in the highlights, you will need to shine the spotlight on the stories that need it.

  8. Send links in DMs –

    There is one feature that every Instagram account has. Anyone can use this feature to gain more traffic from Instagram, and it is Direct Messages or DMs. The best part about DMs is that if you send any link to anyone, it’s fully hyperlinked, i.e., clickable. If someone follows your account or DMs you, you could ask them to check out your website by sending them the link.

  9. Push notifications –

    You could ask your followers to turn on push notifications for the posts and stories you upload. That way, you will be able to increase your reach. Even if a small percentage of your audience enables push notifications, that will do a great deal for you. But you will need to build some incentive that they are interested in for this strategy to work.


You are not the only one who doesn’t like the fact that Instagram doesn’t support links. We all know that links are important if you want to have a website going. But since we have to run with what we have got, we need to think of Instagram as the friend and not the foe. With the right strategies, Instagram can turn over a large amount of traffic for your website.