Maintaining an attractive and organized Insta feed is the foundation stone to grow your Instagram account. Instagram feed is the first thing that you stumble upon while stalking different accounts that suits your interest. Would you prefer an unorganized and messy profile to an organized and attractive profile? The latter is true and works like a charm to attract a good audience.

A good Insta feed tells a lot about the person handling the profile. First, it shows consistency, then a sense of organization, and third, creativeness. These qualities are the building stones to offer entertainment which people seek for their pleasure.

There are various aspects for maintaining an attractive feed. It includes maintaining a consistent filter, the same format for image dimensions, or a consistent solid background color. Out of these Instagram filters does the magic of enhancing your beauty, and in the process, attracts followers. There are so many creative people out there, and Instagram’s feature of making customized filters has flourished the number of filters in the market.

Since there are many to choose from, make sure you select a filter that keeps the essence of the original picture and does not change it completely. For instance, a picture turning an Indian into a blonde is obviously fake. One should avoid such filters as it objectifies and changes the authenticity of the image. To help you select the best filters for your Insta feed, here is a list of shortlisted filters that will help you turn your account into a follower magnet.

  1. The Clarendon Filter

    This filter works like a charm for images clicked out of focus and enhancing smaller objects. This is because the Clarendon filter enhances and pops out the colors. This is possible as the filter does the job of adding light to lighter parts of the image and low brightness to the darker aspects of the picture. Thus, a high contrast value is achieved, making the edges appear sharp.

    Furthermore, one can also observe a bluish-cyan tint to the image, which refers to cooling the image. Thus, one can dramatically improve the darker or the low-light aspect of the image by using this filter. It is one of the most famous pictures for this reason. The Clarendon filter also softens the skin’s appearance improving the beauty factor while increasing the likeability of the picture.

    As mentioned earlier, one should select a filter that doesn’t lose the photographer’s authenticity. Well, this picture meets the criteria. It is also an excellent option for portraits or headshots.

  2. The Lark Filter

    Sometimes the conditions in which the pictures are taken are not ideal. It can not be helped with the low lighting of the picture despite a good camera. Therefore, the images need to be tweaked somehow to make them look presentable and Instagram-worthy. For low-light photographs, the lark filter removes the prejudice of darkness from the image. This is done by increasing the exposure and reducing red saturation.

    The brightness is further achieved by increasing the remarkable aspect (increase blue saturation). The filter works well for pictures of the wild and different sceneries. Portraits are always taken in good lighting, and enhancing this filter will only tear the image when used with portraits.

  3. The Inkwell Filter

    The black and white image concept has been trending even though. Earlier, people did not have an option between a monochromatic and panchromatic camera. This refers to a single color and a multi-color photograph. Today, people have the opportunity to choose between a colored picture and a black and white picture. The latter is preferred by many as it gives a retro and a vintage vibe.

    On Instagram, there are two options to turn your colored image into black and white photographs viz Moon Filter and the Inkwell filter. The Inkwell filter does good in turning the picture into black and white as it enhances the brightness and contrast in the image.

    People’s preference has been shifting to black and white photographs due to Zayne Malik’s trend. His entire Instagram feed depicts a noir theme. The black and white filter movement by women also provided a paradigm shift towards the likeability of this filter. People refuse to forget the ’90s, and this filter is what holds the good old memories.

    If you are looking to provide an overall retro and vintage vibe on your Instagram account, start using this filter for all the pictures you post. Furthermore, #blackandwhite has many trending posts which help you get discovered.

  4. The Gingham Filter

    The Gingham filter helps the image give a retro vibe maintaining the rich colors of the picture. It leans more towards a subtle red and magenta effect. Furthermore, it increases the highlights and the brightness of the image by increasing the pixel brightness value.

    The filter also adds a slight warmth to the idea, along with a mild hazy appearance. Many Instagrammers are using this filter to enhance their posts. One can also observe that after applying the filter, a slight white vignette is observed.

    Millions like this filter due to the retro vibe that it provides. This filter works well with outdoor pictures and portraits. Furthermore, one can also apply this to selfies, provided the image is taken from a high-resolution camera. The filter works great in photographs as the camera blurs out the background image, making the object in focus stand out.

    After applying the filter, the picture looks smudged in colors and gives a uniform look. Hence, it is an excellent option if you are a vintage lover.

  5. The Helena Filter

    Filter not only depends on your feed’s consistency but the type of picture as well. For instance, you wouldn’t want to apply the Helena filter to the scenery. Using the same filter to images of food makes it a game-changer. It is often said that food without filters receives more likes.

    But to mitigate the errors of low light and lighting, applying a filter is the solution to redistribute the pixel value. This allows uniformity in the brightness and makes the picture look perfect and bright. Helena filters also enhance drawings and sketches.

    The Helena filter gives an orange and turquoise tint to the photograph. Orange tint helps increase the warmth of the picture and brings out the essence of the image in focus. An orange and teal vibe is one of the most preferred filter options, and hence, your followers will love it.

    Another reason for applying the Helena filter is that it softens the image and enhances the subtle details in the photograph. This allows to enhance the images likeability and at the same time make the picture crisp and visible. Apart from food, and sketches it also works well with portraits and outdoor shots.


There are specific rules to follow while applying filters to the photograph. These rules need to be taken seriously, or the consequences can be grave. Filters can be your asset as well as a liability. Not following the rules will turn the filter into a liability, leading to a failure in your Instagram career. Filters are supposed to enhance your image and maintain authenticity. Therefore, use it wisely and see what is best suited for your feed. Ultimately, you should post pictures on your feed for your satisfaction.