Many brands and businesses are trying to create social media accounts to reach the target audience and increase sales. Instagram is a perfect place to inform your followers about any promotional brand and business. Since social media marketing has become a mainstream form of advertisement, many companies have started making Instagram accounts using email promotions. However, does this method increase the number of followers?

It would help if you remembered that everyone has to take a step to reach somewhere. This article will provide you with various tips and ideas on how to market and grow your Instagram account. There are numerous ways to increase your Instagram followers, but we have listed 7 ways to help you stand out.

Tips to Grow an Instagram Account in 2021

  1. Identify Your Niche and Audience

    This step is one of the most obvious and important among the others, but sometimes people forget to do so. Some businesses and brands think that social media platforms are not worth using if your target audience consists of adults, but that’s not the scenario. Even though much research states that about 71% of Instagram’s users are under 35, and the rest, 29% are over the age of 35. Some quick calculation states that about 290 million users on Instagram are over the age of 35. So even if your business sells products and services for adults, there are plenty of people to attract on Instagram.

    According to that audience, identify who you want must follow you back and post photos, stories, or videos. If you have identified your target audience, all you have to do is cater to your Instagram account according to your audience and increase your followers.

    Make sure you spend a good amount of time with your team, determine your target audience, and then create your profile and upload a conference based on that information. This method may appear to be one of the standard answers, but it provides the result.

  2. Interact with Other Influencers on Instagram

    While this might seem quite easy, it provides a good amount of exposure to your business and Instagram account, and it will gather an audience to follow you back. Leaving a comment or like on another influence’s profile will draw their attention. If they receive a notification, they might even check your account and start following you.

    People use various social media platforms to interact with each other. These platforms are a two-way street. If you are posting regularly on your account but not interacting with your audience, you will not achieve the desired number of followers. If you start interacting with the Instagram community, people will get the idea that a real person is working behind a business profile and are most likely to connect with you.

    The simple method of interacting with your followers as so much more to your profile. Make sure you also reply to every comment left on your post. As when a good amount of comments are received on a post, the Instagram algorithm starts to question that particular continent into more feeds.

  3. Choose Your Driver Strategy

    Every Instagram account is different from one another, and what strategies work best for one account may not necessarily work for another account. This may require a lot of experimenting to see what works best for you. For example, you might upload a picture and may only receive a few comments and likes, but if you post a 1-minute video, then you may receive more traffic on your account.

    Instagram as a platform provides a variety of methods to interact with your audience. You can easily interact by uploading stories, IGTV, live video, direct messages, likes, reels, and comments.

    Another option through which you can check your profile success is through profile views. Profile views help you by providing the estimated number of traffic you have received on your Instagram. Comments and likes show that people are interacting with you, but a good amount of individuals only lurk on your account. Lurkers are those individuals that view your profile and content but do not interact. These individuals are as important as the ones who leave comments and likes on your profile. Profile views also include those individuals who lurk, and it provides more accurate information on traffic through engagement rate.

  4. Spend Some Time Innovating and Brainstorming

    One of the most valuable and precious tools humans have is time. It’s one of those resources that cannot be replenished if you and your team are willing to spend time thinking about innovative ideas and problem solutions that may help grow your account.

    In the business and marketing world, a person is more likely to succeed if he is doing something new and unexpected. To get such ideas, you can either brainstorm within your organization or seek help from forums, communities, and Facebook groups where many individuals discuss the same topic. Maybe you will find a perfect approach or idea for your profile that will lead to your account’s growth.

  5. Organize an Instagram Giveaway or Contest

    Many people love having an opportunity to win certain products, especially when there is nothing to lose. Instagram giveaways and contests are viral. According to Tailwind, Instagram profiles have experienced 70% growth in followers whenever a contest or giveaway was announced. You must be wondering why something as regular as giveaways and contests increases Instagram followers. The answer to It is straightforward: liking and following a photo and account in return for an opportunity to win does not seem like a bad deal.

    Giveaways are most likely to be successful if you are working with a partner. You can easily promote and also add resources to create desirable prices. While conducting a give way, it is essential to have a monetary price and some desirable products. Another important thing you should keep in mind while conducting a giveaway is that the more you share, your giveaway will be the most successful. Make sure to promote your giveaway and contest everywhere.

  6. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags are a straightforward method to connect a particular post with a specific topic. If many people are using a particular hashtag, it will become a trend and appear on every trending page on the various social media platforms.

    On Instagram, you can use the search bar option to search for a new hashtag you are interested in. You haven’t attached any hashtags to your post, and then you are limiting your audience reach. People can also follow hashtags to receive new content posted with similar hashtags.

    You must always remember to use relevant and right hashtags and create a good mix of less popular viral hashtags. In short, if you make use of trending or popular hashtags on your post, then the number of people who can watch your post increases.


Instagram is a very versatile platform for communicating and sharing content. It has become a great platform to advertise and promote your brand and businesses as it provides many different options. It would help if you remembered that it takes a lot of time and hard work to create online platforms.

Instead of stressing over your Instagram account’s growth, start tracking your profile views instead and see what method you can adapt to engage with your current followers. Instagram has also provided you with many options to interact with your customers and followers, so make sure to take advantage of these features.