How many followers you’ve got on Twitter? This question seems tempting and especially when you own a brand. Twitter is one of the leading social media networks with millions of active users. According to reports, half of all marketers choose Twitter to engage more with their audience. As you know, just like any other social media network, it’s essential to get more followers on Twitter as it will help your tweets reach more people. A higher follower count indicates more influence in your industry and that your audience and customers are interested in what you have to offer.

Now you might be thinking, isn’t Facebook the biggest social media network? Shouldn’t Facebook be where you should concentrate your efforts and growth-hacking attempts? This isn’t true, as it’s unfair to ignore Twitter’s importance and utility. There are millions of millennials on Twitter that use social media more frequently to discover new brands. Millennials are an ideal target audience for many brands as they are strong customers and love to eat out, try new products, and always look for unique brands and products.

Twitter is popular among marketers since it gives you 100 % reach. But there’s a catch here, only your followers can see your tweets or when someone retweets them. So you get reach among your followers and their followers as well. That’s why it’s important to increase your follower count.

This might look quite daunting for some who are just starting out, but as soon as you start to use these growth tricks, you will see great results in no time.

Seven Tips to help you gain Ten Thousand Twitter followers

1. Optimize your profile

Just like any other social media platform, start with optimizing your profile. Having an up-to-date and professional profile is crucial to attracting prospective buyers. So the first step to optimizing your profile is to set up a good profile picture as it is the center of attraction of your Twitter profile.

People notice your profile picture at first. Except for your username, it’s the only profile element that’ll show next to your post in the feeds of other users when you tweet. That’s why you should use a photo that’s appropriate for your brand. The best practice is to use your brand’s logo or any professional picture but make sure all the essential elements appear in the center of the image. Because of the circular format of the profile picture, any features that appear towards the edges won’t show on your profile.

Using a brand logo will enable the audience to quickly find you on Twitter.

Beyond your profile picture, there’s your Bio. In this Twitter area, you provide quick ( just 120 characters) information about your business or brand or products. You can include your brand’s name, website, location, or your brand tag line in your Bio. A great trick is to add relevant keywords or hashtags to it. Your Twitter bio is an element where you can get creative, so make sure you make the most out of it.

2. Engage with the followers

Just having a large number of followers won’t help; you have to get engagement on your posts. There’s no relation between the followers and engagement, as more followers don’t mean more engagement. When you interact with your followers, and if they find your content unique, they tend to share it with their followers, creating more engagement.

Engagement leads to more visibility and reach, which yields more followers in turn. The key is to actively engage with your audience. When you respond to a comment of any follower, it makes them inclined to connect with you in the future also. A simple “thank you” or “thanks for the mention” can work wonders for you.

If someone is asking questions about your brand or product, you can take this to the next level by asking them to directly message you.

3. Set a posting schedule

To get more engagement on Twitter, you should post at times when your followers are most active. These peak hours when your followers are active are different for every user. Hence, you have to use some tools to find out when the maximum audience login to their Twitter account. Make sure your daily Twitter routine appears to be at the same time as your audience’s most active time of day, or you can also schedule your tweets to post during a specific time.

You should set a schedule regarding when to tweet and how often during a day, week, and month, replying to the comments and DMs, following users, etc. Your daily posting routine should have around 10 to 15 tweets daily, including retweets and shares and your original content.

4. High-quality content is the key

Twitter marketing is same as any other social media marketing where you’ll get success only with valuable content. High-quality content helps you stand out from the competition as there’s so much competition in most industries. The logic is quite simple, Good tweets get more comments, shares, likes, and followers, and bad tweets don’t. What distinguishes a bad tweet from a good tweet is value.

Now the term value differs for everyone. Some people consider informational posts as valuable, so you can post how-to articles, any event coverage, opinions on any current event, etc. For some people, inspirational posts create more value, including quotes, real-life experiences, etc. Also, never forget the interactive content. Interactive content includes things like quizzes, polls, web-based games, and many more.

Now comes promotional content; this includes advertisements, offers, customer testimonials, coupons, etc. To gain a better sense of what your audience finds valuable, know your audience well, and this way, you can personalize your content accordingly.

5. Harness Your Hashtags

Hashtags are very important to increase the visibility and engagement of your content. Using a few hashtags to a given tweet will quickly increase the likelihood of new followers finding your profile. Also, you can choose from plenty of hashtags within a couple of seconds.

The only trick with hashtags is that you don’t want to go overboard. Posts loaded with hashtags look spammy at a look and maybe otherwise distracting.

6. Link your Twitter account

Another technique to get more followers on Twitter is linking your account to your website, Facebook page, blogs, etc. Make sure you promote your Twitter account in every way. The best way to link your profile on the website is to link it in a way that looks professional instead of just dropping a raw link. You can attach the link to an icon.

If you want something fancier, you can also embed a tweet, button, timeline, or grid into your website.

The same goes for Facebook; you can link the profile on Facebook in the About section to let your Facebook followers know about your Twitter profile.

7. Follow top users in your niche

Another tip is to follow top users in your niche. You can also retweet their tweet if you find them meaningful. While doing this, make sure you add a quote or a few lines of your own to add more value to it. Follow people who tweet meaningful stuff and you will be shocked to see that people will start trusting you by viewing the follow/follower ratio in no time.

At a Glance

Twitter is a vast platform with millions of users. That’s why it gives you a great opportunity to market your brand. Getting more followers on Twitter isn’t as hard as it sounds. Make sure to optimize your account, set a professional profile picture, and complete your Bio. Then go on with all the other steps mentioned above. Each of these tips will bring a substantial number of followers to your account.