As per reports published by Women’s Media Centre, women representation is only 38% in wire media, TV, and print media. Women also get less coverage in sports as compared to their male counterparts. In technology, politics, and the public sector, women are undervalued. The only potent tool is social media that can fill in the gap.

In Indian culture, Lord Shiva is also worshipped as Ardhnareshwar, meaning half Woman and half Lord. Ardhnareshwar symbolizes the unification of male and female identities; God is one-part shakti or energy, and the other part, Shiva. All individuals imbibe feminine quality irrespective of their sexes. Feminism is not just social, economic, and political equality, but it is the way one thinks. Social Media has proved itself as a potent tool for women’s rights; it is a platform for solidarity and showcasing every bit of Feminism prevalent in you.

In the majority of countries, women are more social media savvy than men. Research also shows that in countries where gender inequalities are high, women have more online presence than men.

This Blog Includes

  1. A Brief History of Feminism
  2. How has Feminism affected society?
  3. What is Online Feminism?
  4. Social Media and Feminism
  5. Why Social Media is a powerful tool for Feminists?
  6. 5 Instagram Accounts we should talk about
  7. How can Feminist voices be heard on Instagram?
  8. Conclusion

A Brief History of Feminism

Feminism is very active on social media, specifically Twitter and Instagram. Paid media strategy is potent in making your opinion reach the world by buying Instagram followers, buying Instagram likes, and buying Instagram views. For more queries, visit us at

Earlier feminists were inspired by revolutionary literature, which even today is impactful. Feminism gained momentum and relevance in the early 19th century when women’s rights activists gained a formidable foothold in society. But the real first wave came in 1942 when Katherine Hepburn spoke for the feminist movement in the film Woman of the Year. Similar waves of Feminism swept the globe from 1960 – 1970 and again from 1990 onwards with the main objectives of women’s legal rights for equality. The main aim of Feminism is a unified voice against rape, sexual harassment, misogyny, gender discrimination, and unequal work opportunities.

How Has Feminism Affected Society?

The feminist movement has been instrumental in changing society, mainly the western world. It helped women access education, decision-making on having a family, equal rights in the property, and divorce initiatives. Feminism has been able to check domestic violence and sexual harassment at work; it has confronted gender-based injustice, which has changed society’s approach towards women. Not all is okay, and even today, girls face violence, salary gaps, and discrimination. Much has been done, and still much is needed to be done. Society is indebted to the feminist movement, which has been going on for centuries, and even today, it is playing a vital role in changing society’s mindset.

What is Online Feminism?

There are two ways of looking at it. The first is posts, videos, and pictures to exchange pleasantries with friends or even strangers; the second is impactful writing demanding justice, including a voice for equality. Even articles and videos of women on solo journeys or achievements are success stories to motivate other women.

Networked Feminism or online Feminism is a coordinated response to racism, sexism, sexual harassment at work, or any other discrimination based on gender. Online Feminism is mostly powered by social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users of these social media sites unite for a cause by using hashtags. Two of these popular hashtag movements were #meTooMovement and #NotokayMovement. Social Media gives connectivity and communication channel worldwide, which has empowered the feminist movement many folds.

Social Media and Feminism

In social media, Instagram stories and Twitter handles are new force multipliers to give voice to Feminism. You can reach out to the world within seconds. Moreover, with paid services like buy Instagram views, buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram followers, it becomes even more powerful. Social media has become key to gain social presence, fruitful conversation, and engaging audiences. The larger your reach, the louder your voice will be. Want to know how? Visit us at

Social media is all about effective participation and introspection. Feminism is a challenge to uphold your beliefs and examine the system with your values. Uphold your values not because we speak about them but because we practice them.

Why Social Media is a Powerful tool for Feminism?

Out of many arguments, these three points are vital, which prove that Social Media is the most powerful tool when it comes to Feminism.

  1. They are Combating Gender Biased Violence

    Social media is a string that connects the oppressed and the activists. It is a medium through which you can reach out to the world and also expose the culprits.

  2. Social Movements

    Social media is an excellent platform for feminists, activists, and writers. It connects all strings of society and gives them a platform to give out a message. It becomes a significant channel when other media like TV channels and the press have ignored the cause.

  3. A Combination of Technology and Women Empowerment

    The use of technology has been significant in woman empowerment. Not only are their voices being heard, but it has also taught feminists how to use technology. There are many stories where culprits are brought to justice because of social media’s rage and impact.

5 Instagram Accounts we Should Talk About

Feminism is a colossal movement on Instagram. This movement not only fights for women’s rights but also raises its voice against gender inequalities. It is a great movement inspiring millions and making lives better. Here are five Instagram accounts that talk about Feminism.

  1. Instagram @feminist

    Instagram account @feminist has over 6 million followers. This account is owned by Tanner Sweitzer and Jacob Castaldi, who focus on expanding their network of mass following and marketing their clothing brand CHNGE. CHNGE denotes 50% of their net profits to charity. This social media account drives feminist activism through photos, memes, videos, and Twitter threads. The owners of CHANGE have devised an excellent way to market their brand using a feminist approach. CHANGE also uses paid media to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes, and buy Instagram views to promote their accounts. The account gives the message of Feminism but is also a great source of marketing and charity.

  2. Instagram @bodyposipanda

    Instagram account @bodyposipanda has 1.3 million followers as of date. Megan Jayne Crabbe is the owner of this page; she is the author of the best-selling book ‘Body Positive Power.’ She talks about her body, Feminism, and mental health in a very apt and open manner. She has helped many women believe in themselves and love their bodies. Her account is colorful with useful and engaging content, and she runs the most famous account for body-positive stories.

  3. Instagram @feminisminindia

    This Instagram account is all about not accepting the patriarchal system prevalent in India and many parts of the world. Every picture tells you the story of a different activist. Their stories are insightful, and their quotes are breaking the norms of male-dominant society. Their posts are engaging as well as informative. Their open questions and quizzes will leave you scratching your brains. It is the right way not only to know new perspectives but also to look into different viewpoints.

  4. Instagram @womensmarch

    Women’s March is one of the biggest protests in the history of the United States. This protest march had brought over 6 million people from around the world together. These women-led movements that highlight the diverse range of issues are breaking all barriers to unite all feminists. This page has 1.4 million followers as of date. They claim to be the future of Feminism.

  5. Instagram @timesupnow

    This Instagram movement was predominant at the 75th Golden Globes Awards. The main objective was to raise a voice against gender discrimination at work, sexual harassment, and sexual assault; this has various quotes from a different society genre, including Hollywood celebrities and simple farmworkers. It has 627K followers and many more joining every day. Apart from the online followers, millions are fighting every day for a change.

    Other feminist activists on social media are also great voices for feminist education and making marginalized voices heard. Some of these are @blairimani, @jordanrise, and @domrobxrts.

How Feminist’s Voices Can be Heard on Instagram?

Instagram is the most preferred channel for the feminist voice to impact and reach out to the world. It is perfect to have a landing page, conversation, and even having followers. There are a few strategies that one must follow to boost their presence and have a good number of followers; the larger your audience, the more chances you will be heard by people and lawmakers. Buy strategy also works with services where you can buy Instagram views, buy Instagram likes, and buy Instagram followers. Know these tips that will help you build an audience on Instagram. Get in touch, visit us at

  1. Optimize Instagram Account

    The first step is to optimize your account. Think of a buzzword or a good brand name that justifies your cause, and the name should be such which identifies the cause, and people know it’s their reason to raise a voice. Remember #MeTooMovement. Get a good image, bio, and caption, which will become the identity of your page. The link in your bio is that will attract all the traffic. If you are uncertain, link it to certain campaigns or hashtags in sync with your plan. Keep your name search-friendly; a short name works well than a lengthy name. One of the best ways is to follow a well-defined marketing strategy.

  2. Keep a Fixed Content Calendar

    Posting in a haphazard manner or at random will not get you, followers. Those who are following you are looking forward to your next content. Keep a well-organized posting schedule; this will make you a disciplined content creator and keep your followers intrigued. Do a little research on the best time to post; once you find out, follow it. Keeping a fixed schedule will give your followers a consistent schedule, and they will understand your cause. Try scheduling the posts as per the engagement time.

  3. Schedule Your Posts in Advance

    Posting your content at the right time will give you more visibility and engagement. New tools will help you schedule your content in advance in a quick, easy process. Another advantage of organizing the content in advance is that your team will see the content in detail and make last-minute amendments.

  4. Be Visible

    The best way is to get where people will notice you, be active on your content page and other popular pages. One right way is to hold quizzes, brain games, and contests to build your audience. Make sure your content is meaningful without flimsy quotes and vague ideas. Value content and meaningful activism will have an impact on your audience.

  5. Avoid Fake Followers

    There is a remarkable difference between fake followers and genuine followers. Many fake agencies offer paid services, but they rely on the use of bots. There are good online services available for buying Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram views, use these genuine agencies. Fake Instagram followers will lower your credibility. It might seem an easy way to buy likes and followers, but your words and ideas will never become a revolution defeating the primary purpose. Fake followers will neither comment nor share your thoughts; the best is to be genuine and, if required, buy authentic paid services.

  6. Showcase your Instagram Account wherever you can

    The promotion of your account is a must. How will people get engaged if they don’t know about you or your ideas? It is a must to list your Instagram account on your website and other social media account. It’s good to request your close friends and family to give your account a little push. Creating awareness will make you more visible and even greater chances that people support your cause. Adding media buttons to other sites and accounts is also a good option. Don’t just ask people to follow your account; give them the content and a reason to follow your account.

  7. Start the Conversation

    Another great way to achieve your goal is to create awareness through conversation. Studies show that viewers’ engagement is 68% with photographs, 50% with video, and 30% by text content. Keep a mix of all three to keep your audience engaged. Eye-catching visuals along with a vibrant slogan will grab your attention. Respond to all questions and comments; never leave a comment unanswered. There may be times you end up with a hurtful comment, but don’t lose your cool. People want to catch you on your wrong footing; handle them carefully and with maturity. The more conversation better is chances to get noticed.

  8. Find a Pathbreaking Hashtag

    Remember, all movements were iconic to their hashtags; the hashtag said it all, and it became the string for millions of people to come together. Find a hashtag that is not too much used; an overused hashtag will make your tag lost in an ocean of titles. Be careful while choosing a hashtag; it should be apt for the target audience to check. Don’t just make a hashtag and launch it, be very sure about its purpose.

  9. Care About Your Followers

    It is imperative to have a personal touch with your followers. Never treat them as just a number in the following list. They are the strength behind your ideas, and they are the waves that will make your voice reach the world. Keep your followers happy and care about their opinions as well.

  10. It’s a Good Idea to Buy Instagram Services

    Buying Instagram Likes, Instagram views, and Instagram followers are not always a bad idea. Indeed, a genuine agency with a good reputation will help you achieve your goal. Many people have used these services and made an impact. The best advantage is it gives your voice a boost, and as an unsaid rule on social media, followers attract followers. The only thing you should be cautious about is choosing the right agency that uses open accounts to boost your visibility. A fake agency that uses bots may not only land you in trouble but also make your credibility questionable.


Feminism has come a long way over the past century, and it has to travel a long distance even now. Social media is the most powerful tool that has been instrumental in putting across millions of voices worldwide. Instagram is one such potent and powerful channel where Feminism continues to grow with audience and popularity.
If you still have any questions or queries, we can help. Visit us at now.