Instagram bio is one of the first things that Instagram visitors and users see. Occasionally, users look at the profile picture and feed when they arrive at your profile, but if they’re going to follow you, they will see your Bio. So making the Instagram bio impressive is an important point.

Writing an appealing Instagram bio might seem simple, but it requires some creativity and must follow some required strategies.
So, if you have a business account on Instagram or just a personal account, in that case, you’ll need to make a great first impression with your Instagram bio and make it impressive enough to draw in new followers and potential customers.

What is an Instagram bio exactly

In simple terms, an Instagram bio is the 150-character description under your username on your Instagram profile page. While your profile picture shows users what you do, your Bio tells them who you are.

Your Instagram bio needs to convey your personality and your brand’s if on the business account. After reading your Bio, visitors should understand what you do and why they should follow you.

Now, you’ll probably think that how you’re going to make your Bio attractive in just 150 characters? So, here we are, helping you out. Just go through all the tips mentioned below, and you’re good to go, but remember it’s just 150 characters (but enough).

According to the experts, within the first 5 to 7 seconds, visitors make up their minds about whether to follow them or not. That’s why you must make the Instagram Bio the possible showcase of who you are and what you do, whereas the feed is the next point.

Your Instagram bio should be that attractive and engaging that even when you’re offline, your Bio is doing all the work for you, turning visitors into new followers.

To achieve this, you should know about the essential elements of the Instagram bio:

  • Profile image
  • Name and description
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • URL link
  • Contact

Profile Image:

Depending on your Instagram account, choose the right profile picture. For example, if it’s just your account, choose the best picture of yours showing your face, and for brand or business, your brand logo will work great. Both serve important purposes.

Using an image of yourself will help visitors or users put a face to the account and build that trust factor.

Using your brand logo as a profile picture will create an instant, lasting impression on your audience and helps increase brand value. It will help users to recognize your brand when they search your account immediately.

Just make sure that your profile image is clear and high quality for both logo and personal picture.

Name and Description:

First of all, your Instagram name has to be YOUR name. Whether it’s your actual name or the name of your brand, the name users see on Instagram needs to be the means how they know you, so don’t use odd words, funny spellings, unnecessary abbreviations. or other versions of your name. It’s your name or your brand’s one, so make that section representative enough.

The next step to creating an enhanced Instagram bio is your description. Until that, read the next essential elements of Instagram bio.

Story Highlights:

Story Highlights are collections of Instagram Stories. You can feature them in your profile for your past, present, or future thumbnails. You can save your Instagram Story to Highlights, and that will display in your Bio. Stories also get saved in the archive, and you can use them for future Highlights.

Highlights contain two parts:

  • Name: Name individual Highlight stories as well as thumbnail Highlights.
  • Cover: The custom icon or image representing the story’s topic is shown in the thumbnail.

Now, after the vital elements of Instagram bio, let’s know how you can creatively optimize them:

Tip 1: Use the Name Field to Share Your Top Targeted Keywords:

The Name Field is valuable and rarely used in the Bio. You can customize this point in your Instagram bio to reach more users as they search.

And SEO discoverability will become an even more important feature with Instagram’s new keyword search tool rolling out.

Using targeted keywords instead of your username is a great strategy for your business to become more discoverable by the potential audience and new followers in the name field.

Research the keywords and trendy ones and know what your ideal customers might search for on Instagram. Once you find the suitable keywords, add them into your Name Field; it could be your niche, the city your business is located in, or the products you sell.

It’s important to consider what your visitors are looking for and how you can present them while deciding how to brand yourself on Instagram with valuable information in just a few seconds. And using your Instagram bio’s name field is an important way to do that!

Tip 2: Use clickable hashtags to promote branded hashtags and sister accounts:

If you have a branded Instagram hashtag, add it in your Bio to draw clicks and engage the interested audience to an Instagram feed of user-generated or branded content. Just type it in your Bio if you have any branded hashtag.

Adding clickable hashtags actively encourages customers to add branded hashtags in their posts using your brand. Branded hashtags are also searchable and provide a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring customers use the right hashtag.
  • Making it easier for a brand to collect content and reshare it.
  • Engaging users who click on the hashtag to an entire feed of user-generated and branded content is a successful brand strategy.

Tip 3: Include a call to action:

Highlighting a CTA, i.e., Call to Action, in your Bio can be a helpful addition. CTAs significantly increase the users’ will to take the action you’re calling as they explain exactly what and how to do it.

You can prioritize several different actions in your Bio so consider what would be most valuable to your business and make a place for that.

Here are some fundamental approaches you can take with your CTAs:

  • Point to point: “Click our bio link to shop in discount.”
  • Promote a limited-time offer: “Shop our Christmas sale.”
  • Highlight a contest: “Share your favorite place for a chance to win!”
  • Encourage users to share: “Tag #experiencebysara in your post to be featured.”

There are some of the few best practices to remember while adding CTA:

  • Include your highest priority CTA: There is a chance that visitors will take that action more likely after you’ve defined who you are. Plus, it puts your CTA close to your link, so put the priority CTA at the end of your Instagram bio.
  • Give clear instructions wherever needed: To get users to contribute to your branded hashtag, then go for something like “Share your experience with #” with a clickable hashtag at the end.
  • Start with the action: Begin your CTA with a verb like Shop, Start, Tag, etc., to get to the point and eliminate unnecessary words.

Tip 4: Add Your Contact Details:

You have to make your Instagram profile easy for visitors and followers to contact you.

You can switch to an Instagram business account.

Switching to an Instagram business account allows you to add key contact information directly to your Instagram bio, create promoted posts and ads, and have access to Instagram’s built-in analytics.

After you’ve switched to an Instagram business profile, you can include your email address, phone number, and physical address on your profile. You can also add a brand or business category that will appear underneath the Name Field; this makes it easier for followers to know what you do.

So, after setting up contact information, a follower or visitor can easily contact you via email, phone call, etc.

Tip 5: Add a Link or Url To Your Website:

Most users display their website’s homepage URL, making it easy to drive traffic to your site. And for the link, Instagram allows you to add only one clickable link, which appears at the bottom of your Bio.

Consider linking a landing page for a recent marketing campaign, your latest product page, your newest blog content, or your contact page.

There are many opportunities here, so make the most of the link in your Instagram bio by updating it from time to time.

Tip 6: Choose the right and appropriate profile picture that defines you or your brand:

The final step is selecting a profile picture. The clear choice for this is your brand logo, which you probably use on your website, marketing material, and other social media platforms.

Using a recognizable symbol as a profile picture makes it easy for visitors and your target audience to recognize you. It will also help draw in followers and raise awareness of your brand by making sure it is constantly visible on social media within your niche.

Tip 7: Regularly Create and Update Instagram Stories Highlights:

Instagram Stories Highlights is an interesting feature that many brands use for different purposes, like promoting their products, reminding followers about the upcoming event, catching behind-the-scenes activities, polls/quizzes, etc.

Get Creative With Your Instagram Bio:

While it’s great to convey who you are and what you do in your Instagram bio, you should also take it as an opportunity to show off your personality and draw in more followers.

Here are some more interesting strategies to insert some creativity:

  • Use Emojis to Space Out Your Text:

    Spacing out the text within Instagram bio is important and doing it with emoticons is interesting. You can use emojis to break up any text-heavy sections in your Bio.

  • Add Line Breaks to Your Bio:

    Adding line breaks is a great way to make the information more consumable.
    The simplest way to add line breaks to your Instagram bio is to format it on the app’s web version. Incorporating this point will make your Bio even easier to read.

  • Instagram Fonts:

    Use stylish and different fonts in your Bio to make it beautiful. But choose a font that does not make text hard to read.

  • Add Quotes:

    Adding quotes in captions and within the text is a traditional way to express something. So use it in your Bio too that suits your personality.

Wrapping up

A good Instagram bio creates a great first impression on the visitor. It assures them to click the follow button. So, whatever approach you take for your Instagram bio, it’s good to invest some time and effort in the process.
Here’s a recap of what we covered:

  • Define yourself
  • Target your niche audience with specific keywords
  • Link to your website or blog
  • Show your personality
  • Show your personality