• Instagram stories is an exciting new feature that allows you to share live video clips with followers. While it’s still in its infancy, Instagram stories are a powerful way to give potential customers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at your business. From real-time updates on sales and special deals to sneak peeks at new products and services, the stories you share on your profile can help you build a loyal following.

    There are several ways to advertise on Instagram stories. You can use them to promote a website or a mobile app, announce events, or appear to users who have already shown interest in your brand by following you or liking a photo. In addition to these, there are some other strategies that you can use to build your business. These include:

    1. Poll Stickers

      Back in the day when someone really liked a photo you posted, they’d “like” the photo on your profile. But these days, stickers are a more modern way to show you really like something. There are several ways you can use stickers to your advantage. Story Poll stickers, first introduced on Instagram at the end of last year, allow you to add a poll to your stories. The feature is a powerful way to get your audience’s opinion and gather data from them, as the answers stay public.

      The feature is accessible from the stickers button and can be placed anywhere on the screen. Likes are great, but that’s not enough for a lot of companies, who want to know exactly what their customers think.

    2. Moji Slider Stickers

      Instagram recently released an update to Stories that include 3D emoji slider stickers. These new stickers allow users to animate moving emoji, as well as change their facial expressions by sliding the emoji up or down. The new stickers also allow users to add interactive text to their stories, such as “Tap to open” or “Swipe up to see more”.

      If you’re like most Instagram users, you regularly post Stories at the beginning and end of the day, as well as in between your regular posts. These Stories often run for 24 hours, allowing you to better connect with your audience and make your content more digestible. While most of your fans know your brand’s Instagram handle, some of them may not have all of the details they need to know about your brand. That’s where the new Instagram feature comes in.

    3. Questions Stickers

      Instagram stories are a great way to show the audience more of your personality than just your feeds. There are tons of fun themes, filters and stickers to choose from. Placing a question sticker over a photo will prompt your followers to think about things differently and take action.

    4. Quiz Stickers

      Quizzes: they’re one of the most popular forms of content on Instagram. A new feature in Instagram Stories means businesses can now create photo polls that ask users to pick their favorite product, color, food, or whatever else they want. While you could create a poll with a few text answers, making it a photo poll makes it easier to show people what they’re choosing between, which can be a real boost for something like a new product launch, or a charity drive.

      You can also use the photo poll feature to create a collage of different products, or a collection of your favorite photos from a trip, then ask users to pick their favorite.

      Quiz Stickers allow you to ask your followers questions related to your business and display the results in a fun way. For example, you could ask fans what their favorite song is, and display it with the lyrics as a sticker. This is a fun way to get your fans to interact with your brand and show how well connected you are with your followers.

    5. Chat stickers

      Chat stickers allow users to post images and videos right into their conversations to express their feelings more easily. For example, a picture of a face with a ‘thinking about my ex’ bubble over the head, or a heart with the ‘I love you’ message.

      Chat stickers are one of the latest features to hit the world of messaging apps, and they’re an awfully fun way to express yourself. The stickers are available to view on any modern messaging app, from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to Snapchat or Skype. Once you’ve loaded them, you can use them to spice up your chats with your friends, to show them what you’re busy doing, or just to get a few chuckles.

    6. Go “Live” on Instagram

      For many businesses, an Instagram account is a must. And getting “live” on Instagram is a great way to promote your business. Here’s why: If you’ve ever run or participated in a contest, you know how hard it is to get people’s attention. That’s why live Instagram videos are such a great way to get people to tune in and see you. They’ll get to see you or your team behind the scenes, giving them a glimpse into your life.

    How To get sales through instagram stories for business

    1. Product Stickers

      Instagram has become a marketing powerhouse, and many companies are using the social media platform to drive sales and build a brand. One of the most popular ways to engage audiences is through product stickers. These are creative pieces of copy placed on physical products that can be shared through Instagram. The main purpose of product stickers is to encourage clicks, but they can also inspire purchases and increase engagement.

    2. Links

      Technology is a key factor in driving sales for any business, and Instagram is a major social media platform that can help. You can use Instagram to drive sales for your business by adding links to your Instagram stories. Instagram stories have a powerful feature that allows you to drive engagement and promote sales, plus it’s a lot simpler than you might think.

    3. Countdown Stickers

      Countdowns are a great way to drive engagement and sales. You can use countdown stickers with your Instagram story to promote your products and services, announce promotions, or emphasize an upcoming event.

    4. Instagram Stories Ads

      Stories ads are a relatively new type of ad on Instagram designed to let you tell a visual story to your followers and drive sales, rather than simply catch their attention. To use them, you select a photo or video from your Instagram account, Instagram will copy it and create a 15-second video that you can post to your Instagram page as an ad. You can also use some tools to intersperse text or emojis in your video, and you can also use this format in a carousel ad on Instagram.

    How You Get More Instagram Views Through Stories for Business

    Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. With 300 million active users and countless businesses now on Instagram, it’s no surprise that you’re looking for ways to boost your social presence.

    Instagram stories are a great way to stay connected to your followers and get the word out about your products and services. With the right approach, you can do more than just inform followers, you can influence their purchasing decisions!

    1. Add Hashtags and Location Tags

      Social media, especially Instagram, is a great way to share your photos with friends and followers. However, it can be difficult to reach a large audience without a system for tagging your photos.

      Hashtags and location tags are two features that are important to include in your Instagram Stories. They help you reach more people and allow people to find you more easily. Keep in mind that hashtags are only available in Instagram Stories, not in regular posts.

    2. Post Consistently

      If you are looking to bolster your Instagram following, you probably are aware of the difficulty involved in growing your Instagram followers. One way to build your follower count is by posting consistently. Posting on a regular schedule will encourage followers to visit your Instagram profile on a regular basis. If you only update your account a few times a month, your followers may feel slighted, as if they were missing out on something. You can post consistently by using Instagram Stories 24-hour window to post more frequently.

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    Creative Growth Hacks for Instagram Stories for Business

    The Instagram Stories feature has been out for more than a year, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. As with any new thing, people first adopted it for the novelty value, but as the months have passed, people have started to realize that it’s a fun and engaging way to share your story with your customers.

    We decided to share some easy ways to use Instagram Stories for your business to help grow your audience and drive more traffic to your website.

    Release a Branded Instagram Stories AR Filter

    Instagram has always been the first place to find the latest trends, but has fallen behind in one major area: Augmented Reality (AR). Facebook has had AR for a while, and Snapchat just launched their Snap AR Lens Studio. This is a great opportunity for Instagram to get back into the game. Similar to Snapchat, they could release a platform for 3rd party creators to build their own AR filters for Instagram Stories. Instagram could even re-skin the entire app to their own branding.

    Create Highly Shareable Branded Assets

    If you operate a branded Instagram account, you might be wondering how to get more eyes on your posts. It’s a good question. While a regular Instagram account is a great way to share content with your followers, a branded account may look more official to Instagram users. To take advantage of the additional branding, you need a strategy for creating highly shareable branded assets.


    The Instagram Stories feature is great for businesses. They can use Instagram Stories to connect with their audience, allowing them to show more human side of their personalities.

    The ability to go back and edit pictures and videos encourages businesses to try more creative things and show their audience more of the world around them.