Facebook, the ultimate digital platform that revolutionized the internet world and was the face of social media for the longest time. Getting likes and becoming popular on social media was brought by none other than Facebook itself.

Today, there are so many Facebook accounts that have made the competition a lot tougher to survive in. How can you get 2000 likes on a photo on Facebook today? How can you grow your profile or your page on Facebook today? How does the algorithm truly work? And what are all the ways through which you can get a boost on the platform? Answering all these questions, we are here to help you grow your Facebook profile. What are you waiting for? Just scroll up!

What is Facebook?

Before utilizing the platform at its fullest, let’s see what kind of platform or market you are dealing with. Facebook was initially started as a virtual gathering platform by Mark Zuckerberg for the youth where college students could share pictures and videos and interact. In no time, the app became so big that it is now considered one of the biggest and the most influential social media platforms on the entire planet.

Currently, there are 2.375 billion monthly active users, while adding 500,000 new accounts every day. The sheer impact of the platform could be seen through this alone. Facebook came up with the feature to like and comment on posts, which made public discussions prominent and opened space for discussing issues.

The number of likes and comments is the way a post is driven on the platform. If you have a private profile, you can send and receive friend requests and limit your interaction with them. However, if you have an open account or a page, then the page could be visited by people worldwide.

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

Facebook started as a platform for people to interact and stay connected with each other regardless of where they were in the world; this is the reason why Facebook still pushes pictures and videos that are posted by the people in your friend list and then shows you the posts uploaded by the pages you follow. This prioritizing of posts and accounts are the basis of Facebook’s algorithm system. Facebook has stated on multiple occasions that there is not a single algorithm working in the system but multiple ones. This helps them get that perfect result that is best for the users and suits their goals.

Facebook does not make posts based on numbers or the date and time at which they were posted. There is no chronological order to posts. Rather every user’s interaction on the platform makes the algorithm function the best for them. You have like ten pages, for example, but you interact with only 4 of them consistently. Facebook would analyze this pattern and first show you posts of these four pages and then rest. This is how you get interesting content every time you refresh your newsfeed.

Facebook still hasn’t revealed all the details and how exactly the algorithm works. Still, as per the surveys and experience, people have their theories. Facebook is like other platforms, and they want the user to stay on the platform for the longest time possible.

The basic working pattern for Facebook’s algorithm is simple. It first selects all the posts that a user would see from all the profiles and pages they have their profile linked to. After this, the algorithm arranges these posts per the numerical rankings, relevancy, date of release, and many more criteria.

The next step is quite simple, and it makes sure that it eliminates all the posts that are irrelevant to the particular user. This elimination is done by analyzing the user’s past clicks and taps on the platform and the user’s posts.

Then, based on the reaction, comment activity, and sharing of particular posts, Facebook’s algorithm organizes the post in a much more personalized way for every user. If you interact with football posts more, you would see them at the top of your newsfeed rather than the cooking page you hardly ever interact with.

Amongst all this, Facebook also makes sure that the user sees different types of media while scrolling. Some photos then videos to create a good mesh.

How to Get 2000 Likes on Facebook Photos?

Now that we know everything we need to know about the platform and how it works, we can get to the final question: how to get 2000 likes on a Facebook photo. It is certainly not the easiest task but surely not the hardest one either. Let’s get to it then!

Upload High-Quality Posts

Quality always wins. Posting high-quality pictures could be one of the best organic ways to start gardening a bigger reach. It would be best if you impressed the viewer. Whether it is a photo or a video, quality always impresses the people and bides them to engage and interact with the content. There are various pages on Facebook which are posting absolute garbage quality of content and still gathering thousands of likes. Still, we need to focus on quality to last longer. Quality posts get quality reach as well.

High-quality posts are not just about a camera, and it would be of help if you learn some basics of camera work and editing in photography. These are easy-to-learn things and do not take much time but can have a massive impact on your reach and potentially get you a much wider audience. A camera can only increase the quality of the picture considering the pixels. Still, editing and different angles could bring a whole new life to the picture.

Timing is Everything

You need to think through your posting schedule. Timing is very important on any platform, and Facebook is no different. Posting regularly would obviously get you faster progress than someone who uploads once a month or even once a week. Posting regularly is important and posting at the right time is also important. Posting a picture at different times of the day would also result in a difference in the number of likes.

If you upload the picture in the daytime when people are expected to be online, you would obviously get more likes. However, if you upload the same picture at midnight when fewer users are comparatively active, you would receive fewer likes.

This could be done by analyzing your post-activity by posting at different times. Still, you can also check it through Facebook’s own insights option available to only public accounts or pages. Posting on weekends and weekdays can also bring change in the engagement of your post.

The more time you spend on Facebook, the more you will notice these small details, and the better you will understand your target audience. If your target audience consists of students, for example, or even the office goers, you would see them most active during the night, or maximum attraction would be gathered on weekends because these are the only times when they are free and use the app.

Today, various Facebook marketing tools will surely help you get the reach you desired. These tools would analyze the platform and users’ activity for you and then automatically post at the most optimal times to do not have to do it every day on your own.

One thing that you need to remember is that you need to be consistent. You cannot post regularly, increase your reach, gain likes, and suddenly stop posting or taking intervals. This needs proper planning. It would help if you planned it so that your posts shouldn’t seem like spam or a photo dump on the viewers’ newsfeed, which would annoy them.

As per the research, brands lose 46% of their audience whenever they post too much and 18% of their audience if they do not post enough. You have to find that spot in the middle and work according to that.

Keep your posts short

Truth be told, nobody has the time to read huge paragraphs of text when they have an infinite source of entertaining posts ahead of them. Different people use Facebook for different reasons, but very few would appreciate lengthy paragraphs.

If you want to increase the likes on your post, you need to keep it short and simple. Social media is a fast ball game, and you need to understand it. Unlike blogs, people aren’t here to dedicate their time to read long paragraphs; they are here for short, fun content. You need to make an impact with just one line or maybe two so that the audience is instantly hooked and likes the photo.

Facebook’s total number of users is 2.7 billion, and 98.3% of these accounts are run on phones and tablets. This is important to note since paragraphs are much difficult to read on mobiles, seem very long. Therefore people often skip through these long posts. Short posts work way better than long posts and surely bring in more likes and comments.

Encourage comments

Comments on a post can boost a picture to newer heights. Comments play a big role in getting likes and engagement on your post. Comments show the Facebook algorithm that the post is liked by the viewers and could entertain more potential viewers. Comments are seen by everyone who does not even follow you currently, which helps you gain their attention as they see others interacting with your content and genuinely sharing their feedbacks.

According to Facebook’s algorithm, there are various times when people who are not your friends but have mutual friends would see your content if those mutual friends comment on your post. This is how you get your circle to grow on Facebook. Other people seeing your posts would surely incur more likes as well.

There are different ways you can make people keen on commenting on your post. Suppose your photo and caption are quite normal. In that case, they might like the picture and scroll down, but if you make it interesting and something they can interact with, then surely the chances of people commenting on the post go much higher. Some ways to get people to comment are through:

Replying to the comments – Replying to the comments on your post would encourage more people to comment to get a reply from your side.

Answering the questions – Sometimes, there are doubts that viewers want to ask you, and replying to them would be a great idea to how more people can comment on their questions and get answers.

Agree to Disagree – There are times when people won’t agree with your opinion on social media, and rather than fighting or ignoring it, acknowledge their opinion and state your side clearly as well.

Caption game – A strong caption with questions or riddles could lead to more comments of people answering. Something funny could also get you comments.

Don’t Use Hashtags

Yes. You read that right! While articles all over the internet would tell you to use hashtags, we are telling you not to. Well, there are two reasons. Number one, hashtags on Facebook do not work like they work on Twitter or Instagram and could have adverse effects on your reach.

Rather than increasing your engagement and number of likes, using hashtags on Facebook would lower your reach. This happens because Facebook’s hashtag system shows the hashtags to only your friends and not promotes them globally. This made people avoid hashtags for a very long time, and Facebook hasn’t recovered from it since.

The second reason why you should avoid using hashtags on Facebook is that they are very uncommon on this platform. Hashtags work more on Twitter and Instagram. Since not many people are used to hashtags on Facebook, they might think you cross-posted this from other platforms.

When people think that it is an auto-post from another platform, they would surely engage less with the post because they will think that you are not personally active on Facebook.
These are some adverse effects of hashtags. However, there is no such harm in trying. Try using hashtags and see if they work for you.

Use Advertisements

Facebook offers you the option to promote your content using paid adverts. They are extremely helpful in getting likes and comments because you can grow your audience with the help of ads while specifically targeting your potential audience. This will help you cater your posts to those who like similar content to yours but aren’t aware of your page or account. It is a much cheaper option and offers great perks. You can gather hundreds and thousands of likes within hours of putting up an ad; that’s how fast, useful and impactful ads are.

Facebook will make sure that your content is catered to the audience that is genuinely interested in the content. This is done through Facebook’s algorithm analyzing the behavior and activity patterns of the other users.

These were the organic and long-term methods that you need to focus on at any time of your social media career. Advertisements cannot be run throughout the year. You need to make the audience stay, and that will require quality posts if you want 2000 likes on all your posts and not just the one you promoted. Before we wrap up, let us talk about one more method that would focus on how you could get 2000 likes instantly.

Buying Likes

Buying Facebook likes on pictures and videos has been common for some years now. It is a great way for newer people to get an instant boost on their posts and page. It is seen as something illegal, but it is certainly not. If you use authentic websites which offer real accounts, this could truly help jumpstart your social media presence.

There are hundreds of websites available on the internet that offer this service. Still, many of them are utterly fake and nothing but a scam. Buying likes is quite low costing, and it should not cost you much. However, if you think the prices are too low, then there is a chance that those are scams too. Don’t worry. We have a recommendation for you which you will find listed below.

Let us first talk about how buying likes could be a great help for you:

Since the competition is so high on the platform, there are many chances that even if you do everything that we mentioned above and more, you would still not get the desired number of likes and followers. This is where buying of likes comes into the picture.

Buying likes would give your profile an instant boost, and suddenly the Facebook algorithm would notice your page and posts. People would also see many numbers on your profile, making them believe that you are already growing and missing some quality content.

Posting high-quality content regularly, unfortunately, does not guarantee anything. However, buying likes would surely boost your posts, and that’s a guarantee since the numbers are in your hands now.

To be fair, buying likes is much easier than doing anything that we mentioned above. You can ease out on regular posting. However, it is always important that you buy the likes only for a short time. After that, it is completely you and your posts that will make the audience stick around.

The reach would increase and thus offering you many more opportunities after that. It is a circle. You need numbers to get more numbers. Buying 2000 likes would lead to you getting more likes.

Our recommendation:

The website we recommend is Buylikesservices.com which has been a phenomenal website for providing this service. It is one of the top-rated websites for buying likes for various platforms. It is completely trustworthy, with hundreds and thousands of positive reviews. Just visit the website, choose the platform and package that you want. There is a large variety to choose from. After that, you can pay them online, and you would start seeing the boost as soon as the payment is received.


Getting 2000 likes on Facebook on a picture is hard if you consider the ads or purchasing of likes. It is normal, but these methods can only be used for a short time till you have the desired audience number. After that, you have to follow the organic methods to keep the audience hooked to the content, not to stop visiting your profile or liking your posts.

Keep quality above everything and stay consistent, and the rest would fall in place. Use ads and buy likes. There is nothing wrong with that, but make sure that you do it from a trustworthy source and do not get scammed or looted.

Using too many bot likes would make your reach dead in the long run, so do not incline towards this method. You can keep buying likes in regular intervals to get those mini boosts. Just stay focused and dedicated, and we are sure you will be getting much more than just 2000 likes. All the best! Happy Networking!