There are more than two billion users on Facebook, and this is why the competition for getting likes is a vicious one. Getting many likes is very important to all the people who have profiles on Facebook because it is a very important thing to do when you consider how you wish to go about your marketing strategy. When you get a lot of likes, then it means that whatever you are doing is working, and people like to see the content that you post on Facebook.

You should try to be yourself because people want organic and real things and do not just do things to gain more likes but believe what they do ad is the real deal. Many people are fake and act like everything in their life is amazing just to put on a show and get more likes. Still, when you show people the real you, then they will appreciate you. That is how you create a loyal following that will guarantee you all the likes that you want.

  1. Developing a smart Facebook marketing strategy –

    There is no point in posting content that speaks to no particular audience and does not have any of the values you hold as a brand, so everything you end up posting must relate to what you are doing.

  2. Define your target audience –

    #ven though you might want to appeal to all audiences, there will always be some people who might not want to see what you show them. It is a much better strategy to find an audience that you wish to target. You can choose to expand to different audiences later on, but initially, it is very important to choose the right audiences and target them by making content that they would like. You cannot choose to target all two billion Facebook users.

  3. Research your competition –

    Your competition might be a lot of things, but they will always be someone you can learn something from, and you should try to make maximum use of that. You can try to create your path, but if you look at how your competition is, you can always find out what worked for them and what didn’t work, and you can use that to grow your id and get more likes.

    You can try to find the posts that most people like to see, and you can use this to make posts with certain similarities, which will help you grow a lot.

    You can also look at what your audience wants from you, but you can also see what the audience of your competition wants from you, and this can be a good way for you to do what they want. Thus, if you get on a trend before your competition, you can grow in a very fast way, and this can ensure that you get a lot more likes and followers from your followers and your competition’s followers.

  4. Set Goals –

    You cannot randomly want more likes because you will never know when it is enough. When you want many likes, you can set the proper goals, so you will know if you are on track or you are way off it. This can tell you if you are doing the right amount of work based on your goals or if you need to work a lot more to reach where you want to. It is important to dream big, but you also need to have realistic goals that can be measured properly, and they have a time frame for it. You must know how much time you would need to get to your goals.

    When you reach this goal, you will be aware of it, and you can celebrate because you reached s big milestone that you wished to achieve. After you achieve your goals, you need to start it all over again and work towards the goals you want repeatedly.

  5. Make a good page –

    This point is very obvious because you need to have good posts if you want a lot of likes, but there are a lot of things that you must consider about a good page, and you need to know about all of them and make them in a way that can benefit you the most. So make sure that you check all your boxes.

  6. Use all the options in the about section –

    This section can allow people to see who you are and the kind of profile. You could put your contact information there if anyone wished to contact you for a collaboration. You can also use special about you or your company. All this information shows everyone that you are a credible person and can trust you well this can end up with you getting more likes.

    It can also ensure that the Facebook search engine uses your information to spread your content so that more people view it. This gives you an advantage in the algorithm.

  7. Use compelling cover and profile photos –

    Whenever someone opens up your profile, they will see that cover and profile photos, and it is best if they see something that they like because that is the first step to them liking anything.

    If you have some vague picture, they might not even believe that you are credible, which can hurt your business negatively. You can not only put your photo, but you can also put something that means something to you or something related to your brand or your team. This can make a good impression on the people who view your content, and this can be the first step to them trusting you can making sure that you can get a lot of likes on your posts.

    If you have a business, then the best choice is to use your brand’s logo because if you have a good and recognized brand, that will lead everyone to you. Now Facebook also allows you to use a cover video instead of a cover photo. This video can be about twenty seconds long. If you decide to use a video instead of a photo, make sure that it is a good video that speaks to you or your brand and builds people’s trust.

  8. Pin a good performing post

    Suppose one of your posts seems to be doing well on Facebook. In that case, you can pin that post up so that it can get a lot more likes because whenever someone opens up your profile, the first thing that they will see is the post that you know a lot of people like in the first place and that can help you gain a lot of likes because most likely that pot has some very good content.

  9. Make your Facebook page easy to find –

    There are a lot of Facebook pages in the world, and sometimes someone might want to find your page, and they should be able to find it with ease because that is the way that you can get a lot more people to find your channel and like the posts that you put up on there.

  10. Choose an easy to discover name –

    Continuing from the above point, and your name should be easy to search and find. Do not use many unnecessary keywords to seem very intellectual because it will make it more difficult for anyone to find your content that will ensure that no one finds your posts. All the different keywords might make it seem like you are not a legitimate person, and you are a scammer with no proper intention. This will ensure that no one finds out about you and you do not get any likes.

  11. Select a memorable username –

    Even though you need to have a good username that is easy to understand and find, it should also be memorable because if someone wants to find you multiple times, they should be able to find you with ease and not be lost because they cannot remember you or because your name was so easy and common that they ended up finding someone else who happens to be your competition.

    Try and keep the same name across all social media formats so that if someone finds you on any other social media platform, they can still find you, which can lead to them like a lot of your posts.

  12. Put a Facebook follow or a like button on your website or blog –

    You can put your posts on your website or blog. If someone sees that post, they can like it without leaving the website or blog, but if it is their choice, they can even use that as a link to your Facebook page, leading them to view your posts and them like many posts.

    This is much better than simply putting a link because a link does not catch anyone’s eye, but when you have a good post, it is in your control to make a good post and ensure that someone likes it. Make sure that you put your best posts that many people usually like because this can entice them into looking into a post for you to see what kind of person or company you have.

  13. Cross-promote your Facebook page or your other social media channels –

    Use the following that you have on the other social media channels and use that to get more people to view your content and this can get you a lot more likes and get people who might not spend a lot of time n Facebook to see that content that you have there as well. You do not have to put a picture up there.

    You can also put up a great video that is not very long because that will get a lot more people excited about the post that you have. You can also put up a live video if that is what you wish to do.

  14. Aim to get a lot of shares –

    There is a lot that you can do to grow your channel and promote your videos, but after a while, it is best if someone else does that work for you. This is when it is best if you try your best to get other people to share your posts because there is a lot that you can do but not more after a while. If someone shares your content, they liked your content that much that they started to share it with other people they knew.

    That is a good sign that you are growing, and that exposure will get you a lot more likes than you would have got by yourself. When other people share your posts, then they are doing your work for you. You do not need to send anything to anyone. But instead, they do everything for you. You do not have to spend time or money, but someone loyal to you will get you more likes.

  15. Promote your Facebook page in real life –

    You do not have to keep all your promotion restricted to an online medium. You can talk to people that you know about it. If you end up doing something, you can put out brochures with your Facebook id on them that people can follow. You can check out what is there on your Facebook page. Although everything is online, it can be important to get some real-world influence into getting more likes.

  16. Include compelling visuals –

    People are much more likely to be drawn towards something compelling visually. If you need to spread some message, you can use other photos if you do not have any of your own. You can use photos to show important graphs, messages, etc., in a much more fun and exciting way that will lead many more people to like the posts they have seen. You can also try and use humor, especially because people will be drawn towards a channel and post like that.

  17. Don’t be too promotional –

    No one likes posts that try to get you to buy products or memberships. Everyone wants something entertaining and fun, and no one likes to see much pushy content and sales pitches. Such posts do not have a good chance of getting many likes from people, which will damage the growth that you have created up until now.

  18. Give your followers what they want –

    The only reason you have such a big group of followers is that you have followers who like what they see and want you to grow. Ask them what they wish to see rather than doing things because you want to or promote something for products. If you do things for them, this is a sign that they will know that you are willing to work towards making content that they will like and enjoy.

  19. Invest in videos –

    Even though Facebook has many pictures, you can always try to use more videos because videos can help target a different audience. You can make live videos, Q and A videos, etc. All this helps make your content more likely to be viewed, and people will want to view what you show them.

  20. Post consistently –

    It is very important to post content continuously because it helps the algorithm promote your content. Try to make sure that you have a specific schedule for how often you post videos because many people are more likely to view your content when they know when they can expect something new. You can also let your followers know if you are posting something outside of the time you usually post, making them more likely to view your posts and like them.

  21. Post at the right time –

    Try and figure out a time that works best for your audience so that many people can view that post just when it comes out. Do your research and find a time that most people might be likely to view the post. Usually, weekends are the best times.

  22. Be responsive and human –

    If you want many people to like your posts, try your best to answer comments and messages because you owe a lot to your followers. New followers might be likely to like your posts if you are active and try to respond to as many people as much as possible. Since it is a social media site, it is important to be friendly with many people.

  23. Host a Contest –

    A contest on Facebook can be a great way to get people active and draw them towards your channel. A lot of new people might be attracted to your Facebook page during this contest. You can also try to give away prizes at the end of it. This is a sure way to attract people to the contest that you have.

  24. Engage with other brands –

    If you engage with other brands with similar kinds of posts that you do, you can get a lot of new followers towards your channel, which can get you like. People from that channel can view your content and come to see what you have on your Facebook page. This can get in a lot of likes as well as new followers. You can also look for some communities on Facebook. Do not try to promote your products for no reason there instead, contribute well towards the group, and many people will accept you in their group.

  25. Understand the Facebook algorithm and try to use it to your advantage –

    The Facebook algorithm can be an important tool in growing your page and petting more likes, so you must be aware of how it works. You use it to grow your channel as much as possible and get likes by doing that. You can try to make live videos because they can push you up in the algorithm. Try your best to know everything about what to post and when to do it, and you will be fine.

  26. Run Facebook ads to increase your reach –

    You can use Facebook ads to find out the kind of audience you would like to put your post towards to specify what people should be able to see your posts and have the maximum chance of getting a lot of likes.

  27. Boost a post –

    By doing this, you can find people who have not already liked your page, and by doing this, you can get a large number of likes. If you have a great post that has a lot of likes, then by doing this, a lot more people will be targeted towards your page who did not know much about it in the first place.

  28. Run a campaign –

    You can use many different ad formats, which can get many people to view your content and like it.

  29. Learn from Facebook insights –

    By using this, you can get a clear idea of who your fans are currently, and then you can use this data to figure out how to make your next move towards growing your audience. You can see the posts that get the most likes and try and replicate your success by using the same posts.

  30. Be honest –

    Being honest is the most important. Do not try to trick your followers into buying anything you promote simply because you get some money out of it because your followers will understand it. Many people might not want to follow you or like you because you were not honest with them to begin with.


You can make your Facebook page very good and likely to get a lot of likes, but you need to follow the points you read above and try your best to ensure that anyone who likes your video or followers can feel appreciation. Be honest with your followers and try to make content that is good and entertaining for them, and by doing this, they will be likely to stay with you and be loyal followers who will get you a lot of likes.