Instagram is a photo and video-sharing application (it was this at least in the beginning). It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systromand was launched initially in October in iOS in the year 2010.

Later on after 2 years the Android version of this app was released. In this app, media is uploaded, edited with filters organized by hashtags and geographical tagging. One can post publicly or with pre-approved followers. You can also search for other content by location and tags. Users can like photographs and follow different persons to add their content to a feed. A function that is no longer in trend from September 2020.

In 2010’s Instagram was the 4th most downloaded app. Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo as of January 2020, is the most followed person on Instagram.
Below are the ways you can increase your followers.

  1. Firstly, make sure your close ones and other people know you’re on Instagram, share your username with them, and ask for their help to spread the word.
  2. Post Daily

    In 2017 a survey was conducted in which 100,000 were studied to understand how posting frequently affects interaction and follower growth. According to research, profiles that post seven or more times a week (or even once a day) get more followers and gain more likes; this is faster than those accounts that do not post frequently. The conclusion here is the more you post, the more likes and followers you gain.

  3. Go live, often

    Initially, Instagram was made for sharing photos, but new features like videos, live videos, and Stories, can also help gain followers. Brands can focus on creating new content to attract more folks to their page and also gain more followers than the average viewers of images.

    When you go live on Instagram, the people who follow you get the notification, and your story will appear right on the top of everyone’s account. This will help you know whether your followers are active or not.
    Most of the brands believe that stories and regular posts do help in increasing the followers.

  4. Use Hashtags

    The Trend of Hashtags is nowhere on social media as they are on Instagram. To make the best use of hashtags, you need to know which one to use where, and adding location tags can expose your content to a larger audience as your post would reach all the people living near that area. Instagram users don’t seem to get hashtag fatigue in the same way they might on other networks. The trend of Hashtags is so in a fashion that you can follow a Hashtag now! So hashtags could be your smartest choice for overgrowing on Instagram. These hashtags have opened up a wide variety of content options, from individual stories of digital nomads to social media tips from marketers.

    TrackMaven in 2016 studied that Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per post where nine Hashtags are enough for getting maximum attention to the content.

    There are various apps that help you pick hashtags for your pictures, like Display Purpose, AutoHash, and Focalmark. In Display Purpose or for the comments section purpose, you simply have to type in a few words about the image you are uploading, and you will be recommended the top hashtags that you should use.

  5. Share followers produced content

    The easiest way to think about this is: brands often take the best user content from the internet and feature it on their social media handle or other platforms meanwhile giving the creator credit for it. This not only shares the best content but attracts and motivates other content creators to create the best content to get featured.

    Many influencers on Instagram upload give away alerts. Interactions like these help in increasing followers and gaining attention.

  6. Collaboration

    Collaboration is a working practice whereby people cooperate for a typical reason to accomplish business benefits. Collab on Instagram is either partnership or sponsors, promoting each other.

    You would have noticed one thing that is going on nowadays; the influencers are recently posting pictures and tagging Daniel Wellington’s account by sponsoring their products. This has made Daniel Wellington gain approximately 200 million followers by using this trick. As soon as influencers tag or use a hashtag sponsoring a brand, their followers will check the page and follow it.

  7. Golden hour of Posting

    There is no such best time of posting, but every creator has its own time to post when their audience is most active Tools like Buffer or Iconosquare can be used for Business so that you may know the best time to post using your Instagram data. These apps are helpful if you have a private account on Instagram and, thereby, no access to Instagram Insights.

  8. Data analytics

    One of the key ways to grow your Instagram following is to know what your followers likes and dislikes.

    How do you know what your followers like? Instagram Insights and other apps provide the data for you to understand which post of yours is the most liked or disliked by your followers.

  9. Interact with followers

    A great idea is to interact with followers by either replying or liking their comments that they have made on your posts. It’s good to appreciate them by commenting back and knowing what your followers feel about your content. It’s an effective way of getting more followers.

  10. Buy likes and followers

    One can always get fake or paid followers through various apps or through Instagram itself. These fake or paid followers may increase your count for and will help you get the attention you need. Buying likes may not sound like an excellent idea at the start because it does not have a long-lasting effect. You have to focus on both these things simultaneously; first, buy real likes and followers, and the second one is to try to make your content better and more relatable.


Following the above guidelines will help you increase your followers and will help you achieve your dream of being an influencer. Just remember it takes time for good things, but it is all worth it in the end.