Instagram can be very useful in turning likes into sales and help people notice your business. According to data, Instagram has 1 billion monthly users. A lot of brands are trying to get to interact with the Instagram Community. Please don’t care about the numbers; care about the Instagrammers instead, as they are the ones who will promote your page further. And if you start caring about your customers, numbers will increase automatically.

Once you start posting high definition and appropriate pictures on Instagram, your followers will tend to take up your message, deprived of a hard sales pitch from your side. This can be called your magic spell to attract customers without even selling products to them. If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry; we are here with you. Here are some ways to convert your likes into sales:

1. Set up your business account

Make sure to keep your account and business account separate. Remember, marketing is always about the audience, so try not to make it about yourself on your business account. Because honestly, no one cares about your selfies and pictures from your trip. Such things should be posted on your account. As they are not related to your business, these things won’t get you sales.

Don’t be so active on your business account; post in a fixed interval so that there is an anticipation within your regular, loyal, and trusted customers regarding the next announcement. Here is the summary of how to use your professional account to make it appropriate for greater consumer appeal:

  • Incorporate a link in your accounts’ bio

    Your bio is only a place where the link can be clicked. The bio is located under your name. Include the link to your online store.

  • Set up a consistent and recognizable name and profile picture

    Your Instagram will be an utter waste if your name and profile picture doesn’t represent your brand. This is the initial step to get sales. Be recognized. Opt for a name and profile picture that represents your business and brand.

    Keep it consistent. Please don’t change it now and then. A thumbnail of your profile picture will follow every engagement and interaction on Instagram. Make it professional and recognizable.

  • Write an informative bio that should catch the attention of the followers

    A person has to click on your profile before following you. Keep in mind that the last thing they see before exiting your profile must be an attractive bio. The bio must promise little content and value you will add in their feed once they start following you. Add a little bit of an idea of your business and its name.

2. Create popular IG posts according to the users’ interest

There is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, so let’s adhere to this saying and make our Instagram an excellent place for the brand. We, humans, tend to prefer pictures over anything. Fun fact: 90% of our information is transmitted in the form of images.

So, start posting high-quality pictures to increase sales. Instagram is full of people who love to shop but keep in mind; it is not a shopping destination. Here’s how not to anger your followers:

  • Avoid hard-selling to appeal to IG’s social culture

    Sometimes the customers are influenced by social media when deciding a purchase. At the same time, the number of influencers that use the trademark’s social media drive 40% of the people. So, your trademark has a lot of scope on Instagram.

  • Promote your products with professional photos

    The trademark’s pictures have been important to online shopping, and Instagram’s virtual platform takes its power to the next level. Many people take detailed pictures to be a lot more valuable than normal pictures.
    Instagram is a platform that runs traffic that turns it into sales.

    Assume that your trademark is on social media, for instance, Instagram. All you have to do is build a culture and relationship with your followers. Do that correctly, and watch your followers come up to you when they have made up their minds, as they are already connected to your brand.

  • Size your photos for excellent expert-like quality

    Please consider not to crop the picture awkwardly or use blurred pictures, representing the lack of professionalism.

    Keep this thing in mind; your pictures should reflect professionalism. Which directly means high quality. A safe assumption for making it high quality is to resolve twice as it was before.

  • You can use Instagram’s editing tools to be unique

    Many pictures are posted on Instagram daily. With a lot of virtual competition, you have to post attractive pictures, or else your post will be ignored, and you will start losing likes.

    Before posting pictures, Instagram offers some ways to edit pictures, including filters that you can use according to the pictures’ mood. Just stay regular so that your pictures can fit in the recent trends and your trademark’s style.

    You have to decide what looks the best (because your judgment matters the most). But whenever you get indecisive, some filters attract 1000 followers on average. You can refer to studies and surveys for such things.

    Pro tip: Use different colors in your picture.

  • Offer promotion and announcements to your followers

    Hype up your followers feed into special offers and announcements. Many free apps let you decide the font of the text, where to position the text, and in the end, making it an attractive promo.

3. Reach out to a massive Instagram following

Posting a picture is important but not enough. You require planning to get people to look at you and even get them to follow you. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Incorporate hashtags to broaden your visibility

    IG feed changes quickly, and your content/ posts can get lost easily. Hashtags are the solution to that. It helps your post to get bundled up in someone’s feed by a common name. And by adding hashtags, you can increase the life of your post.

  • Make your hashtags

    Extreme popularity digits are not necessarily great. Tagging your picture with mainstream hashtags, you get lost in the ocean of content. Make a different, picture specific and unique, so that it will shorten the community. Plus, the hashtags you will use will be different, so maybe you can influence people to use your hashtags.

  • Select five hashtags to make your posts look good

    A smart way to incorporate hashtags without trash is by posting the tags in the comment section after posting the picture.

Grow engagement Instagram to tighten the customer-seller relationship

So, you have undoubtedly shared good content and grown a good following, but how to convert your followers into loyal ones?

By engaging

By closing the difference between the seller and customer, you will convert the normal followers into trusted ones. IG gives the alternative to strengthen your consumer aid, get immediate response from buyers, and establish connections that convert your followers into devoted shoppers. Here are some ways to do that:

Write Active, Inviting Captions

Your pictures are a jewel of your Instagram posts. Still, without a beneficial caption, you might not be able to obtain the total capacity of engagement and reaction from your followers.

Numerous trademarks comprise an easy, immediate problem to give that additional request that opens up discussions regarding your post.

Exercise the skill of caption writing. Don’t reiterate what’s in the image, but intensify it.

Your followers look at the picture, skim through your caption, and find a completely varied aspect that compels them to take a closer glance at the picture once more.

Please make sure not to make captions too lengthy, or users will ignore them. Be immediate and fascinating enough to grab attention, make them think, and get them to contribute.

5. Measure your Instagram success to continue growing

The sense is to keep luring recent consumers. The only path to proceed to make use of your Instagram and retain development is to take the time to evaluate your achievements, study your followers, and reiterate the content which is helping.

Tools enable you to exhibit the important information to contemplate when you are assessing your Instagram accomplishment.

  • Tracing Your Reciprocity to search faithful followers and shoppers

    This indicates to you which of your followers interacts with your trademark more extensively. See the digits on who’s liking your posts, tagging, and commenting.

    But would you do that?
    To proceed to appeal to your negotiators and receive more investments from them, you need to identify them. Offering shout-outs enhances your connection with these important customers.

  • Trail Density to make use of Your Posting Schedule

    This metric notifies you of the days and moments your followers most normally commit with your posts.


Recollecting that Instagram’s civic nature helps to improve the more immaterial characteristics of transactions, such as customer allegiance, name capital, and lifetime user significance.

The community and federations of your trademark are barely as significant as your commodities, and Instagram is the way to expand that trademark personality. Soon, consumers will be coming up to you, not the other way.