If you want to search for something, social media is one of the best platforms to give you the right thing. Instagram is currently one of the most used social media apps that provide you plenty of choices for your every search. When you search for the hashtag “vegan” on Instagram, you are sure to get many results that seem to be never-ending. Being a vegan is just incredible. The vegan superstars of Instagram prove this thoroughly. Why eat animals when you have a lot of colorful, dashing, and yummy plant-recipes.

If you are vegan too and are a social media user, the vegan superstars of Instagram have likely influenced you. This article will make your journey to a meaningful vegan life much more comfortable, as we are giving you 6 Instagram account names that need to be followed.

1. Radhidevlukia

Radhika Devlukia is among one of the most followed vegan superstars on Instagram. She has more than 840,000 followers on Instagram. Being a vegan inspiration for many, Radhi firmly believes that we digest the suffering and the pain that an animal has gone through when consuming animals on the plate. She is vegetarian by birth but has chosen to be a pure vegan eleven years ago.

You would be amazed and feel blessed to try the most amazing vegan recipes mentioned on her account. Being vegan is not just a part of eating, but more importantly, it is a part of living. You chose to live happily by not making others suffer for your sense of gratification. She has studied nutrition and dietetics in college and loves what she is sharing with the world. Her colorful and healthy recipes are sure to give you a detailed description of her love for animals and plants.
I assure you that you will not regret following her and getting into a happy living.

2. Genesis butler

I must say that I have learned to love animals from her. Genesis butler is an animal rights advocate since age ten only. You might have also seen a TEDx talk where she speaks about how love for animals and being vegan can heal the planet. Being one of the youngest TEDx speakers, she has completely changed the meaning of healthy eating for many, including me.

Genesis is now of age 14 and has started her non-profit organization named genesis for the animals. This organization aims to collect and raise funds for building and nurturing the animal sanctuaries in the world. Butler has been appreciated with numerous awards like Animal Hero Kids’ Sir paul McCarteny Young Veg Advocate awards and many other awards for her animal advocacy. Her only aim is to make people vegan as much as possible. She is a high school freshman currently but aims to become a veterinary doctor to care for the animals at her sanctuaries.

She tells us we should “LIVE KINDLY.” I really recommend you to follow and inspire as many people as possible to follow this account so that our mother earth can live in harmony.

3. Joey carbstrong

Joey Carbstrong is a fantastic vegan superstar. His story of turning vegan is a lot inspiring to many. He has spent almost six months in prison and his life turned upside down in 2013. When he came out of prison, he became sober and decided to live life peacefully. He believes in living and letting others life peacefully. The compassion he carries now results from his life that has seen many sincere plight of animals during his violent gang times. He says he had lived a life that can empathize with the animals suffering in the factory where they are brutally killed for the mere satisfaction of hunger. “I want to change the mentality of the people who think eating an animal is fun,” he adds.

His account on Instagram comes with really inspiring posts and stories that can change one’s mentality to shift to vegan. He’s truly a source of inspiration for vegan followers like me. I strongly recommend you follow his account.

4. Donny Oberoi

He has an Instagram account named “vegan_as_fvck.” He is a vegan activist who have quitted eating animals four years ago, the reason being his health. Going vegan was firstly a part of his health journey that soon took the shape of inspiration and source of living for him which he is spreading whole-heartedly to the whole world. His actions carry a specific message to let others live in harmony as we all are one species living, residing, and breathing on mother earth. Oberoi’s organisation makes hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, and many other similar products, all for dogs.

All the stories and posts that he covers on his isntagram account are inspiring and have a higher purpose for humanity. This marks a noble cause. The ten percent of what he earns goes towards various human and animal organizations- all for a good reason. Since then, he is acting as an inspiration for many. I recommend you follow this account on Instagram.

5. Izzi Von Kohler

Her Instagram account has the name @princessoftheunicorns. She’s vegan for ten years and has been giving the whole world the precious gift of nature’s nutrition by being a plant-based fitness guru. You can follow her up to see many creative and new vegan recipes that will drive you to become much healthier than before. She spent her early years in retail management and then went through a tough breakup. After that, she decided to be healthy and look strong. She immediately hired a trainer and joined the gym, and now she’s sharing the same gift that she received a few years back with the world. She is an inspiration for a vegan and one who wants to be a vegan.

6. Berto Calkins:

He has an Instagram account by the name @whatsgoodberto. He is a youtube video creator and a heart-core vegan who emphasizes being a vegan. He’s a personal trainer and a certified yoga instructor. On his Instagram page, you can easily find delicious and healthy vegan eats and recipes. His colorful vegan recipes bring a lot of fun to the standard way of eating. You would be immensely benefited by following his Instagram account.


All the Instagram accounts mentioned in this article are sure to provide you with a deep craving for being a vegan and living a healthy life. These vegan superstars of Instagram have proved that being vegan is not just a diet but also a part of living that is kind and full of love.