Apart from serving intense competition in the real world, women have also settled substantial grounds online on social media platforms as both marketers and consumers. More than half the world is online, and females make a significant percentage of these, even outnumbering men on many popular social media platforms like Instagram.

In general, women are more social than men, rationalizing their more active approach to social media. Unlike men, they are vocal and expressive, using social media not just for business but for social communication as a whole. But, there are, like any other aspect, platforms that are more popular among females than the rest. The articles bring you the top social media platforms among women today, both popular and not so popular ones.

The Popular Platforms

Below are some well-known and widely used platforms across the globe, with more active female participation than men. These platforms are directed towards talents, trends, etc., emphasizing individuality in general.


With females accounting for more than 61% of total users, Snapchat is becoming wildly popular among women around the world.

Snapchat is a mobile application allowing its users to share videos and pictures to a controlled list of contacts. But that’s not the exciting part. The fact that these videos or ‘snaps’ are only temporarily available and fade after a couple of seconds of a person viewing them is the highlight of the platform.

Women highly prefer texts over other means of communication, and Snapchat offers precisely that, just that it has more impressive features that improve the whole experience in the way one interacts. In recent years, it has also been highly explored as a potential dating site. It allows easy browse through other Snapchat profiles and lets you communicate with the dating prospects in a fun and exciting way.

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The block option furthermore makes the platforms much safer for women, especially young women.

There is also a creative side to using Snapchat, which is in line with what women are, highly creative beings. Snapchat lets women get imaginative and artistic with their snaps, featuring a multitude of tools to embed everything from drawings to filters and emojis onto the pictures.

The high-end privacy on who has access to their Snapchats and personal life makes the platform more viable for female usage. It lets women share the moment in a space that is special to them.


Termed as a visual discovery engine, Pinterest is definitely one of the most popular and useful social media platforms for women. The entire concept of the platforms is curated in ways that most naturally attract women more than men. The users can share, explore and save pins with others around the web.

There are multiple features that allow people to access boards, save pins from public pinboards of other people, and even follow people with similar tastes and aesthetics. Women can access a great deal of inspiration and information in easy formats, from recipes to home décor ideas, fashion, beauty, aesthetics, and more.

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The interface is user-friendly and also has a warm community, ideal for women. The feed shows up results based on individual interest and their search history, making the whole experience worthwhile.

The platform is seemingly on its way to become a healthy community for marketers and consumers, with products focused primarily on the female section of society.


Women today are more opinionated than ever, or to state it correctly, ‘more unrestricted on presenting opinions.’ Twitter comes into play for that precise purpose.

This microblogging and social networking site allows people to put up views in text format known as ‘tweets’ and the ability to share other people’s tweets known as ‘retweets.’

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Twitter helps women to easily communicate their views, thoughts, and information with the world, presenting them with millions of potential educated and knowledgeable audiences. Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is known to provide women a healthy alternative to raise their voice against issues and present opinions without having to face naïve judgment.

With billions of users, Twitter has become one of the leading social media platforms worldwide and continues to soar with its user-friendly and informed interacting front. The community on Twitter opens doors for rational and strong women from different backgrounds to address issues and concerns that most women are deprived of and even bring in new opportunities for them to grow as marketers.


Women are highly social beings, and with the rising popularity of Instagram, the community is headed this way. There are, on average, more active females users on Instagram than men on a daily basis.

Instagram is among the leading platforms, with a multitude of exciting features for people of every age group. It allows users to share images, add thoughtful captions and opinions, share videos, reels and even go live interacting with their followers.

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What intrigues women is the highly functional setting of the app, customizing the feed and search result to meet their interests. There are a number of filters to choose from and options to share stories and posts with close friends, among many others.

Instagram is also relatively safe, with options to turn one’s profile private and the ability to control who can access the stories they put up. From beauty to music, science, and entertainment, Instagram has something for everyone willing to explore.

Women make up a significant percentage of consumers of online products promoted on the platform, impelling brands and authorities to improve interactions and make the platform appealing to their female audience time and again.


Women are more likely to outnumber men when given an option to explore a social media platform to interact and share experiences. Such as they did on TikTok.

Tiktok is a wildly popular video-sharing social networking service that allows its users to interact purely in a video-based format. The idea behind the platform is to let people explore and have fun with short videos, and therefore the fact that teens and women make up a large proportion as both audience and creators must come as no surprise.

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Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there is an authentic and relatable side to TikTok. There is a little importance to perfection, and it is instead focused on letting people explore their artsy and fun aspects, mostly through music and dance.

With females counting up to more than 60% of its total users, the platform is thriving with new updates and features for its users. There are ceaseless possibilities when it comes to videos, and TikTok lets women break all the societal stereotypes with their bold and powerful messages.

The Not So Talked About Platforms

Below are a couple of ‘Not so popular’ platforms that are great for women of all ages. These sites lean on the knowledge and discussion front as a community, unlike the popular platforms mentioned above, which focus more on socializing as an individual.

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Motherhood is a significant part of every woman’s life but is often not talked about enough. This social networking site provides women with a safe and reliable space to discuss parenting issues. The site features a number of groups for topics ranging from relationships to kitchen, kids, and whatnot.

One can maintain a journal, share their experience and even participate in polls and surveys. The platform is ideal for women looking for friendly advice while creating a community relation with many other women facing similar difficulties.


This site is primarily focused on young women and their topics of interest. It is a community where women can play games, interact, gossip, and share tips on beauty hacks, recipes, and other womanly tips. The discussion panels can range anywhere from news, entertainment, politics, fitness, weddings, jokes, and so much more.

One can create a blog, homepage, groups, and add reviews to earn sugar points, all that while creating a safe space for themselves to discuss topics.


It is one of the oldest sites on the list, serving women with the best user experience and information. This site lets you create a profile, blogs, groups and share experience, images, and videos with your friends on the site.

There are endless message boards, including almost every topic one might think of, whether it’s beauty or a life hack. The site’s prime attraction is its section on dating, shopping, and online courses, curated especially for women.


Women have always looked for spaces that provide them with safe and efficient ways to network in society. They have been excluded from the rationale and crucial conversations for the longest time, and it’s an era of change. Social media is a great tool, and when used well, it can vastly help women across the globe establish themselves.

Building a community of passionate and independent women comes above everything else, and many social media platforms are competing to attract this significant section of society with practices assisting precisely that. It will be interesting to note how women pace forward with more opportunities and a strong voice in this online world. Happy Scrolling!