Amidst the chaos and race of daily life, what man seeks to find solace in is a cup of coffee served with some witty advice that has no contradiction.

Over the years, Twitter has evolved as the center ruled by the wise. A go-to center to find all your daily dose of news, official updates, banters, and even revolutionary ideas. One particular topic (and our area of interest) is life advice gurus who have found the liking of the thousands. With their crisp banters and witty questions, the advice gurus on Twitter have a fair share of consumers feeding off their posts.

A few words (precisely 280 characters) may or may not turn your life upside down, but they can surely give you thoughts to ponder on. Here are the top 20 (listed in no particular order) life gurus on Twitter who are creating motivational ripples in the readers’ minds.

Our top 20 rankers

Covering a wide range of topics serving no particular niche, these lifestyle gurus have something to say about every issue that catches their attention. Here are top accounts that share with you a few words (maybe not!) of wisdom (definitely).

  1. @TEDTalks

    From climate to career, from business to health goals, from literature psychology: @TEDTalks covers it all. They mostly include redirecting along with small previews to pique the interest of their millions of followers. ‘Spreading ideas to help better the future’ in their words, the tweets are interesting and engaging.

  2. @tinybuddha

    A one-stop place to find motivational quotes collected from the wise around the world. Discover heart-provoking and questioning thoughts accompanied by graphics. Click in to find simple wisdom for those who are living complex lives and find a new dimension to the daily struggles that you desperately want to avoid.

  3. @InspiringThinkn

    An author by profession, Roy T. Bennett, does have his way around words. Just looking at the tweets gives you a glimpse of his style. Motivational quotes lending scenarios from daily struggles and setbacks, the words engulf you into a deep thought resonating with what the mind earns for.

  4. @Forbes

    Similar to work in line with the @TEDTalks, the @forbes also covers broad topics. Though these topics are related to the news coverage, the tweets help you gather current affairs (and in-demand affairs) in just 140 characters.

  5. @pickTheBrain

    Mostly including redirects to the official website, the platform dedicates itself with the focus of motivating, increasing productivity, and hence, self-education. A life blog that has won many laurels, you can find bits of information that can be relevant to you and your fellows.

  6. @simonsinek

    With the motto of inspiring people, @simonsinek shells out words that tug the heart. Say, for example, ‘The bad news is we are our own worst enemies. The good news is we are our own best hope.’ And if this isn’t magical, then what is? Click to find many more tweets that look at daily life situations in a new light.

  7. @idillionaire

    Believing in the power of words to build thoughts and eventually build better lives, @idillionaire spreads positivity around the air with her way with the words. Quotes that reflect optimism and self-worth are the crux of her tweets.

  8. @1000lifehacks

    Life hacks worth looking out for. From a series that has crossed 1000, you can find pieces where you can effectively recall your own experiences. Others come across as funny thoughts worth trying for later. Whatever it be, the hacks posted with bright, colorful backgrounds draw the eyes just to them!

  9. @goodquoteco

    With people sharing their series of quotes that have inspired them, the @goodquoteco forms a common arena to bring together these beautiful words to the users. With thoughts regarding nature and its bounties, the one-liners sure make us pause and think about what our future awaits for us?

  10. @fearlessmotivat

    A typical site with content that screams out motivation, @fearlessmotivat does not put it subtly. The words carried on dark graphics inspire you to take charge and create your destiny rather than sulking around waiting for things to fall in place.

  11. @AdamMGrant

    A speaker at TEDTalks, author, and psychologist tweets things that are not there to give you solace but rather to prop you up and push ourselves beyond the virtual boxes we have created for ourselves. Addressing issues from vaccines to setbacks in life, the words help you envision a different approach to the same scenario.

  12. @zen_habits

    Get inspired by the Zen and cultivate habits with the help of an expert. Steer your life towards a better direction with these simple life goals that end with greater results.

  13. @ALOProductivity

    As the name suggests, the post heavily relies on words that motivate you yielding greater productivity. Every aspect that comes under the umbrella, from mental health to goals, is discussed in detail in the redirects.

  14. @JamesClear

    Author with a knack for words, James Clear shares blinding words that stare back at you. With thoughts that proceed, the tweets shared by him will surely motivate you to think differently.

  15. @brainpicker

    With questions and answers, her tweets call out to her hundreds of followers to implore what may be beyond what is seen. Serving quotes as well as links guiding to external sources, her tweets are interesting and informative.

  16. @RealTouchingPic

    Not exactly motivational words, but yes 1000 words rolled beautifully into one illustration. It is true that a perfectly clicked picture can hind in itself thousands of words. Here is a collection of tweets that spin together images that speak louder than words.

  17. @FreakyTheory

    Another one curating motivational content, the @FreakyThoeory also has an assorted collection of quotes and anecdotes that sets apart things from being logical to being practical.

  18. @Motivation2stud

    Yes, it does stand for motivation to study, but the quotes are universal. The witty one-liners like ‘Don’t look back, you are not going that way’ reflect the mental strength that a student should build irrespective of which path it is currently pursuing.

  19. @ConanOBrien

    If someone is searching for a witty one-liner, find your stop here. Read through thousands of posts that will leave you in splits of laughter with their quirkiness and sharpness.

  20. @billionair_key

    A collection of words of wisdom, find one that will touch your spirits from it. Some borrowed, mostly original, the simple banter by the host fits perfectly with the simple thinking and demands of the people. Follow to get notified on new gems of wisdom.


Talking on a range of topics, most tweets generally include links or bios redirecting the users to the main page. Others include retweets or simple banters. But whatever it be, your steaming cup of hot coffee has a company just a click away!