We are blessed to be born in a digital era, fast track technology in a fast-moving world. You can get great tips on any related matter in a matter of a few seconds, be it health, finance, or investment tips. Consistently revamping and unfolding the world has transformed the current scenario of investments. Unlimited opportunities are knocking on the door due to persistent fluctuations in the market. However, to keep a track of the latest fads and updates has become quite easier now. Though it’s a very important question to follow for financial guidance and money management tips.

There are some very fantastic experts out there on Twitter, who have expertise in various subjects like from investing advice to living on a budget. Investors keep looking to gain an edge on the markets and digital media platforms have become a key place for important information. Twitter stands out as a source of alerts, tips and news which guides and prepares investors regarding the market and trading decisions and trends.

Twitter is the essential integral part of investing for some finance observers and that is likely to be more authentic now than ever before. Over a while, it has been observed the emergence of finance twitter celebs, companies have started sharing big news on Twitter.

Based on financial experts opinion some Twitter accounts have been finalised which can offer great tips to the average investor. Most of them are analysts or financial experts with a good track record of substantial guidance at all times.

Here are some of the top money management Twitter accounts you can follow to keep updated on the latest trends across the globe and get benefitted.

  1. @ReformedBroker

    Downtown Josh Brown @ReformedBroker the CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management has crowned. He has been followed by thousands because of his integrity, approximately 100k followed him. Till today his fan following reached over 1million. His comments ‘ quality is versatile and covers a large area of society and even he comments on the growth of the company’s economy. In addition, he used his power of comments to influence the world of Twitter.

    Follow @ ReformedBroker

  2. @Earn: for individuals who are on a tight budget

    Short-income investors can get benefitted by following Earn, they focus on assisting individuals who are earning just about average and create wealth, and their suggestions are great for anyone who has financial limitations and living a tightfisted life and for people who want to create prosperity.

    Follow @Earn

  3. @Manisha Thakor: for the latest investing news

    Needless to say, the investment decision is very important and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Here come the financial experts like Manisha Thakor, who recommend appropriate tips to improve your investment profile. Manisha writes helpful articles which enables you to understand the recent trends. If you are keen to comprehend how to invest your hard-earned money, follow Manisha for proper guidance.

    Follow @Manisha Thakor

  4. @TheBillfold: for real-life stories

    The Billfold tweets are considered trustworthy and you can rely upon the tips they give through their post. Utilising catchy real stories from personal life grab your attention and compel you to reevaluate your financial predicament.

    Follow @TheBillfold

  5. @CNBC: for financial news channel

    One of the most popular financial news channels provides real-time business data and information to approx 385 million people all over the world. CNBC’s 15-hour live content delivers great insights and financial tips to the investors and trading experts as well.

  6. @Stockwits: for trading related information

    StockTwits is a live Twitter feed that enables investors from worldwide to share their analysis about the stock market and the latest trends of trading. This account’s Twitter feed has such threads of tweets. All over the world, investors get benefited from their in-depth knowledge and deep knowledge about the stock market.

    Follow @Stockwits

  7. @bespokeinvest: for easy to read reports

    The bespoke investment group is a well established and most reputable Wall Street research company. Their website serves the users the easy-to-read reports and you can follow them for cues on Twitter for fresh trends and stories.

    Follow @bespokeinvest

  8. @WSJmarkets: for real-time market news

    Wall Street Journal doesn’t need any introduction, all around the world, but not many people know that their several Twitter feeds there is one account and that is @WSJmarkets, that delivers real-time market reports as and when it happens.

    Follow @WSJmarkets

  9. @IBDinvestors: for new trade ideas

    One of the most respected daily publications for the individual investor is Investor Business Daily. Their Twitter feeds deeply analyses and focuses on the current trade situation and worthy tips to enhance the financial condition.

    Follow @IBDinvestors

  10. @Stephanie_Link: for his Action Alerts Plus

    You will certainly appreciate the offerings of Stephanie Link if you are an ardent admirer of Jim Cramer. Stephanie was a former director of research for his charitable trust, Action Alerts Plus. She has contributed a lot to CNBC and a creative contributor on Twitter. Investors can get benefitted by following her and learning great financial insights and trade tips.

    Follow @ Stephanie_ Link

  11. @WSJDealJournal: for private equity and mergers and acquisitions

    The Wall Street Journal’s other feed is WSJDealJournal. If you are keen on mergers and acquisitions this is a tremendous article for you. This money management account provides deep knowledge of financial news and analysis on initial public offerings and private equity activities too.

    Follow @WSJDealJournal

  12. @nytimebusiness: for best financial feeds

    One of the notable Twitter accounts for money management is The New York Times business delivers every minute detail, market activities and several other important events. Reporting for financial news is a competitive business, so it is always good to have various best feeds and be updated about the stock market.

    Follow @nytimesbusiness

  13. @gogirlfinance: For write-ups, you will come back to

    As I go through my Twitter feed during the day, I come across some of the important articles that I want to spend some more time on. Most of them are from GoGirl Finance. Please follow to keep yourself abreast with the site’s latest posts, as well as some outstanding finance reads from around the web.

    Follow @gogirlfinance

  14. @MoneyUnder30: specifically for 20-Somethings

    As we all have heard on this million-dollar advice to start saving and investing early so that you’re all set for a much more guaranteed and solid financial future. But with a recuperating jobs market and record levels of student loan debt, millennials face exceptional tests in managing their financial planning. If you’re going through this yourself, follow Money Under 30 for advice.

    Follow @MoneyUnder30

  15. @CreditExperts: For All Things Credit

    Follow Credit.com to get the latest advice on managing your credit, right from wiping out popular credit misconceptions to debating credit report mistakes. If you’re just trying to ascertain the credit, or working to improve your score, or even simply studying for answers to your questions, certainly you’ll learn something from these informative tweets.

    Follow @CreditExperts

  16. @LearnVest: For the whole information at one Place

    Right from the recent trends in retirement savings to basic budgeting tips and individual stories, LearnVest has something for everybody. My favourite? The tip of the day. If you follow only one of these professionals, make it this one.

    Follow @LearnVest

  17. @BreakoutStocks: for keeping track of stocks

    TopBreakoutStocks.com created the @BreakoutStocks Twitter broadcast. They diligently keep track of the stocks which are demonstrating a change in an unprecedented rate and volume or sometimes both.

    Follow @BreakoutStocks

  18. Joe Weisenthal@TheStalwart: for real-time news

    Real-time news lets you know and understand what the new government brings good for You and Your Money, Understand how today’s business procedures, tax strategies, market dynamics and more impact you with real-time news and analysis from MarketWatch.

    Our quick stock market data and understandings will help you take action immediately irrespective of your knowledge or experience in finance. The Bloomberg editor Joe Weisenthal @The stalwart is one of the few top people in raising awareness towards finance on Twitter.

    Follow @TheStalwart


This article suggests the most well-known money management accounts on Twitter. Investors can follow these accounts and be updated about the market and trading trends, get expert commentary, trade chat, seek guidance and much more. Needless to say, the benefits are immense of following and using the tips in trading and investing in the stock market. These experienced individuals, some of the celebrities are market leaders and prominent personalities.
Certainly, you can follow them for guidance, useful tips to enhance your financial understanding and systematically grow your wealth. Analyzing their pointers anyone can get benefited by using the information shared by these accounts. Hopefully, this write-up will help you in gaining financial expertise and significant tips by following the prominent Twitter accounts and you can enjoy financial freedom in your journey.