Since the very beginning, Instagram has created billions of fitness models, fitness influencers, public figures, trainers, brands, expand the businesses, attract desired customers, promote and grow public image, and upload a wide variety of content. Instagram users dive into the endless pool of types to watch the latest videos, find the latest products, read motivational and inspirational quotes, read the news, and check out videos, photos, and much other content posted on various accounts, including the fitness influencers.

Fitness accounts are one of the most popular accounts on Instagram. Millions of people follow these accounts to follow effective workout to reduce and other information provided by fitness coaches, trainers, and fitness influencers. In this article, we will list the top five fitness influencers of Instagram.

Why Does the Fitness Account Receive Attention on Instagram?

Every individual who follows these fitness influencers tune in every day to witness follow-the-workout plans, eating habits, and staying fit and inspired. We keep track of every inspirational photo and video on these fitness accounts, get the motivation to exercise daily, consume healthy food, and eventually maintain a healthy routine and fit. The result not only boosts their confidence but also increases their inner joy and popularity.

Every fitness account provides perfect Vibes and energy instead of making others feel insecure and less confident about their bodies. For example, if an individual wakes up feeling less motivated and tired of thinking to spend the entire morning in his bed. Still, if he follows specific fitness influencers, the moment he logs in into his account, his feed will show him beautiful images of fitness models or healthy breakfasts. That can change his whole attitude about the day.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Instagram Fitness Account?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Instagram Fitness Account

Listed below are some of the few characteristics of a good Instagram fitness account:

1. Producing careful professional fitness content:

Fitness accounts tend to produce high-quality content. A common characteristic of the best fitness accounts is that they create workout photos, videos, and posts very carefully. Their content does not include pictures or videos of their crazy healthy meals or abs. These fitness accounts are managed by certified trainers, coaches, and trainers, by showcasing or introducing motivational workout content beneficial for viewers. As a result, their continent helps the viewers in developing a good shape and healthy lifestyle. However, they create high-quality photos and videos to meet their followers’ expectations as it is crucial for people who use Instagram.

2. Active Engagement with followers:

Actively engaging with users is yet another significant characteristic of the best Instagram fitness influencers. The fitness accounts that actively engage themselves with the users tend to show real concerns towards their followers and learn if the workout videos or photos are compelling. By maintaining the engagement rate, these fitness influencers also improve their performance and gain more popularity on Instagram. Since meeting their user’s needs and expectations, they receive more likes and comments, which increases their Instagram engagement rate.

3. Provide scientific information:

Best fitness accounts will provide a valid explanation based on scientific information that can improve lifestyle and help achieve fitness goals. By interacting with their users establishing communication with them, these fitness accounts create content that matches their followers’ needs and expectations. Some fitness accounts owners also demonstrate their workout instructions and routines by going live or by creating an IGTV video on Instagram. This method increases the follower’s ability to learn and enjoy this live session directly and express their queries and opinions.

Now that we have listed all the significant characteristics of the best fitness influencer, let’s introduce some of the best fitness accounts on Instagram.

Top 5 Best Fitness Accounts on Instagram

1. Venezuela Fitness Influencer- Michelle Lewin:

Michelle Lewin is a Venezuela model and a famous bodybuilder and fitness model on Instagram with approximately 13 million followers. She has also written some books on fitness, such as “The Hot Body Diet.” In this book, she has shared her tips and thoughts on getting a toned and hot body. She has also been featured by many popular fitness magazines like DSS and Women’s Health.

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2. American Fitness Model- Jen Selter:

Jen Selter is a highly successful 27-year-old fitness model who has established herself as a prevalent fitness model on this platform with approximately 13 million Instagram followers. She posts motivational and inspirational fitness videos, photos, and lifestyle ideas combined with beneficial fitness tips. Jen first began her fitness journey as a teenager and quickly rose to fame because of her booty exercise plans. Ever since that, her followers have been rapidly growing because of a strong presence and engagement rate. She also has successful accounts on other platforms suggest Twitter and YouTube. Apart from that, she had also received Health and Fitness Influencer of the Year in 2018.

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3. BBG Program Creator – Kayla Itsines:

Kayla Itsines is a highly followed personal trainer on Instagram. She is a 29-year-old author and fitness trainer with approximately 12 million followers on Instagram. She is also known as the BBG Program Creator and has also accumulated 400 million dollars. She is also known for her famous books such as “The Bikini Habits Guide and Motivation,” “The Healthy Lifestyle and Eating Plan,” “The Bikini Body Help.” Her workout and meal planning apps are also available. Time magazine has introduced her as one of the 30 most influential people on social media.

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4. Extremely Fit Influencer- Ulisses Jr.:

Ulisses Jr. Also has one of the most followed fitness Instagram accounts with approximately 8 million followers. He is an incredibly fit certified trainer who provided his followers with workout programs and meal plans to help them get fat and stay in shape. You can see lots of shirtless photos of this bodybuilder on his Instagram account, and he is very popular for his eight-pack abs. He has also won many famous bodybuilding competitions.

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5. Instagram Bodybuilder Influencer: Simeon Panda:

Simeon Panda is also a highly active fitness influencer on Instagram as well as YouTube. He has approximately 7 million followers, who highly enjoy his motivational post and training programs. He has also participated in many bodybuilding competitions as a competitor and as a judge. He has also won the European Championship in the year 2013. After gaining massive popularity on Instagram, he has also launched a clothing line. He is one of the most successful professional fitness influencers in the fitness and weight lifters world.

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When we talk about fitness and health, Instagram is an excellent platform for finding inspirational and motivational content to stay fit and in shape. Even as a brand, Instagram is a great platform to promote and introduce your goods and services and improve your visibility. Many fitness influencers and experts have leveraged their tools to connect with many users and followers. All you have to do is identify the best influencer for you.

Instagram also provides numerous markets from fitness to beauty influencers and even cooking. You are quite sure to find what you are looking for. It’s essential to keep a record of various fitness accounts on social media with so many options. The list mentioned above of the five best fitness influencers is not exhaustive. There are many other credible fitness influencers you can consider.