Being an influencer is something many people want to do, and that’s why it’s becoming more difficult to become one as there is an extremely competitive market that challenges you every day. Beauty influencers are among the highest-earning influencers who have paved their way to success by sharing their tips on makeup, skincare, hair, and any beauty-related topic.

A decade ago, influencer was a strange word, and many beauty influencers were emerging without any difficulty. But with changing times, you have to show true dedication and efforts to become a beauty influencer. For this reason, it’s crucial to have an effective strategy to give your influencer career a boost. But this is possible with a strategy to build an audience on Instagram and show the hottest brands your amazing beauty skills.

Tips on How to Become a Beauty Influencer On Instagram

1. Find your niche in makeup and beauty

To become a beauty influencer, you have to decide your niche as beauty is a broad notion, and you can cover many different areas. Some influencers were already professional makeup artists, while some shared content related to skincare.

For this, start with thinking about what you are best with? Are you good with makeup? Have you created a product that works wonders on the skin ? Or are DIY beauty tips your specialty? While there are no boundaries while becoming an influencer, it’s best to start with something you’re already great at.

You can share images or videos related to your beauty tips or makeup on Instagram. While posting on Instagram, try to keep the posts short and pay more attention to the imagery. You can also team up your blog or any channel on Instagram.

2. Show your passion for makeup and beauty

If you want to build an audience and work with top beauty brands, it’s important to show your passion for makeup and beauty on social media. You can do this in many ways, either by sharing your immense knowledge of beauty products and skincare on Instagram or by showcasing your brilliant makeup skills online.

3. Staying updated with the trends

For any influencer to make their mark on Instagram, it’s vital to remain updated with the recent trends. Along with featuring recent trends on your Instagram account, walking that extra mile to find worthwhile trends can also aid your fan-building process. The key is to stay active and on top of the ongoing trends to stay ahead in the game.

4. Stay Consistent

While it’s a great practice to implement your beauty knowledge outside of Instagram, such as on your own website, Facebook page, etc., it’s crucial to maintain a consistent presence on Instagram. Because most of the top beauty brands will find you on Instagram.

Every year, most marketers plan a separate budget to spend on Instagram campaigns. That means in order to let the hottest brands find you, you need to keep showing up. To build an audience and keep featuring in everyone’s feed, you can try the following tips :

  • Use relevant hashtags to get found on Instagram. You can use all great specific hashtags on your posts that are highly relevant for makeup, beauty, and skincare.
  • Collaborating with other beauty influencers is also a great option. For this, you can join them in a live video, share a video on their timeline, or run a joint giveaway.
  • Another tip is to comment on beauty influencers and brand’s posts. Engage with them so that more people can discover you.
  • Make a posting schedule and post consistently on Instagram so that people don’t forget about your account.

5. Keep it original and flaunt your own style

As we all know, authenticity is inevitable. With so much competition and millions of users on Instagram, you should stand out from the crowd to get noticed. That’s where your unique personality will help you. Think about what makes you unique from the rest. It could be your different and easy way to apply makeup or skills with DIY beauty hacks. Whatever trait makes you different, make sure you highlight it in your posts and make it your “unique selling point” or USP. This way your favourite brands will find you to work with them as a beauty influencer.

6. Bring freshness to your posts

It’s often advised to influencers to identify a niche and stick to it, but many makeup influencers end up making the mistake of only posting videos of makeup tutorials. It’s crucial to understand that since you’re an influencer, you’re a public figure and people want to see more of the aspects of your life. This way, your audience can relate more to you.

If you want your audience to follow, you show versatility in your posts. This could be what you do in your day, how you incorporate your skincare routine or any other aspect of your life. This will break the monotony of your Instagram account and will keep up the audience’s curiosity level.

7. Join Influencer community

There are many online communities to especially help influencers to collaborate with beauty brands. Such communities may help you take your influencer career to the next level and gain knowledge on how to make unique content with brands in exchange for money or products.

There are several ways in which beauty influencers can work with brands through a community. Working with these communities gives you direct access to leading brands. You can get paid in return for offering specific content.

Before collaborating with influencers, brands tend to look at specific metrics like engagement rate, number of followers, and overall content you publish on your account. Though the number of followers doesn’t play a huge role in this, many brands are aware of the fact that smaller accounts have more significant engagement rates than accounts with millions of followers.

8. Interact with other Beauty Influencers

Getting support is always crucial while building a career in influencing. You can get this support through interactions and collaboration with other beauty influencers and brands. In the case of a brand, if you’re using and showcasing their products for quite a time, you can reach out to them and ask for collaboration. This may look quite a bold and straightforward step to take, but there’s nothing at stake. The worst that can happen is that they will refuse to collaborate, and that’s it.

Not only you, but collaborating could be beneficial for the influencer you’re working with. You both can win over the audience with joint videos, live sessions, showing in each other’s podcasts, or any other opportunity that comes up. This way, you will get attention from your followers and their followers and vice versa. For a start, you can approach small influencers who are trying to build their audience as they will be easy to work with, and you’ll get experience before you come to an already established influencer.

9. Know your audience

The most crucial thing in becoming not just a beauty influencer but any other influencer is knowing your audience well. While this notion is quite vast and it’s impossible to please every person on your follower list. But you should have a general idea about what your audience wants to know.

Wrapping It Up!

Every beauty influencer dreams of having a crazy number of followers and their favorite beauty products being sent to them from the biggest brands. While this requires diligence and dedication but is undoubtedly possible with an effective social media strategy. With these 9 tips, you can pave your way to building a career as a beauty influencer.