Instagram is famous due to a broader spectrum of themes. Many influencers and Instagrammers are responsible for the success of it. Initially, one would go on Instagram to like amazing beautiful pictures of a dramatic landscape or some fitness model. Furthermore, one would search for images of beautiful models, birds, animals, flowers, and many more. Earlier, hashtags like #instapic, #flower, #animal were quite common.

Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. People find becoming rich more important than falling for high-quality edited pictures. The latter is done for luxury and desire, while the former is done to get a status in society.

People like following accounts with write-ups or thoughts for motivation, business-related ideologies, and now, even cryptocurrencies. It is a dramatic shift of people’s interest from colorful pictures to thought-provoking placards. Instagram has become a host for millions of unverified accounts. There are many cryptocurrency accounts on social media, but the right ones are pretty few.

There are millions of accounts on Instagram. Many are fake, and at the same time, many are genuine. It is challenging to identify bogus accounts from genuine accounts, but with the right tactics, you can verify it yourself. Finding the best crypto accounts on Instagram can lead you to a mousetrap that will allow you to fall into a scam.

Cryptocurrency is becoming a trading currency for hackers worldwide. There are many cases regarding phishing emails, and as a ransom, Bitcoin is asked to be transferred. Thus, these days, one needs to be quite careful to open up any link in your email or some website. While searching for crypto accounts, you might fall into a trap closer to the source.

Furthermore, Cryptocurrency has made its way as a trending theme on Instagram. Bitcoins stocks skyrocketing as intrigued many professional and rookie investors. Who wouldn’t want to become rich? That’s the goal of everyone, and Bitcoin is making it possible. Thus, the popularity is increasing. People are going crazy for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA), ZCash, and others.

This curiosity about Cryptocurrency and the hopes of becoming a millionaire has led to the popularity of crypto accounts on Instagram. The audience for this is therefore quite massive, thus making space for growth. One can evidently say that Instagram has embraced and accepted crypto accounts.

The increasing audience made way for Instagrammer experts and some dumb to come up with accounts spreading information about Cryptocurrency. Some provide updates regarding stocks, while others talk about facts and methods of mining currency. Some Instagrammers do it for fame but have no clue what they talk about regarding cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, one must be careful and not take their advice or facts, which will destroy you financially and mentally. What you need is a genuine face, advices that are factually backed up, and lastly, a good following. All these attributes help to come up with the top-five crypto accounts on Instagram.

  1. Cryptoexplorer

    Cryptoexplorer is a good choice for beginner Bitcoin learners and Blockchains. It has over 2,700 posts and a followers count of 347K and has a telegram channel for instant updates as well free eBook. The eBook is a guide that helps you understand the investment in Cryptocurrency and also how to gain profits. It had been launched in 2017 and made the world literate in Crypto and blockchain.

    The more significant follower community allows the legitimacy of this account. Each post is a small pack of facts or information that brings you one step closer to understand Cryptocurrency. Following this account, you will also gain insights into trading and ownership transfers.

    Furthermore, to keep you entertained in the Crypto world, videos are posted with skits or funny content. The information provided is graphical, which therefore makes it easier to grasp and understand. The account is also not short on memes. Crypto funny pictures are being posted that will lighten up your feed. Overall following the account will bring financial information, facts, memes, and videos to keep you entertained and at the same time well-informed.

    They also have a site for various courses in trading and investment. Go to Instagram and type @cryptoeplorer to receive updates that will change your life and be a successful owner of a crypto coin.

  2. Start invest in Crypto

    The page Start invests in Crypto has posted over 342 posts. It has more than 10K followers with 19 following. The Insta page is well maintained ever since its launch in September 2019. The very first post of the page talked about the importance and growth of Blockchains and an educative note about it. The page then progressed in giving information and ideas of different crypto world aspects such as Mooning, Halving, ICO, and many more.

    They also offer insights and advices to newbies about Cryptocurrency. It also focuses on providing information for privacy and increasing security. One can also learn certain trading aspects along with concepts like Cryptocurrency Debit Cards.

    Furthermore, the Insta page also has a website that offers courses in Blockchain Technology and Blockchain Wallet. They also provide a free eBook on What is Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. You can also submit your queries to get more information about Blockchains, or Bitcoins, and Ethereum. This page is owned by Linas Juknevicius, who is an expert in blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

    The page also offers live news updates about the Crypto world that will aid you in making the right decision quickly. Follow @startinvestincrypto on Instagram to get updates, for it will be too late to wait until 2022.

  3. Felix Hartmann

    Felix Hartmann’s account is quite attractive, especially for young investors and the old alike. His IGTV tutorials about Cryptocurrency and blockchains are pretty informative and knowledgeable. He keeps posting such IGTV posts every now and then for his followers. This allows his followers to broaden their horizons and dive profoundly into the crypto world.

    Apart from handling this account on finance and investment, he is the managing director at Hartmann Capital. He has over 50K followers and has posted around 241 posts on his page. He also a well-known author and has written quite informative books on investments in cryptocurrencies.

    Every post on his Insta page demonstrates his knowledge in this field. Following his account will allow you to absorb his talent, which will help you become a Bitcoin millionaire one day. His account is a blend of information and entertainment. He is a finance geek, no doubt, but also photogenic, which can be deeply reflected on his profile. He is the CEO of CryptoAcademy, which provides various courses that allow you to become professionals in Digital asset traders, investors, and builders.

    Their training programs will enable you to become a crypto professional in no time. He also has a YouTube channel. Overall follow @felx_hartmann if you want to be a Crypto professional and change the world.

  4. Cryptomasterrr

    Cryptomasterrr has a different page layout altogether. Rather than providing information and facts like other crypto accounts, the page offers daily crypto news. For instance, the page had posted Germany’s step on digitizing security on the blockchain. Such news is quite handy and helpful for investors, as the stalk fluctuates on it. This will allow you to be two steps ahead in the Crypto World. News is an important aspect when it comes to stock, and neglecting it is foolish. Therefore, if you are a newbie or an advanced crypto professional, consider having a crypto news account in your feed.

    Furthermore, to recuse you from your boredom, the page also has a meme section. There are other story categories like Quotes and Learn. Currently, the account has over 617 legit crypto news posts and more than 21K followers. The page also provides Blockchain infographics and the future of Blockchains. Follow @cryptomasterrr if you want to be updated with news like Coca-Cola uses ETH Blockchain for supply management. Remember, your growth is dependent on the feed you maintain on Instagram.

  5. CryptoManiaks

    As compared to crypto accounts in this article, CryptoManiaks has the highest Insta posts. CryptoManiak has posted more than 2048 posts with a current follower count of 395K, and the account is categorized as an Educational Website. It promotes blockchain and cryptocurrency content to its user for their crypto literacy. The page gives updates and keeps track of investment between two different cryptocurrencies.

    Furthermore, the page provides its users with psychological posts about panicked sellers. There are informative video posts as well as quotes from notable personalities. They also give investment advice and develop confidence in you to invest in Bitcoins. Not following @cryptomaniaks on Instagram is a huge loss, maybe in millions of the future.

    This account has been shortlisted for its dedication to its users and the legitimate information about Cryptocurrency and blockchains it provides.

    Rest assured, you will be a professional investor in no time if you follow the recommended crypto accounts on Instagram. Happy surfing, and looking forward to seeing you as a Crypto millionaire.