What’s a better way to grasp information faster and learn new things about a field than to talk to an expert about it, especially when it comes to matters like cryptocurrencies, investments, and other money-involving issues. But, since everyone can’t find a professional in a niche willing to teach them from the basis, thanks to technology, one can always go find online content on platforms to fill for this gap, allowing them to get started with the information available on different online platforms.

Youtube for Cryptocurrency

Youtube is one such brilliant platform that not only makes learning fun through the video formats it offers but also provides an option to chose multiple mentors for the journey, no wonder it is the second most popular search engine just after Google.

But, how does one choose a reliable account when the platform is flooded with 500 hours of videos per minute and carry youtube accounts of almost 79% of total internet users? There is enough misinformation and fake accounts on youtube to ruin your entire learning experience, even more so with the people who buy youtube subscribers and
views to make their content seem genuine.

Youtube Channels To Consider

This article focuses on clearing the air for your forthcoming cryptocurrency journey by discussing the best five genuine and reliable youtube channels 2021 you should consider subscribing to, as they not only talks about essential cryptocurrency matters but also updates you on the latest insights, investments, economic trends and informs you about the future possibilities for different cryptocurrencies.

  1. Ivan On Tech

    With an active account since July 2013, Ivan On Tech is one of the best and earliest crypto account on youtube run by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish software developer.

    The sheer popularity could be seen with an impressive 440k subscribers on Ivan’s channel with more than 21 million total views on the videos uploaded, making him an influential YouTuber.

    Apart from posting videos on youtube, Ivan is also an international speaker and educator on blockchain technology and has spoken at a multitude of conferences and events.

    The channel, in particular, talks about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. While his prime focus is on topics related to bitcoins, he doesn’t miss covering altcoins with occasional information on the trends and events that might influence the market, among interviews with major crypto figures such as Roger Fer(bitcoin investor), Pablo Ardoino(Bitfinex CTO), etc.

    What’s more, Ivan makes sure to post a daily update on his channel for his subscribers at 7:00 am GMT, which can go as high as three videos a day. The running time for a majority of his videos is somewhere between 10 to 90 minutes, with an average of 40-45 minutes.

    With years of experience in the field, Ivan knows the cryptocurrency market and the technology behind its revolution exceptionally well. Moreover, his way of presenting information and explaining it in a way that even a newbie would understand while being entertaining enough to get you through the entire video in a blink of an eye is recommendable.

  2. Coin Bureau

    Despite being one of the newer crypto channels on youtube with the first-ever video updated in January of 2019, Coin Bureau has established itself extremely efficiently in just over two years, with 748k subscribers at the time of writing of this article and more than 33 million views on his videos.

    The channel explores and discusses almost any and every topic related to cryptocurrency, stock exchange, project reviews, and trending current events influencing the crypto world.

    The channel’s rapid growth is all thanks to the owner of the channel, ‘the crypto guy,’ and his excellent content and engaging Tone of delivery. Each piece of information on the channel is well researched and presented using high-quality videos, often a compromisable factor with other cryptocurrency accounts.

    The channel is ideal for a person who’s new to the world of cryptocurrency, given the highly engaging and informative videos which systematically improve your knowledge of the field from basics to advance.

    The crypto guy uploads a video three times a week, with the running time for each being 20 minutes, giving you time to process and dig well into the topic. Moreover, there is also a weekly email newsletter and a telegram channel by the same guy you could follow for more insights on how the market functions and his personal views on it, the right cryptocurrencies to choose, and much more.

  3. Benjamin Cowen

    With an academic background in science, engineering, and programming, Benjamin Cowell has been able to amass 330k subscribers on his channel and over 22 million views in just two years since his first video upload on youtube in the June of 2019.

    Unlike many other crypto channels on youtube, benjamin does not focus on memes, catchy slogans, or price predictions but evaluates the metrics that drive the price to bring out accurate results.

    His approach to cryptocurrency is leaned towards a practical approach where he dives into the algorithm trends in the past, related data, and regression and relationship bands. While his prime focus, like many others, is on bitcoins, one could easily find information on altcoins such as Ethereum, Nano, etc., on his channel.

    For anyone wanting to dive into more realistic data and the game of numbers in the crypto world, benjamin is the guy with an exploration of trends and relationships that are often overlooked by other YouTubers.

    What sets benjamin’s channel apart from others is also the reason for this impressive audience growth in the past two years, besides the fact that his videos though they touch a complicated topic, are explained in a manner that is digestible by most of his subscribers.

    Though the quality of videos might not be his strong suit, there is yet much more one could learn from his videos.

  4. Tone Vays

    With 107k subscribers and over nine million views on his videos, Tone Vays had come a long way since the start of his youtube channel back in August 2016.

    Before starting a youtube channel, he had worked at wall street for about ten years at Bear Stearns as a risk analyst, which was the start of his journey as a trade and cryptocurrency enthusiast. After that, Tone took a post at JP Morgan Chase as VP following the financial crisis in 2008.

    Given his experience in risk analysis, Tone is exceptionally knowledgeable about finance and trading in general. Moreover, since he has been involved in the crypto world for years now, since his first introduction to it back in 2013, and has taken up a role as an instructor and speaker ever since, there is a plethora one could learn from his channel about bitcoins trading, and blockchain technology.

    The videos are uploaded almost every day in a format that is digestible, informative, reliable, and above all, enjoyable to keep you intrigued through the entire running time, which could go as high as two hours.

    In addition to the achievements mentioned above, Tone has also been featured in a multitude of documentaries like Bitcoin – Beyond the Bubble and Magic Money, etc.

  5. Doug Polk Crypto

    Doug Polk, a former professional poker player with a long-running poker channel on youtube, now runs a popular cryptocurrency channel and has managed to gain 166k subscribers and over 9 million views on his videos in a span of just three years.

    But that’s not even the best part about his channel. Doug Polk does not just keep you updated on all the hot trends and latest news of the crypto world but gives out alerts for potential scams and negative marketing.

    The digital currency has a lot of drawbacks, with a capacity to manipulate people into scams easily given little information about it in the market. It, therefore, grows imperative to have a source that alerts you of such scams and keeps you away from a bad investment.

    Doug Polk also covers cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, many more, and shares valuable trading advice time and again.

    It is a perfect youtube channel to follow, with the only drawback being the infrequency in the video uploads, which could even take six months of waiting before another one shows up.


Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining authority in the market and already boasts high future possibilities in terms of power, trade, money, and global dominance. There is no right time to start exploring, learning, and invest in something with this scope this broad.

While the list contains the top five cryptocurrency channels on youtube, the platform has several other channels with equally good content even if they do not have impressive subscribers or view count. They might even make the content easier and better for you to understand; you just have to dig well to find them.

Although, it is always better to be cautious before trusting any source of information, no matter how genuine it seems, even more so if you are looking to invest big. Understand and get involved only when 100% sure, and for the most important part, enjoy the experience and learn from it. Happy Scrolling!