15 best Instagram marketing tools for boosting your business

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most popular social media platforms right now. And unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are similarly popular but lean more towards messenger services and political and pop culture discussion, Instagram is an excellent place for businesses to be.

From small jewelry shops to mega-popular brands and companies, every business is getting on there and marketing their products to a user base of billions of people.

There are some cool marketing tools available for giving your business the shine and flourish it needs –

1). Awario

Awario is a simplistic but powerful tool for all businesses out there. It’s a social media monitoring software that gives its users data about their customers, competitors, and the market.

aIt searches for your brand mention across all internet, including but not limited to blogs, social media platforms, news, and the web. It tells you how well your brand is being received, where your customers are located, what languages they use, who the influencers can help your brand, and what other competitors are out there. It also monitors your growth and gives feedback.

Pricing starts at 29$/month. Awario provides a 14 days free trial.

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2). Sendible

Sendible is a really great tool to help your business get ahead. It helps you compare competitors and their products and helps with time and brand management by setting up keyword searches.

It also lets you schedule posts on its calendar and auto-respond to generic comments with messages such as ‘Thank You.’ Sendible is a one-for-all tool and where you can get reports for all your social media accounts, including Instagram.

Pricing – you can try out Sendible for free. Its pricing starts at 29$/month for all premium features, including RSS posting and keyword monitoring.

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3). Enlight

Enlight is a powerful tool for photo editing. Made by the same folks who introduced Facetune to us, Enlight lets you be as creative as you want.

It has the usual image fixing tools that most apps offer, but it also provides you tools to make your pictures bewitching. Artsy folks and pro-editors will love the plethora of image refining and tuning options Enlight gives its users.

Pricing: Enlight costs $3.99, but a free version of Enlight, ‘Photofox’ is available.

4). Repost for Instagram

One great way to build brand value and increasing audience engagement is by reposting content from your followers. The repost app lets you do that, with due credit given to the original owner of the picture in the post. Thus, you can interact with your fans and start amassing content for your page simultaneously.

Pricing: The repost app is free.

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5). Wishpond

If you want something that’s proven to boost your business and you are willing to pay for the software, Wishpond is genuinely one of your best options. It helps you set up landing pages and lead production tools that work great with Instagram ads.

Its hashtag contest for Instagram is a great way to change your social media engagement into actual paying customers for your business.

Pricing – $49/month. Free trial for 14 days.

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6). Snapseed

Snapseed is an excellent app for filters and image-editing tools. It allows you to apply whatever filter you want to any part of the picture and not necessarily the whole of it. You can tune your applied effects to great precision.

If you find a group of changes or a layer of effects and filters you tried out very effective, you can save them as a new preset for your future images, and that way, you can maintain a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram page.

Pricing: Snapseed app is free to use and available for iOS and Android both.

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7). Grum

For businesses, constant social media presence is a necessity. Regular engagement with your customer base helps out your business a lot. Grum helps you manage and schedule your Instagram posts and saves you a lot of time and hassle.

It is one of the best scheduled post-er apps in the market. It can schedule photos as well as videos, multiple posts at the same time, and the identical posts across different Instagram accounts. The user interface is straightforward and effective.

Pricing – $9.95 for two Instagram accounts, free trial of 3 days.

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8). Later

For small business and solo owners, an affordable option for scheduling posts is Later. Besides scheduling all kinds of posts for Instagram, it also shows you what your scheduled feed looks like on a visual calendar. Not only Instagram Later works with Twitter and Facebook as well.

Pricing – Free

Best Instagram Marketing Tools For 2021

9). Tailwind

Tailwind can be the go-to app for you for all your social media marketing troubles. It helps out with the scheduling of posts, hashtag recommendations, and analytics and stats for your brand. It is officially affiliated with Instagram so that you can post directly, and it also provides a regram feature with a google chrome extension.

Pricing: There is a free limited accessibility version available. Premium version starts from $15.99/month/account.

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10). Unfold

There are many apps that help create good posts, but relatively few that make standout Instagram stories for you. Unfold will do that for you. Putting out pretty and captivating IG stories boosts your social media presence. With over 160 templates, amazing fonts, and editing tools, Unfold will completely change your Instagram for the better.

Pricing – The Unfold app is free and available for both Android and iOS.

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11). Facetune

Facetune is a photo editing application that completely changed the game when it comes to social media. It allows you to retouch and enhance your pictures and selfies to achieve smooth results. Primary perfected for the face and facial features. It can also change the background and add different makeup options.

Pricing – $3.99

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12). Buffer

Buffer is another great post scheduling software, which allows you to post timed status updates and posts across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also helps track the analytics and performance of your posts. One buffer account can be used by up to 25 people.

Pricing – Buffer offers a free trial of 7 days. Paid plans start at $15/month.

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13). Afterlight

Afterlight is one of the most popular and easy-to-use applications for photo-editing. It has many filters, frames, and effects that you can use to make your pictures look unique and professional. It is available for both iOS and Android users.

Pricing – You can get Afterlight for $2.99 from the app store.

14). Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a great app to find industry influencers best suited for your business. Everyone knows how effective influencers can be for marketing products and services and building a brand name. Iconosquare also keeps track of public sentiment of your brand, your followers’ locations, and languages, and it’s great for scheduling and organizing tasks too. It helps you with monitoring and analytics of your audience, which can be a great insight for your business.

Pricing – Iconosquare prices start at $81/year.

Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Boosting Your Business

15). Shorby

One of the greatest downsides to Instagram for businesses is that it allows only one link to put in your profile. Users with more than 10k followers are allowed to put links in their IG stories, but having that number isn’t always possible for small starting businesses. Shorby solves your problem by creating a professional and charming landing page for you where you can link all the different products and services you have to offer. You can then put the link to the landing page in your bio on Instagram.

Pricing – starts at $9/month, with a 5 day trial period.


While the use of other social media platforms is declining, Instagram is on a steady rise. Getting your business on Insta can be really beneficial for you. Get started with social media scheduling, outreach, and monitoring tools to find new customers and spread your business to different audiences.