Instagram is a dynamic platform that is a breeding ground of several entrepreneurs and established brands’ digital presence. The platform gets such traffic profitable to landing pages, increasing conversions and generating an engaged audience. Instagram’s powerful digital presence enables businesses to thrive and enhance their followers count. Suppose you have just started or are looking for ways to grow your Instagram presence robustly, learn how to sharpen your strategies for receiving real and substantial followers.

The bigger your followers count, the more opportunities you get to engage with users and build a unique bond with them. Here it is essential to understand the organic significance. It has been observed that sometimes companies take the shortcuts of increasing the count of followers by using the buying facility of followers and likes.

There are unlimited options for purchasing followers and likes sites, but such shortcuts are not worth it; the Instagram algorithm identifies the paid and low-quality accounts and removes them frequently. Ultimately it is a valuable interaction and not the count of such followers that don’t interact or add value by any means.

Tips for growing your followers

  1. Optimize your Instagram account

    One of the essential steps is to have the Instagram account fully optimized before you start figuring out to improve the count of followers. Your company’s Instagram bio is like the homepage of your account. People should know that the account belongs to your brand, so it is imperative to have a bio, image captions, profile image, a proper username.

    Your image and profile enable you to create the stepping stone of your brand essence and uniqueness. Optimizing your account is significant as the link in your profile is one spot to drive Instagram traffic towards your brand’s website. In addition to that, keep your username as search-friendly as possible, which implies sticking to your brand’s username. Creating and following an Instagram marketing strategy is the best way to optimize your account.

  2. Keep a consistent content calendar

    Posting content haphazardly, irregularly on the platform will not help you to meet your goal. It would help if you kept a regular posting roster; typically, you should post once or twice a day, not more than that to avoid spam but certainly post your content consistently. On average 200 million, Instagram users log on every day; therefore, you can publish a few times throughout the day to make your content reachable to all. Scheduling your post will easily enable you to develop a cons brand-sponsored and connection with your followers.

  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

    There are a lot of options your brand can practice to gain more visibility. Modern tools such as sprout social can help you schedule your content in advance using a simple process on Instagram. It enables your team to see all campaigns and plans more efficiently. Smartly you can create exciting content in advance, and with scheduling tools, you can connect with the audience and nurture a constant sequence of content simultaneously.

  4. Get Your Associates and Brand Collaborators Post Your Content:

    It is vital to know your audience and to have a reasonably good number of followers. The more your account grows. Naturally, the more will be your leads, and the most appropriate way of doing that is to have an outstanding presence on social media. Most importantly, don’t forget to have your company on your Instagram account and other IG handle. Get your brand-sponsored, have it appear in others’ feeds to attract more audience.

    Request your ardent followers to repost your content on their wall; this will reflect how loyal they are to you and how much they love your brand. Try collaborating with more significant IG accounts in your niche, contact influencers and industry experts to repost your content on their IG wall. Make sure you have intriguing posts that are worth raising brows.

  5. Avoid having Unreal Instagram Followers:

    An IG account having illegitimate followers does more damage than boosting your brand image. So do not fall into the trap of buying fake followers or bots. Unreal followers deceive the organic followers as fake accounts are inactive accounts with dozens of counterfeit followers, impacting your credibility and reputation. Moreover, IG’s algorithm can not be tricked as it can detect any fraudulent activities on your account.

    Build rapport with your users with genuine content and intent. Naal engagement will surely reap more benefits in the long run. People follow brands on IG crazily, so if you have real followers, they will surely buy your products or services. Fake accounts create no meaningful engagement; most of these are screened by IG and eventually deleted.

    You can also be banned on Instagram. Organic viewers actively indulge in your account; they like, share, and comment. For instance, The leading beauty brand: Lush Cosmetics, actively engaged with user’s comments and feedback and answered their questions timely. Such interactive activities are always valued by followers attracting more audiences.

  6. Showcase your Instagram account everywhere

    You need to promote your Instagram account on every network. Make it super easy for people to find your Instagram to watch your content and follow you. Ensure your account gets listed with your website and different social media platforms. one of the best ways to get discovered is to create awareness and visibility by adding social media buttons to your blog and website to promote massive shares across all your social media forums.

  7. Post content that followers want

    You have to learn the tips as to what followers want to watch. Minute details make a lot of difference, be it captions, content types, post times, filters, or minor details. Look out at all the new trends, fads on Instagram and create your content updated, fresh, innovative, and new each time to become popular among the masses. Though you should not edit your competitors, it’s an intelligent way to see from far and observe the patterns of driving engagement.

  8. Get the conversation started

    According to a survey on consumer behaviors, customers want to connect with the visual- first content such as photos and videos, and text photos. One of the great ways to make users familiar with your Instagram account is over the discussion. People utilize digital media as the contact reference for brands. You have to be helpful and communicative on the Instagram platform for business growth.

    Be interactive with your audience, answer each query come on your way, comment on a post, enhance your relationship with the users, and get new customers. It’s vital to grab the audience’s attention and loyalty to convert a visitor into a follower of your account.

  9. Find hashtags that convert

    One of the tested and tried ways to attain followers are using appropriate hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags served as an essential tool for discovery and enabled us to expand the social reach. It would help if you found hashtags that the public in your target audience is more likely to search. Unique and branded hashtags are another way to group posts around more appropriate content to your campaigns and brand.

  10. Make your Instagram followers happy

    Putting sincere efforts to make creative and exciting content to see your Instagram audience happy is rewarding undoubtedly and results in getting new customers from followers.


Instagram is a powerful online platform; many entrepreneurs start their ventures in this forum. Brands and individuals need to know and implement these valuable and practical tips to boost their Instagram audience.