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Instagram has more than one billion connections; it has excellent potential to grow as well as a scare that no one may even notice your product. In this situation, you must have a workable strategy that pays out. We will give you 12 marketing strategies that work on marketing your product.

Instagram has become a worldwide platform to showcase your content, see new talents, inspire people and sell your product.

Is Instagram Worth Putting Your Time and Effort?

The answer is a definite yes! Here are the big five reasons for it.

  1. More than one Billion active users are on Instagram, and the number of users is increasing every year.
  2. Instagram sees over 500 million Instagram stories every day.
  3. Instagram is the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook.
  4. There are more than 25 Million Business profiles on Instagram.
  5. More than 80% of the users have discovered new products and services on Instagram.

What is Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram marketing strategy is an intelligent way to grow your business. A proper marketing strategy helps brands’ exposure to reach out to the target audience. Entrepreneurs can adopt various approaches on Instagram for brand building and driving more audiences.

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12 Marketing Strategies On Instagram

Instagram uses are not just active, but they are actively engaged; this was evident in a survey that showed that more than 60% of Instagram users were active daily. You can use Instagram with these marketing strategies to build an audience and showcase your product.

  1. Create A Business Account

    The first strategic step is to create a business account. A Business account offers you features that you cannot use in a personal Instagram account. Some of these features are Instagram ads, Instagram insights, Instagram shopping, primary and secondary messages, and call to action buttons on your profile. If you are a marketer, a business account is a must; even if you have a personal account, you can convert it into a business account.

  2. Enhance Your Profile

    Make a good bio that will make a good impact and that too in just 150 characters. These little words should explain why people should vouch for your product. You must optimize your other fields also for people to identify your product. The additional areas are – Your name and username, website, contact info, and call to action buttons.

  3. Use Instagram Tools

    Using Instagram tools is not rocket science, but using them efficiently will give your business jet speed. Use insight to know about engagement data, statistics, and like impressions. You can also learn about the location, gender, activity time, and demography. You can even get specific insights about any post to understand how users interact with your posts. Study these statistics to enhance your future posts and boost your audience.

  4. Profile Photo Counts

    Your profile photo should be your logo. A logo is your brand identity, and they recognize your product with that profile picture. Enhance your logo with a good quality image and a powerful tagline.

  5. Merchandise Teasers Will Create Temptation To Buy

    Let your audience feel your product. Let your audience smell it and taste it. All you have to do is choose the correct picture and words to describe your product. Please don’t push your products; too much pushing will make people repulsive; you have to create the proper intrigue for their curiosity. Teasers are curiosity enhancers! Even if most visitors don’t buy your product, at least they will like your post.

  6. Instagram Stories Are To Help

    Instagram stories can create leads because they are made in slideshow format. Brands can use it for behind-the-scenes tales that are related to posts hitting the mark. Use features like edit images, face filters, stickers, and boomerang to enhance eye-catchy content. You can also experiment with these Instagram stories to see engagement and response; if it works, it becomes an idea for your next post.

  7. Use Hashtag Effectively And Prudently

    Hashtags increase your visibility and reach; although you can use up to 30 hashtags, you don’t need all of them. We recommend using at most ten; more than that looks like spam. Choose a hashtag that fits your niche; it should be relevant and related to the content. If you want to create a new hashtag, be careful and prudent; your hashtag must be interactive. If required, do a little practical test on which hashtags work and which don’t.

  8. Tie Up With Influencers For A Wider Reach

    Partnership with brands and influencers who have already built an audience on Instagram works well for new brands. Influencers will get your audience that is already on their follow list. Followers and likes make a commendable impact on viewership. Another way to build an audience is by buying authentic services that will boost your account. Paid services for buying Instagram likes, buying Instagram views, and buying Instagram followers are available at

  9. Interact With Your Audience

    Never leave a query unanswered or a comment unaddressed. Your followers are real people with human emotions; if you ignore them, they will walk out. Keep a personal touch; they will appreciate it. Even if you are trolled, don’t lose your head; tackle the troll with the right approach and spirit. Ingenious and original ideas are here to stay; don’t get bogged down by little criticism.

  10. Timing Matters

    Get out of a habit of random posts; over-posting will surely infuriate your audience. Your posts must be consistent as well as timed to perfection. A little research on frequency and timings will give you knowledge about what to post and when to post. Statistics show that the worst days to post are Sundays and Wednesdays, while Mondays are the best days to post; the best time is between 8 am to 9 am. You can also do a little research on the activity time of your followers.

  11. Posts Should Be Engaging

    If your posts are not engaging, you will lose your followers in a quick time. If you like fascinating stuff, learn to deliver it. Don’t look for followers to fly into your content; hunt them. The best way is to surf content in your niche and add a comment or two. We are looking at a win-win situation. Engagement with other content will bring more traffic to your content. Never post content if it doesn’t enchant you; stale content has no place in an ocean full of exciting stuff.

  12. Paid Services Can Help

    One of the easiest ways to build your brand on Instagram is to pick an authentic service to enhance your likes and followers. Trends show that people like to read content based on the number of views and number of likes. Another excellent option is to start with paid service, and later your brand can fend for itself.

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Instagram has tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs; at the same time, it is difficult to leave a mark in an ocean of marketing content. The right marketing strategies can pay good dividends. Feel free to reach us for services, buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views and buy Instagram followers at