There are many businesses that we know about and many we do not know about, but all of them have business accounts because they realize how important it is to grow your business and have loyal followers. Using Instagram is a great way to develop a great following among your customers and turn them into fans. You can use Instagram to advertise your products, and if you strategize properly, then a lot of people can be introduced to the great products that you have to sell.

  1. Your customers expect it –

    Many of your customers will search for you on Instagram. They will look you up to find out how your products are and many specifications relating to our products. It can act as a good marketing tool when you do it right. You do not have to put a lot of things on your account, but a few posts are always good because you do not want potential customers to find anything about you and then find something about your competition. This can make you lose potential customers.

  2. It’s a way to trust –

    A good brand that has a good account can show you that the brand is reputable. Especially those companies that are not household names and the companies that are just coming up. When people see posts and engagement on your accounts, they will know that you are reputable, and they will feel safe buying from you. If you have an online business, only then having an account like this is even more important.

  3. Your customers and users can tag you –

    If you have a customer that is very happy with the products that you offer, then that customer might want to upload a photo and Instagram and tag you in it, but if you are not there on Instagram, then there is nothing for them to tag you to and actually people tagging you in a post can be good publicity because if someone famous wears your products and someone sees them and like the product the tag might lead that person to you, and you have a new customer.

  4. Point back to your site –

    Instagram, Facebook, and all such social media sites are just to let people know about your product, and all these products should lead back to your website because that is where the products are sold. So having tags or links to your website is very important in such cases.

  5. Online reputation –

    An Instagram account can ensure that you have a good online reputation online it can help people find something when they search for your company name. If there is any negative news, you can use your online accounts to get your message or your side of the story accessible to a lot of people very quickly. That is why it is a good idea to have a business account on all social media websites.

  6. competitors are on Instagram –

    If you decide that Instagram is not something that you want to do, then you are missing out because your competitors are all using Instagram to boost their following, and you are missing out on potential customers by choosing not to use Instagram. If you have no idea what you can do on Instagram, then you can always take ideas from your competition and grow your own account.

  7. Networking –

    You can do a lot of things on Instagram. You can try to comment, like, and share things with other businesses that are like yours and try to collaborate with them and also see how they run their businesses and learn something new from them. If you have a short interaction with them over interaction if you ever meet them in the real world, then you can actually go up and have conversations because you already know them.

  8. You can attract talent –

    Whenever someone wants to join your company, then they can simply look up your account and get a glimpse into how your company is and how you work. This can help them understand how your business actually works.

  9. You can tag to sell products –

    You can put photos and videos, and these can link back to your website, and this is a good bonus feature to have.


Even though it may take you more time to keep everyone on Instagram posted with the latest news about your business, it is still a great idea to do so because you may get a lot of new customers and followers who are loyal supporters of your brand. Since all companies have a page, it is a good idea that you keep an Instagram business account ready, too, so that you can get a larger audience to view your products and potentially buy them.