As a business owner, you may think that your new product is exciting and innovative, but how do you get people to see it that way? You could use a social media campaign to spread awareness about your product, but which platform should you use? Which topics should you focus on? What kind of content should you post? Do you need to use paid advertising?

The best stuff you can do is propose social media campaigns with a plan: an idea of what you want to accomplish and why it’s important to do so.

Have you just launched a new product, or are you thinking of doing so shortly? If so, it’s time to start thinking of creative ways to promote it. You won’t want to ignore social media since many people turn to it for product recommendations and advice. The following are some of the most effective creative ways to promote a new product on social media and make sure that it reaches people all over the world that might be interested in it.

Techniques that would help in generating leads for your products

  1. Run Contests on Social Media to Attract Attention

    Nowadays, social media marketing is a must when it comes to promoting a new product. The way that you can attract the Attention of your customers is by offering great prizes. This way, you will attract people interested in this contest, because they will want to get the prizes.

  2. Offer loyal customers an exclusive preview:

    Social media is a great way to generate buzz about a new product or service, but this can be hard to do if you’ve already got a thriving business in place. If your loyal customers are already familiar with your work, why try to sell them something new? Instead, you can reward these customers by giving them an exclusive first look at your newest offerings, and you can do it in a way that builds excitement for your company and its future endeavors.

  3. Use a special introductory offer

    A special introductory offer is a great way to initiate a positive response from your customers. These days, you must be creative with how you market your products and services because the internet is overloaded with the material. You must set yourself apart from the crowd.

  4. Make use of Google My Business

    Google My Business is now a vital part of marketing. Not only can you check the details of your business, but you also can stay on top of your business’s online reputation.

    Google’s service will allow you to map your business, upload photos, and serve customers located in your area. You can even put out promotions and special deals.

    Did you know that you can use Google My Business to list your business information on Google Maps? By listing what products you sell and other details, you can increase your visibility on the Internet and Google Maps. Google My Business data will also show up in Google search results.

  5. Spread the word via email

    Social media has been a popular choice for promoting a new product for some time now, but what about other ways to promote a new product? You can spread the word about your new product by sending emails to your customers. Sending emails can be a great way to promote your new product because you can control the emails you send. You can also send emails to certain individuals.

  6. Write a blog post

    The biggest mistake brands make when it comes to social media promotion is assuming that social media promotion is about posting and posting and posting. It’s not. It’s about engaging. And engagement is about (1) being interested in what people are saying about you and (2) offering people something they can’t get anywhere else. If you can do that, you’re working to move people away from the “marketer” view of your social media activity and toward a vision of you as a brand that shares valuable, useful content.

  7. Host an event

    Do you have a new product that you are launching? Maybe a new eBook that you are promoting or a new software program that you are creating? One of the best ways to market a new product is to hold an event. Events can be as simple as a party or an online chat or as complicated as a book signing. No matter what kind of contest you are hosting, there are plenty of ways to promote your product. If you want ideas for creative ways to promote your product, keep reading to find a few tips and tricks.

  8. Offer a complimentary upgrade

    If you are looking for creative ways to promote a new product on social media, you might want to consider offering a complimentary upgrade. By offering a complimentary upgrade, you give your audience members an incentive to upgrade to a new product that they may not otherwise have wanted. It is a great method to organize your audience to a new product since you essentially give them a taste of what your product can do for them.

    You can even offer a complimentary upgrade to your existing product, which can help you get more people to use your product and give you a better idea of what your customers are looking for.

  9. Allow trade-ins

    Have you ever used trade-in programs when you buy a new product? Many people don’t know about this common practice. When you buy a new product, you can often trade in your old one and get some money back. (For example, trade-ins are the most common when you get a new smartphone.)

    A business, or a person, should never take their customers for granted. Instead, they should always strive to give them the best product possible. However, if you are about to launch a new product, you should be aware that you may not win over all of your customers. If you are worried about this, allow trade-ins. It gives customers the chance to return your product for a full refund if they aren’t happy with it.

    If you are concerned about the prices of lugging products back and forth, you could also allow free delivery for a limited amount of time.

  10. Share customer reviews

    Sharing customer reviews on your social media accounts can be a great way to promote your latest product. Not only does it drive new traffic to your website, but it also gives your customers more of a voice. Social media is all about giving, so why not yield your customers’ comments about your products?

    It is no secret that people love to share their opinions; in fact, the web is practically made out of reviews. That’s why, when your company has launched a new product, you will need to keep a close eye on what people are saying about it. Of course, the best way to do this is by creating your review and posting it on your website. But if you’re just getting started, that might be a little bit too much. Instead, use your social media accounts to showcase real reviews from your customers.

  11. Post on social media

    ​ Social media is a great way to discuss a new product with your current and prospective audience. It’s also a platform to get quick and easy feedback about your products or services to help improve them!

    Social media is a hugely important part of any internet marketing strategy for a couple of reasons:

    1. It allows you to connect with potential customers and make those connections more personal so that they begin to see you as a real person rather than just a faceless corporation.
    2. It offers a venue where you can ask for and get honest customer feedback.
    3. It allows you to have conversations with your customers, which builds relationships and can help turn a one-time customer into a lifelong customer.


To understand the full range of a new product’s potential, it’s important to use creative ways to promote a new product on social media. The first step is to analyze the competition. If you’re planning to enter the social media marketing space for the first time, you’ll want to be sure to look at your competitors. You’ll be capable of using this knowledge to your advantage and determine a strategy for your product.