Keyword search helps you find what you want in an ocean of content!

Imagine a net without Google or any other search engine that lists out content in a blink. Would it ever have been possible to find out the desired content in an infinite volume of content?

Until now, Instagram was banking on hashtags and usernames. We all know how frustrating it is to find your friend John Smith with hundreds of profiles having the same name. It is excellent that Instagram has now realized the importance of keyword searches.

In this post, we will find out how Instagram is making it possible to search by keyword. We will also tell you a few hacks for effective keyword searches.

Instagram’s New Keyword Search

Instagram’s keyword search enables users to type the desired keyword and search for the content. Unlike earlier, Instagram search is now not dependent on hashtags. This update is a piece of great news for Instagram marketers because this feature will help your content be found without using mundane hashtags.

If you are very confident with a hashtag, it hasn’t changed much. You can still search hashtags, but there are new and better ways to explore them now. The keyword search will be implemented to wide-ranging topics of common interest and comply with Instagram community guidelines. The search results are based on the following:

  • Captions – You can use captions and do the desired search.
  • Type of Content – Content-based search is similar to tags, but it will still work without adding hashtags.
  • Date posted – It is another excellent way to search for older posts that are hard to find.
  • Author – Author search or content creator-based search will help you find the content posted by authors you want to follow.
  • Location – A location search will help you identify areas of interest or places in your vicinity.
  • Users – User search helps to find your target audiences.
  • Followers – You can search for your followers or followers or your competitors.
  • Photos – It is another effective way when people do not use hashtags. This method helps find pictures that display your brand.

5 Hacks to Use Instagram Keyword Search Effectively for your brand

  1. Find Customers for your Business

    Instagram’s new Keyword search offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to find customers. You can now use a keyword search for posts to find an ideal customer.

    Instagram keyword search helps you find a particular brand mention that missed out because the customer did not tag it. This new feature will help new people to interact and get into the conversation to build a customer relationship; this is an effective way to know your customer outside hashtag mentions.

  2. Analysis and Market Research

    Social listing is an effective and proven way to do competition analysis and know your customers’ wants. The Instagram keyword search tool helps generate ideal content for your audience, which will boost your brand’s social media presence.

    The hack is to know your competitor’s keywords and do a complete analysis of audience engagement and behavior. With the use of the Instagram keyword tool, you will know the requirements of potential customers and help resolve the issue with your creativity, ingenuity, and service.

  3. Make Yourself Visible to Potential Customers

    The new keyword search by Instagram will help your business grow by making your brand visible to potential customers. It may look like any ordinary addition, but considering the possibilities, it will expand businesses since visibility is the main criterion on social media.

    Keyword search has been designed for customers to find the desired product. Even if we talk about the other search engine, the brands which are easily accessible on the internet grows more than those having a tough time getting visibility.

  4. Location Search

    Another great way to grow your business is by location search. This new feature allows you to search for locations with the help of a search console on Instagram. It is an effective way to check who has uploaded pictures taken in your area or nearby location.

    You can use this user-generated content by taking the author’s permission; it gives an added promotion to your brand. Location search is also helpful to find nearby locations and more avenues for shopping, eating joints, and stores.

  5. Search Followers and Users

    Finding a location gives you a lead to find your competitor. It may also help find the right influencer for your brand. Getting to know your followers is very crucial to create the right content and attractive offers. You can also give an added discount to your followers who might be near your location.

    Finding users is equally important. All you have to do now is to type a name and search. The aim is to target potential customers and suggesting your new products and offers.


Earlier, there were only two options to search on Instagram; hashtag and username. Now with added keyword search features, Instagram has made it much easier for businesses and customers to find the ideal match. If you are still an old school in the new Insta world, try these hacks and see the difference.

Which hacks have you tried searching on Instagram, and did it make any difference? Do let us know in the comments section?