Build your Twitter followers

Increasing the number of well-targeted and engaged followers can be good. It will benefit your Twitter business. You may find relevant Twitter users using Followerwonk. Search the bios of Twitter by comparing users, analyzing their profiles, keywords, and tracking followers.

More Twitter followers mean more clicks and engagement to your personal website. Also, learn how to increase Twitter followers. And grow your online social media business.

Implement Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a brilliant way to make your Tweets stand out. You may adjust your site to ensure that people share your content. With that, an image must appear in their Tweets.

There are around 7-8 types of Twitter cards. You can set them on your website. Finally, you can check if your Twitter cards are set accurately. They’ll help boost your social media business manifolds.

Engaging with influencers

Twitter users can gain more engagement and followers by identifying influencers. It’ll also attract more traffic towards your content. An influencer you may connect with already has the much-desired audience of your nice.

So, pay dividends by building great relationships with them. Finding influencers can become easier by using Audience. After signing up for their services, connect your Twitter page. So, here you can find Twitter influencers related to your field. You may check their profile straightaway.

Manage your contacts using a Twitter list

If your timeline is feeling overwhelming because you follow many accounts, here’s the solution. You can use TweetDeck and HootSuite to create lists of accounts you are interested in. It’ll make you popular among your niche and boost your business.

Then, Twitter users can even subscribe to the lists of other accounts. Either make your special list public or keep it private. You can check if an influencer has created a public list and change your username to their Twitter handle.

Create a schedule and Twitter strategy

You must have a posting schedule. It means making a strategy to tweet. In this schedule, you may decide when to tweet and what to tweet. Your Twitter account has followers eagerly waiting for your posts. Many of them are potential contributors to your online business.

So, it’s best to have your Twitter post schedule in your calendar of editorial content. Also, do not forget to tweet links. Do it more than once. Many brands make this big mistake of posting a single time. Instead, experts recommend you repost to draw engagement.

Make use of Twitter Ads

Ads on social media greatly contribute to enhancing your business. Twitter allows three types of ads.

Promoted Twitter Ads

The first is promoted Twitter ads. Promoted tweets let you reach Twitter users who do not know your brand. They will appear in the timelines and search results of your target audience.

Follower Ads

The second is Follower Ads. These suggest new Twitter accounts that users aren’t currently following. Usually, they are a wide variety. And people find these ads interesting.

Twitter takeovers

This is a mass-reach, premium ad that will take over the timelines of Twitter users. Ads appear on top of their feed. Your business can enormously skyrocket through the Explore feature of Twitter. Select a trend or timeline takeover. It will place your brand’s ad on the explore tab.

*There’s another category of Twitter ads called Live Ads. This platform lets you share real-time videos, expand your business through it. Go live and advertise your brand in unique ways.

Guerilla Marketing

Honda, an international automobile brand, used gorilla marketing. They promoted their products by making their digital marketing humorous. On Cyber Mondays (or busy online shopping days), they posted images of Skeletor. Even you can do something similar on Twitter to attract audience for a wider business.

Running contests on Twitter

It is an amazing business-growing idea. Contests on Twitter will let you make your followers email leads. These leads will soon become your paid customers. And best of all, Twitter never limits you on running as many kinds of contests as you want.

You may hold sweepstakes, a random drawing, an interesting quiz, and likewise. Based on your desired marketing goals, select your Twitter contest and launch it today! Also, don’t forget to

  • Decide the best kind of contest
  • Select an attractive prize
  • Make the contest
  • Promote it everywhere
  • Keep an eye on what’s going on.
  • After selecting a winner, follow up!

Keep up with new trends

Your Twitter account got to stay updated with the changing world. Speak about what’s going on around. Also, try relating your brand with current happenings in some way (not forcefully, just tactfully).

Use hashtags with short phrases or keywords. It can even be something as exciting as #11yearsofOneDirection. But make sure it makes some sense to your niche’s audience.

Make good use of Twitter video

Around ninety-four percent of the popular Twitter influencers make use of videos here. In the content world, videos have become hugely famous. As of now, sixty percent of Twitter business accounts use videos while marketing.

One good option is to make native videos. You can make a video of 140 seconds and upload it on Twitter. As mentioned above, going live on Twitter is brilliant. It is great for podcast recordings, conferences, live events, and webinars.

Your followers and other Twitter users can watch your live videos even after the streaming ends. These stay recorded on your page forever. So, you may add videos to your business efforts on Twitter. It surely is useful.

But wait, there’s more!

Select the right kind of Ad Campaigns

You may select the results you are willing to pay for in each Twitter campaign. Especially, these ad campaigns must be based on your objectives.

For example, you begin an engagement campaign. Promote simple tweets here. You need to pay only for the first engagement of each Twitter user. It means you are only paying when a person is interacting with your tweet.

So, it’s a one-time investment. If your content and brand appeal to those users, they may even stick to it forever. Some ad campaigns include:

  • Awareness
  • Followers
  • Conversions or website clicks
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • App installs or re-engagements

Showing different ways of using your product

Twitter businesses soar heights when their sellers tweet interesting uses of products. There was a tweet during the Super Bowl (2013). It went like, “Oreo dunk it in the dark.” Surprisingly, ten thousand retweets went out only within one hour. Orea became the champion of the Super Bowl Ads.

Taking orders through DM and Tweet reply

Many brands noticed a whooping rise in their followers and customers when they started accepting orders through DM. Give people the liberty to order any product, any time.

Check retweets and comments on your Twitter posts regularly. If a user shows interest, guide them more. And who knows, they’d love your product!

Use Twitter promotions with TV advertising

Mercedes is a car company that makes successful use of Twitter. They promoted their new television commercial on Twitter. It is known as integrated marketing.

This Twitter video had a twist. It wasn’t the same as their TV ad. Use this trick and think about how you can promote your business uniquely through Twitter. Mercedes also encouraged their buyers and users to tweet the ending they loved the most.

Stay in touch with your audience

If you honestly want your brand to flourish through Twitter, remember this point. Tweets matter the most here. When people comment on your posts, be good enough to reply.

Obviously, it cannot be feasible to revert to all tweets. But try responding to at least a few important ones. To grow your business through Twitter, ensure to satiate those curious about your products.


The top Twitter business expansion ways given above are indeed worth a try. So, without any ado, you’re all set to grow richer and ever more popular.