Twitter is one of the most popular platforms to know what is going on all around the world. Twitter chats are gaining popularity, and they have a huge marketing goal. If you were interested in creating your market on Twitter, then you should follow the tips, and you’re here because you want to know more about it so that you can start it from scratch.

There are a lot of things that you need to know about, such as Twitter hashtags, links, and use them in your chat. There are many tools available for it, and you can chat and run sessions without relying on the feature.

First, let us start from the very beginning.

What is a Twitter chat?

If you’re a newbie, then you need to pay attention and know that Twitter is a hashtag-based platform. To make it easy, in real-time, it is when you are interacting with your audience, but when you do it regularly, it can make you feel that your creative capacity is a little thin. But if you want long-term social success, then you need to keep the audience engaged. Use the following content strategies and connect with the users.

First, let us know what a Twitter chat hashtag is?

Twitter is a platform where the chats are based on hashtags. On Twitter, we use hashtags, and the person who is hosting the chat will ask questions, and the respondents will respond to their questions. And if there is a welcome guest in the chat, then all the answers will be by that expert. The chat is usually set in a length of time, which is usually for an hour.

Despite its great set up the Twitter chat is a great marketing tool, and the best part is it is free to create. It can help you build audience engagement. There are some great hashtags that you can use for SEO and as a marketing tool, like #SEOchat, #serpstat chat. These hashtags create a lot of engagement and interview prominent guests.

Create a hashtag on Twitter for your chat –

Your main aim should be to create a chat topic, so think about one such topic which you can talk about. Then use the brainstorming technique and start with answering the questions and think of at least five to six terms that you can include in the chat. Then run a final brainstorm and finalize the names you want to use in your chat.

Make sure the names you choose are easy and short, and also memorable. Pick good names, and there are chances that some of them already belonged to another brand. The one that describes your chat in the best way is the suitable hashtag for you.

How to make your hashtag? This is so easy, create a tweet that contains a # and then add your chat name, which you have selected for that chat tweet, and there you are done!

How to use a Twitter chat application?

If you are new here on Twitter and have no idea about the application, you can still use Twitter to follow and update hashtags. However, this is a slow process as the hashtag page on Twitter cannot auto-update itself, and also, it does not come with extra features like the automatic append.

Basic tools are –

  • WeChat
  • Twubs
  1. WeChat –

    This is a Twitter chat platform, and it comes with several functions. You can identify whether a tweet contains an answer or an assertion. These platforms give you an opportunity to retweet others’ posts directly on the platform. WeChat helps you to bookmark the Twitter chat under my bookmarks.

    On the top right corner, you’ll be able to see your user name, and there you’ll find every chat you create under my room. The recent chats are easy to access as the TWChat gives you this option to save the history of the chat sessions.

  2. –

    This platform directly needs signing, and Twitter will direct you to the hashtag of the chat you want to be a part of. This platform features very minimally that are easy to use, and you can easily access them on your mobile phone.

    This platform doesn’t require you to register for your chats, and you just have to enter the hashtag and hit the start chatting button. There are buttons for retweet, chat, favorite, reply, etc., so this platform automatically append the hashtags of the chat.

  3. Twubs –

    This platform is more spartan in appearance than WeChat. For book lovers, here you can find some of the popular hashtags like #litchat. Sign up and register your hashtag, and then you can start using the service and posts. Also, you can retweet based on your conversation without putting the load on Twitter as a whole.

    Whoever joins your chat will appear as a member in your chat and appear on the list on the sidebar. You can also see the list of the account of contributors.

    These platforms offer tools like moderations and branding, and usually, on other platforms, they are not free.

Steps to manage Twitter chat

We will advise you on how you can manage your Twitter chat in just three easy steps, and you need to take care of the management and the maintenance of the chats. Also, let us begin-

  1. Think and decide a topic and schedule a day for a Twitter chat –

    You can come up with lists of a topic, and also, you can create a calendar so that it helps you remember when you need to post. Moreover, this gives you time to invite a guest on board and helps you to keep things prepared in advance.

    You can schedule three months of chat and prepare a calendar and share it with your subscribers, telling them to set their alarm so that they don’t forget. Please make use of the time when your audience is most active so that you can increase the audience’s engagement, and you can take the help of Twitter analytics as it helps you maximize participation and make your chat grow successfully.

  2. Reminding your followers for the upcoming chats –

    You can make announcements on your chat by mentioning the prominent followers and any guests. There are Twitter shoutouts like #VCBuzz that help to notify your followers of an upcoming Twitter chat.

  3. Archive your Twitter chat –

    In simple words, you can make your own chat summaries, create your article including the important points of the chats, and credit all the relevant contributors with links to their Twitter profiles.


Twitter is one of the best social media working platforms. There are millions of people who share their thoughts on twitter. This platform can help you grow your other social media handles too. Follow the tips and use the relevant hashtags. When you think of creating your chats on Twitter, it is not at all hard. The only thing it requires is to be well prepared in advance and stick to the platforms and rules to be successful in the Twitter chat, and this will help you grow engagement around the topic.

A Twitter chat is a very powerful weapon if used correctly, and you can also use it to promote different websites for services. The only thing to remember is not to promote your own chat as it will turn off the participants, which will decrease your audience growth on Twitter.

Use the best of hashtags that are relevant to your posts. Take the lead and have great conversations by using Twitter chats.