Some years back, having an Instagram account was more than enough for brands to be one step ahead of rivals. But today, almost 60% of users discover and get new products on Instagram and 85% of accounts follow a business on this platform, so it’s not shocking that 25 million business companies use Instagram accounts for social media marketing growth.

No matter the niche and size of the business, Instagram has tremendous marketing potential. And with such a huge number of competitors on the market, it’s essential to develop a strong Instagram marketing strategy to beat the competitors.

So video marketing content is the solution

Having such a huge popularity of Instagram video content, several big brands are making the most out of the technique and receive great business outcomes. Although, if you are not one of the most famous clothing retailers, you might have some trouble spending a big budget on your video creation. Therefore, you should know all the simple Instagram video techniques and ideas for social media marketing growth. So let’s start and find out more about Instagram video content.

Instagram Video Content Formats
Video content marketing is rapidly growing, and now there are three foremost video formats on Instagram:

  • In-feed video posts: Around 2013, when video posts were just introduced, they remained limited to only 15 seconds. And now, users need to see more videos from brands, so you can now upload a video up to 60 seconds in length.
  • Instagram stories videos: With the increase in vertical video, the format has grown extremely popular within the users. Now, more than 500 million users watch and create Stories every day, so there’s no doubt that the content will be engaging.
  • IGTV and live stream: As some of the videos are much longer than a minute, Instagram has two long-form formats. IGTV is an in-app video channel and live stream is meant to engage users in real-time.

Create Instagram Video Posts

The time when only huge companies were using video marketing is far behind us. Video content is famous among Instagram users.

Instagram video posts help to:

Tell more about the business and company:

It’s no mystery that people have a very short attention span. That implies that they instantly lose interest in the brand content. When a business account shares their video posts, you will be able to tell more about the company and please the customers as 80% of users want to see branded videos. However, Instagram video posts have been limited to only 60 seconds, the content is dynamic which means you are free to include more further information.

Increase user engagement:

Today, people prefer watching videos to reading texts, so video posts will surely help to increase the user engagement. This suggests that Instagram video posts can help you in boosting engagement and even get extra Instagram followers as people tend to share the content they like.

Customers’ attention:

Video posts are, no doubt, more eye-catching than picture posts. Instagram marks an 80% increase in time consumed watching videos over the platform and it shows growth every year. Instagrammers are engaged in video content as well as publishing video posts is an excellent way to hook the attention.

Keep up with the trends:

The video content popularity is on the rise. Modern users watch more brand videos and it inspires brands to create video content. Whenever you share Instagram video posts, you put up with the trends and put the customers’ needs on the top of the list.

Stay ahead of your competitors:

As video content is extremely widespread among users, not every business make brand videos as they do not have budget or time. It’s harder to create a big and good video than take a photo of the product simply on a phone. But, it’s necessary to listen to the potential customers and make video content if they are intrigued by it.

Show Off Your Products:

Your customers must know everything about the products to decide to buy from you. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, whether coffee, clothes or software, it’s very much important to show off the products.

Tell More About Your Company:

Whether you believe it or not, modern customers like to buy from real people and not faceless brands. Whenever making a purchase decision, people pay close attention to the company’s views and values, so it’s essential to communicate with your potential consumers and tell them more about the company.

There are various ideas on how to tell the brand’s story: you can do an interview with the CEO, take followers behind the scenes so that people can see the working process in real, show your employees, tell about the company’s achievements or history, list the company’s values, etc.

If you like to make a video that tells about the company without investing much effort or money, you may consider using royalty-less images and then repurpose the visuals into these social media platform videos that grasp the attention of the target audience.

Share a Product Teaser:

If the product is famous among the customers, that’s awesome. But when you roll out new products regularly, you can have the opportunity to get more customers and promote the business.

Because people always look for unique options, so they are interested in all the new products. When it is about video post ideas, you can make a product teaser that tells you about the product and keep the audience engaged and hooked.

Publish Seasonal Content:

Customer needs may change during the year, a lot of businesses run seasonal campaigns allowing them to promote the products and improve the sales. Whether you’ve launched seasonal discounts or seasonal products, it’s a big chance to make seasonal content that attracts more customers and therefore increases the brand awareness.

Product Overviews:

Modern users are savvy, with loads of branded information that comes to them from all sides, they give attention to products that satisfy their needs. So, customers seek out product reviews to ensure that the product will solve the problems before making purchase choices.

It might be difficult to convince the customers to make product review videos for the business. Still, it’s simple to make a product summary – just show the product at work. With the increasing demand for long-form educational videos, there’s no wonder that many brands use IGTV for their business. Furthermore, it’s a way to show the niche expertise and do a product overview.

As a business owner or a marketer, you identify everything about the benefits of the product. So, it doesn’t require a lot of effort, time, or knowledge, to show the potential customers how to use the products and provide them with reasons to give that a try.

Stop Motion Videos:

Modern users have already had too much extra polished promotional content, which is the reason why simple stop motion videos are trending on Instagram. Using stop motion videos, you can make interesting and unique content – just let the creativity get wild. Whether you have to show the product or tell the company’s story, there are various ways to use stop motion videos to get the audience engaged in a simple way.

Fast Motion Videos:

The fast motion option helps in showing off the progress faster without making your followers bored to death. Furthermore, 80% of video content is seen without sound, so this kind of content will work well on Instagram.

If you are curious about the type of fast motion videos that can be shot, pay attention that Instagrammers love behind-the-scenes content as it brings originality and authenticity. Therefore, you should show the teamwork process fast.

Although the customers are more likely to be engaged in the product creation method, no one would want to spend a lot of time watching it, so speed up the video to keep the followers engaged.

Rewind Mode:

With a huge number of videos on social media, you have to stay creative to grab the followers’ attention. If you want to show the product interestingly and funnily, think about the rewind mode to reverse the video.


Instagram is the most famous social media platform having a huge potential for brands. As more and more customers need to see video content from brands, businesses have already begun creating videos and using them in the Instagram marketing campaigns. Luckily, many Instagram video post ideas can suit businesses of all niches and sizes so that you can please potential customers and achieve business goals.