How to get famous on Instagram overnight? What to upload to get more likes? What topic should I post on to get attention? How to increase followers? If you are an aspiring content creator, these are undoubtedly the history of your web search. Instagram and social media may have seemed easy and fun earlier, but now that you have started your account, is it getting a bit tough for you?

These questions are the most asked ones. Everyone wants to be famous in no time, and it is not that they do not work hard for it. It’s just they don’t get the attention they need. You cannot blame anyone for your lack of appreciation. This is what has been going on; every popular Instagrammer had to go through this path to achieve what they have today. There is nothing to worry about as long as you work hard to achieve your goal.

Do you have the much-needed patience? If your answer is no, then maybe there are some other ways you can try. No, it’s not a prank; many famous Instagrammers have opted for the shortcuts to reach their goal.

Are you confused about what to do? Well, let’s start with the options you may have other than sitting around and magically becoming famous.

Buying likes and followers

Yes, buying likes and followers is a prevalent practice followed by many people. Human beings are built up in a way where they will only trust someone who has a lot of following; this becomes a negative point for the upcoming talent or the new content creators as they get no support. Many influencers end up closing their account, and the others wait for a miracle to happen.

This doesn’t mean that Instagram has no respect for what the people are offering; it is just that it takes a lot of time and effort to reach where other content creators are right now. Buying likes and followers is a common practice because it is a shortcut from the long-awaited journey. After a specific time, any creator would get frustrated if he/she is not appreciated. So buying likes gets them what they want. All the attention that had been lacking would be received by them. Many people have benefitted from this; you might as well try your luck.

Is buying likes illegal

No, buying likes is not illegal, though it is frowned upon. When we make an account, the Instagram policy clearly states that anyone who makes a fake account or acts like someone else might end up losing their account. Instagram policies do not support fake Instagram pages, and therefore it may be tricky to buy likes. Remember, buying likes and followers is something that will get you some attention; you will have to do the rest of the work. Try to make your content more relatable so that people may find it interesting.

How to buy likes

Buying likes and followers is an easy task, and that’s why many influencers could do it. You do not have to go to people and ask them to follow you in return for money. Many sites will help you get through this process. All you have to do is find a simple site that offers real followers and likes. You will find many sites that would provide you fake followers, and that would partially work in the short run, but in the long run, you can be caught. It is better to invest your money in real followers and likes so that the engagement of your Instagram account does not look bad. All these sites have certain packages which they offer.

You can choose the one that interests you the most and enter your login details. Some of these sites will offer the services for free, and some might demand some money. You can go for either of these until and unless your work is done. Just after you complete the process, within seconds, you will notice your likes and followers increasing to a number you had asked for.

And that’s how your work will be done in a few minutes. If you think you do not have to worry about anything anymore after buying likes, then you are wrong. As soon as your followers increase, the engagement of your account increases and people start sharing your content, or a new audience would be seen on your page. To keep them to stick around, you have to take care of some things:

Polish your profile

The first few things that the follower’s notice is your profile picture, username, and your bio. You have to use attractive or catchy phrases that may attract them. The bio should be written in a way that would give the gist of your page and what could be expected from it. Only after the audience looks at this information would they scroll down to check your page.


This will help you to increase your audience. Hold giveaways and contests that would catch the eye of other people. This is also an easy way to increase your followers to be a part of giveaways; people have to first follow you.

Unique content

Try to stand out from the crowd and make some unique content. Try creating things that have never been seen by others; this would attract the audience and would get you more likes and followers.

Why do influencers buy likes

If it’s been a long time since you are using Instagram, you may have noticed that the account of a content creator or a business account is different from the standard ones. They get access to some extra features for their account. Just like the other social media apps, Instagram too is a career option that people select.

Though it does not pay directly, the influencers are likely to get paid once they reach a certain number of likes and followers.

Brands look for new faces and talent to advertise their products, and who other than the content creators would be the most helpful. Instagrammers have a hold on their audience, and this is why brands look for such people to advertise their product so that they could reach a larger audience easily. For this reason, the influencers buy likes and followers for their hard work to pay.


Many influencers buy likes and followers so that they may get an advantage and get the attention they need to run their page. After this, the hard work that they have been doing pays in a way of making them accessible to the brands for promotional advertisement.