Have you noticed Instagram changing its features lately? Did you notice the brand new GIFs, input modes, and addition of music? Well, these are merely the basic features. There’s more to it with the new IG algorithm in play; you indeed may have realized that the engagement rates on your content are going down, specifically if you are a business owner or influencer. How do you think you’ll cope with Instagram changing its strategies so frequently and given the fierce competition?

You certainly don’t want to be out of the game. So, what is your stake? Are you going to develop a new strategy, change your niche or change the way you operate your Instagram handle?

Let’s pause and rethink what can work well for your business model. Always keep in mind, focusing on problems will never help you resolve the same. Instead, shift your focus on the solution, and you’ll notice that you are already equipped to address any grave situation.

So, focus on what you can do, particularly, in this situation, unstuck yourself with the active methods given below to attract more followers and increase your engagement rate besides buying “Likes” and Instagram followers:

#1. Strategy: Like for Like

Like for Like is a straightforward method to garner more viewers on Instagram; however, this strategy is reasonably low in generating more engagement than other methods but works well if applied alongside other growth strategies. Follow the steps given below to use this strategy most effectively:


Recognizing your niche/area of expertise and analyzing whether your IG content is in sync with your expertise or truly represents your brand or not. For instance, if most of your Insta feeds are to do with food, your niche is food that should reflect in the images you upload on IG.


Find a relevant and yet trending hashtag that is close to your niche. Use the Insta search functionality for the same.

The next thing is to select a hashtag with over a million posts instead of a hashtag that has over 50 million posts. This is well thought through and strategic step designed to pitch your post with a middle ground hashtag so that it gets just enough visibility and at the same time doesn’t get lost in the heaps of content. For instance, if your niche is food, be very specific; don’t select generic hashtags. You could use #food trends ( ~ 2 million posts) instead of #food ( 500 million posts)


After selecting a popular hashtag to target the right audience, key it into the IG search bar to match the top results with the same hashtag as yours.


Before you go any further, press the “Like” button on each of the posts you found in the top search results matching your target niche as your account may get blocked temporarily, suspecting bots or other shoddy activities on your account. The restriction is lifted off within an hour or sometimes may take a day to do so.


Repeat steps 1-4 with various hashtags matching your niche

After completing the above steps, you will notice that by liking the IG images that were similar to your content, your IG handle gets listed in the “Likes” section of the posts you liked, where your presence will not go unnoticed, and other users will be compelled to check out your profile. If your feeds are appealing and similar to the posts you liked, the chances are higher than the potential leads will be diverted towards your account, given the same taste.

Super Effective Strategy#2: Follow for Follow

This strategy is considered ideal for the organic growth of your account. However, quite similar to the first one with only one additional step. Back in the days when Instagram was launched, people followed others blindly without matching their niche with them. The follower-for-follower strategy was more prevalent and was considered a metric of popularity. But this strategy soon turned out to be shady as people started to unfollow soon after receiving follow back. This indeed increased their follower count, but with changing times and Its evolving algorithm, it is no longer considered your success’s measurable metrics. However, it is still being used but more effectively and aware now.

It would be good to apply this strategy along with the “Like for like” methodology to accelerate your number of followers. Since you don’t need to maintain a positive ratio in proportion to your followers, you don’t need to unfollow anyone immediately after receiving a follow back. Let’s dig in to see how this strategy can be applied:


Analyze the niche that resonates with your Insta feeds. For example, if your Instagram posts are mainly about weddings, birthdays, college fest, your niche could be event management.


Explore the IG search functionality to narrow down the most widely used hashtag relevant to your brand or service. Select a hashtag with middle profiling as in something between less than 50 million posts and more than 1 million posts. Your target hashtag should be particular, not general, in choosing # trending events (~4 million posts) and not # events ( 500 million posts).


Like all those posts, follow their account owner to be liked back and followed.


Repeat all of the above steps starting 1 to 4 before your account is temporarily withdrawn.

As per Karl Kangur, the founder of Business Media, the “follow for following” strategy is outstanding for boosting your increasing your followers base. Your visibility goes much higher beyond your imagination with the notifications all the tagged people receive in every post. If you have a strong bio and a solid profile, it’s also an excellent way to spread your brand awareness.

Engaging and following up with IG people is the most straightforward way to build rapport with potential unknown followers.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to understand that both the strategies “Like for Like” and ” Follow for Follow” are excellent tools for your account’s growth but only when you are actively involved in creating quality content and targeting the right audience. Otherwise, you should consider buying Instagram likes and followers for growing your brand that too with minimal effort.