Queen kylie has around 179 followers on Instagram. It has been continually increasing since she has joined the social media site. In the previous months, one of the campaigns made her grow her followers up to 41.1 million followers. However, some of the social media users think that it is for real or it is just fake followers.

Kylie Jenner, a 22-year-old mother of one, has been accused of faking her billionaire status, that she has recently enhanced her Instagram following with bots and fake accounts. It has appeared that she has phony username followers and performances, which people think she has purchased the bits and supporters to hike up her account’s appearance on Instagram. It is hard to spot Jenner’s followers’ authenticity, but it has not stopped millions of online users from calling out cosmetics on Twitter. One has fumed hat. She has fake followers too. Many have accused them that she buys phony followers, and she purchased 100 Million followers. There has been constant accusation that the Kardashian sisters, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner should stop buying fake followers as it looks super ridiculous. Kylie Jenner is among the topmost followed people on Instagram, after footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, singer Ariana Grande, The Rock, actor Dwayne Johnson, and Selena Gomez.

Ronaldo has whooping 221 Million fans, Ariana Grande has 189 million, the rock staggering 185 Million, and Selena Gomez has a list of loyal 178 million followers. The once ever-famous sister among the Kardashian klan Kim has 173 million fans following on a photo-sharing website.

One of the main reasons could be her family, as Jenners have always been in the spotlight. Caitlyn Jenner has been a famous athlete and is known to have notable Olympic achievements. And her mother, Chris Jenner, rose because of her first husband’s fame, Robert Kardashian. Later it was easy for the Kardashian and the Jenner sisters to name in the entertainment industry. One of their most successful shows, Keeping up with the Kardashians, is one of the famous plays, and also the Jenner sisters had made their appearances on that TV show when they were a child.

How Kylie Jenner gained a massive following on her Instagram?

For many years, Kylie Jenner was just known as Kim’s little sister until she grew up independently. She began to make a name for herself when she joined a popular social media platform Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Slowly, Jenner’s followers hiked as she shared the details of her lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Moreover, she got super famous when she started her brand and started selling her products named, ‘KYLIE COSMETICS.’ Her fame exploded.

When she was a teenager, she began selling her lip kits (lip liner and lip gloss). And that was the starting point of her gaining wealth. Like Kim, Jenner has the foresight to use Instagram and Twitter as a marketing tool to promote her brands. She is the goddess for those people who often tend to lip line their lips to make them look bigger. Jenner admitted that she uses lip filler, so many of her fans believed that they could also achieve her looks by using her products.

Jenner’s fans are obsessed with her wealth and daughter Stormi?

The net worth is Jenner is unbelievable and shocking to her Instagram followers and followers in general. The followers were interested to know about Kylie Jenner’s lavish lifestyle and high-profile relationship with rapper Travis Scott. He has helped her to get exposed to a large audience. Later she got pregnant with her two-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, and her following was once again on the boom. And surprisingly, it kept getting bigger and bigger as people took a keen interest in her motherhood, knowing that she is so young.

Kylie Jenner’s following has grown in the past years. She alone managed to take off her sister Kim Kardashian west since most of them followed her too. Nearly kylie has more than 6 million more followers than the Kim Kardashian west fragrance founder. She has more followers than singer Selena Gomez who was among the top five most-followed people on Instagram.

Jenner managed to take off her followers by 41 million under one year

She has whooping 41.1 million followers in just one year. In June 2019, she had 137 followers, and in June 2020, she is reported to have 179 million followers. It is out of the ordinary. There are many reports of Forbes that say that Jenner has fake followers.

Are some followers of kylie Jenner fake?

King Kylie has been accused of having fake Instagram followers. Fans and followers have noticed that reality TV stars have many followers with incorrect usernames and bot accounts. Also, their growth was more than that of the other celebrities. But speculative, It is hard to say if this is true or false. The value of the rumors will always be contested unless Instagram accuses Jenner of fake followers. People and fans who are fans of kylie hope that she uses this massive platform to talk about things that matter.

Kylie Jenner lost millions of followers in one night –

Kylie Jenner lost millions of followers on her Instagram suddenly. However, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are less affected by it since they lost just a small number of visible followers. Instagram has been trying to delete fake accounts which were made only to boost followers and likes. Kylie Jenner was one million tying with Kim Kardashian, and she lost over 2 million of her followers in just a night. This purge also hits many influencers. But eventually, it was sorted that there was a glitch, and Instagram is trying to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Only the inactive accounts have been removed.

Both sisters Kim and kylies’ accounts are rumored to be filled up with fake followers. No doubt that the most famous person on Instagram is Kim and kylie. Both the sisters had neck-to-neck competition for years, but recently Kylie, the younger one, beat the older sister in the Kardashian family. Today kylie is totally on fire as she admittedly been killing it in quarantine. He is launching new products, skincare, milking stormi for content, and what she has not been doing to gain popularity and fame. For better or worse, she is the youngest billionaire.

Kylie launches lip kits for her fans, and out of love for cosmetics, she has been experimenting with new looks, and her massive social media following loves her so much. Her lip kits were sold almost immediately, and she was able to roll that popularity into cosmetic lines.

Some say that Kylie Jenner flaunts her style and success. But, this is not what it seemed. She was eager to show off that she has become one of the youngest billionaires, but the reality was far away from that as her Instagram comment section was filled with bits of comment something seemed not right.


Kylie has been a TV reality star since she was 10. When she grew into an adult, people were eager to see her and follow her, and she leveraged that fan following into her career. She was already famous as a kid, and then she launched a lip kit as a combination and love for cosmetics. She is the most successful billionaire. There was a question that arose when she was spotted as the youngest self-made billionaire’. People said that she was a billionaire because she had millionaire parents already, although Kriss, kylie’s mother, said that she used her own money to fund her cosmetics.

In 2020, Forbes stripped Kylie of the title, self-made as it claimed that both Kris and Kylie had been overinflating the value of cosmetics. Kylie’s fake follower’s mystery still is far away from the truth.