The popular social networking site is booming more than ever. With people confined to their homes in the pandemic, the usage percentage of the app has skyrocketed, with the networking sites being the only solace to kill time. Well, for those who have just found how wonderful the virtual world is, here are a few tips that will make you appear as professional as others who have toiled the networking site for years.

The basic overview

Instagram has constantly surprised (or maybe not!) users with its evolution over the years. Far from the initial project, Instagram has constantly strived to match up to the expectations and demands of the users over time. This has resulted in multiple sub-platforms within the platforms that have their own fan base. One that has Gen-Z totally hooked up today is the reels.

However, whatever the outlet be, it always revolves around the visual. Anything that catches the eye is a success on the platform. Anything that makes you sit and take notice booms up on the platform. However, sadly others always remain in the darker region of the web. Thus, it all comes down to find the most visually appealing angle for anything that you want to post out there. Be it your perfectly posed candid or products that you sell.

Editing to your rescue!
It hardly goes without saying that not everyone can master the art of capturing the essence of reality. A photograph that makes you feel the same emotions as the people in it is a rare trait. But what to do when you are still trying to click pictures without making them blur?

Well, that is where editing comes in. The platform, quite obvious to the limitations of the general public and to make the platform as hospitable to all, has rolled out dozens of filters that can make your photograph shine as much as a professional photographer can. But these editings are comparable to makeup skills; one wrong move, and you end up being extra. And also, there is a limit to what editing can re correct. You cannot just trust the editing to compensate for your poor photographs.

Hence, you need to practice and experiment with both photography and various editing styles to come up with a perfect photograph.

Other ways to beautify your account

Well, you can learn photography skills along the way, but a few editing skills can help you notch up the feed to a whole new level. The feed is the place where all your posts appear and is only visible to your followers as long as your account is private. Decking up the feed to match a particular theme can instantly earn your account points from the followers as well as visitors alike. Here are some styles you need to consider while planning to revamp your feed.

  1. Choose a theme

    Go with a particular theme regarding the posts that you want to put up on the feed. Rather than being dynamic and covering every topic under the sky, pinout things that interest you and stick to those. This helps you not go too wayward and also your audience to know what they should expect of your account.

    If you are using the channel to endorse your products, use the post to flaunt your product ranges. If your account is for tutorials, then stick to them. If your account is for personal use, then list the possible posts under categories so that you can post them accordingly without disturbing the feed.

    For example, @patagonia goes with the theme ‘nature’ even while endorsing its products against scenic backdrops.

    @cluse goes with the minimalistic design to bring their product ranges to the forefront.

    @tinalebat sticks to a constant theme throughout the feed.

    The top five themes that are ruling Instagram today are:

    • Minimalistic
    • Modern
    • Futuristic
    • Nature
    • Back to the past

    ∅Tip: Understand what your account is primarily for. List the possible elements it can explore, and then conclude on the theme you want to set up. You can always graduate into another one after setting one up.

  2. Choose a color

    Select the color palette that you want to explore. With multiple hues for the same color, you can explore a wide section of background which complements your products/ photographs. You can also experiment with contrasting colors in grid outline or layering between the shades as your post allows. The idea is to make the overall feed aesthetically pleasing to the eyes without being too overwhelming to the viewers.

    Categorizing the post into different shades gives out a pleasant vibe as opposed to the one which is not. Certain combinations (like the black and white theme) limit your creative liberty as crossing over to other hues will feel abrupt. But there is no denying the fact the black and white captures and makes a bolder stance of the commodity at hand. Hence, depending on your posts, you can choose one that fits best for you.

    Like @thebetagirlstudio effectively brings out the beauty of each product using the contrasting pitch-black backdrop.

    @vintageaksesuar_ uses the light theme throughout its feed.

    @thesoulharbour uses the earthly tomes in the background.

    @the _fabrictree uses pop colors but still manages to maintain a balance between the contrasting backdrops.

    The top five color combinations to try put today are:

    • Grey/ steel
    • Golden tint
    • Earthly colors
    • Pastel shades
    • Back and white

    Tip: The color chosen must not be a hindrance for you at a later stage. Hence, choose one that allows you to post things you like comfortably.

  3. Choose a border

    Bordering up your posts helps create a visual demarcation between the post bringing in the added value of beauty.

    You can choose from various bordering styles based on what brings out the best of the pictures. Be it the aesthetic white or the bold black. Borders also help you to change the dimension of the post, making them switch between the square or rectangular frames, giving your post an asymmetrical switch.

    @orvisurfaces uses white borders to bring out a pleasing effect between the posts.

    Tip: Using borders need not mean you have to stick to the same throughout. If you wish to escape out, just complete the grid and then move to the next filter.

  4. Line up your posts

    Choose a vertical or horizontal theme and arrange your post accordingly. Lining up posts helps you give a good vibe at the same time, categorize the information that you want to give out. You can use them to list pictures belonging to a similar timeline (the horizontal one) or belonging to the same theme or shade (either way).

    @boldifulyou uses the vertical theme to line up the products with models flaunting it.

    @bts.bighitofficial uses various filters to up their feed. You can view the use of horizontal.
    lining, borders, grid, and across the grid at various parts of the feeds depending on the promotions at hand.

    Tip: It is better to arrange the theme beforehand and check them out before to make sure that they fit the feed section as it is desired.

  5. Go funky

    Add a dash of colors and texture to the post by testing your editing skills at hand. Though there are third-party sources that help you achieve these with few clicks, you can achieve them yourself with a few practices. Create a grid layout, or go for across the grid post, i.e., a picture that continues across one post.

    @shop_swirl, experiments with across grid and vertical layering of the post.

    @kyra_gallery uses the grids to complete the post. uses across the grid feature effectively to bring out a schematically aesthetic feed.

    Tip: It is very important to make sure that the posts are aligned as desired; this is why the across grid comes across as a tricky start for beginners. However, when completed, they give feeds a larger-than-life view.


Integrating different styles to complete the feed is a good idea just like @bts.bighitofficial. However, make sure that you do not go overbroad. The filters are used to give your feed an aesthetic ambiance. Put a leash on your creativity if it tends to go to the other side.