Fashion Trends That Would Rule Instagram In 2021

Instagram fashion trends are constantly evolving, and what does 2021 hold for your feed? Your Instagram feed will get more engaging and creative than ever before, from the rise of Instagram Reels to perfectly-timed memes.

Wearing pilgrim collars to PVC pants, we were excited to wear all the stuff in 2020, but as we know, most of us spent the year in sweats. But, for 2021, we’ll expect to ease back into our old fashion ways slowly, and we’re aiming for practical items, statement-making, and, preferably, loose when it comes to trends.

Asking celebrity stylists and designers who know a thing or two about what’s hot keeping this in mind, their choice for the best fashion trends to buy in for 2021 combine the best of both worlds, and at the same time, are seasonless and classic.

Discover the aesthetic fashion trends that would rule on Instagram in 2021, as well as how to use them to grow your brand or business:

Faux Leather:

The faux leather trend is in, so invest in some leather skirts, leather blazer, or skinnies and throw your denim aside. People are a fan of contrasting chunky, cozy knits with edgier leather joggers.

Fashion Trends That Would Rule Instagram In 2021

The High Vs. Low Rule:

The best Insta stars marry aspirational pieces with affordable, high-end, relatable garments from the high street to be more relatable. A list of brand partnerships is more abundant than an exaggerated sleeve. One Instagram influencer that wears well is Brighton, and Paris-based Lorna Luxe, whose reduced palette of high street wears and a good collection of Dior, Chanel, and Celine accessories that has earned her 1 million followers.

Statement Coats:

Stalk the Saks Potts and Stand Studio Instagrams for major coat-spiration to get the look for less, hit up websites like ASOS for related silhouettes and details. The trend is a leather trench with faux fur trim, and if you’re not into faux fur, then make sure your outerwear tops are colorful or feature a different texture or silhouette, so say bye to simple outerwear coats.

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The ‘vintage’ trend was huge in the early noughties and pre-Instagram. Dresses to waist-cinching belts and’ 70s-inspired tees, vintage didn’t necessarily mean actual vintage but became a sharp look over time. Forwarding a decade and the rise of Instagram brought with the influencers and the need to consume. Secondhand purchased or vintage were exchanged with fast fashion and apps, which made your shopping the favourite tastemakers’ wardrobes even more apparent.

Vintage has a moment once more with many influencers with the current want for more responsible and sustainable fashion, mixing an affordable versus designer aesthetic and old meets new.

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Shirts + Jackets need some wear that’s heavier than your denim jacket but not quite a full-on coat. Here we are introducing the shacket, a classic flannel shirt made in a thicker material. Belt it, wear it open, or layer to your favorite content. You’ll be amazed at how many ways a shacket can be worn and styled once you have one.

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Elevated Loungewear:

Not a new one, but we aren’t throwing our sweats at midnight on December 31, 2020. However, it can’t hurt to raise our activewear and loungewear just a little bit as we attempt to recover a sense of normalcy. Replace sweatpants for chic joggers like the Zone Pants, go for a more fitted top and skip the matching sweatshirt.

Minimalist Neutrals:

Clean lines, solid monochrome colorways, and neutral tones are in for 2021, as we could use a little simplicity in our lives after the ups and downs of 2020. So, get yourself a neutral cardigan to be paired with various slip skirts, loungewear joggers, and baggy denim.

Instagram fashion trends 2021

Chunky Soles:

Thick lug and extra-chunky soles are in for 2020. Where the kitten heels, stilettos, and block heels are gone, they’ll also add a little cool-girl edge to more femme ‘fits while they compliment an already-edgy wardrobe perfectly. If you aren’t ready to lean in thoroughly, then a chunky platform is ideal.

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Gender-Fluid Brands:

What are we talking about gender roles in 2020? This year, Marc Jacobs started his polysexual design Heaven, which is then worn by Bella Hadid, with the word that fashion is for everyone. We’re just going to be shopping for our senses of style and nothing more.

Fashion Trends On Instagram 2021

Vintage Bowling Shirts:

The vintage bowling shirt is the latest choice band tee. There are many different ways to wear these tops that are button-front with striking patterns that give relaxed and casual comfort.

Upcoming trends 2021 fashion

Playful Jewelry:

Jewelry has honestly become the most exciting part of our outfits as you may have seen the beaded mask chains and DIY camp bracelets you’ve seen all over Instagram were any indications. Just look for something colorful that’s bound to bring you some joy rather than setting your sights on a specific trend, like chain-link chokers or mismatched earrings.

Fashion Trends On Instagram

Clothes For a Cause:

Spreading the word about the labels makes a difference, and supporting companies that give back has always been important. There are many ways to shop for clothing, just like Black-owned brand Phenomenal, with proceeds going toward programs that raise funds for charities or fight social injustice.

Self-Expression Masks:

Face masks are always needed and are mandatory in public places as they’re certainly proven to stop the spreading of germs, especially in large crowds. Our face masks’ design elements have gotten more and more valuable to us, and we’re treating them as another accessory to ease us convey our personalities.

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Getting dressed up with your partner is fun whether it’s a matching bowling shirt, sharing clothes is cool, a full-on linen ensemble, like Williams and Selby’s, and going all out is entirely acceptable.

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Vintage Logo Accessories:

One of our favorite ways to do while shopping is scouring vintage sites for special pre owned items we loved as we’re all about shopping, sporting your famous designer logo. Vintage logo accessories are also more affordable this way.

Romantic House Dresses:

Over the past several months, we fell in love with breezy and casual house dresses. And as we know the saying, once you start wearing dresses that are so comfortable and feel like pajamas, you never go back. As there’s a house dress for all seasons, we may never go back to pants and jeans.


Leggings are pants, of course, and spending time covering in place was enough of a reminder. A lot more details are emerging nowadays that are encouraging to stay right to everyone’s favorite pants. Various varieties like side slits, flared silhouettes, and side stripes give off dancer vibes.

Upcoming trends 2021 fashion

Nostalgic ’90s Brands:

We’re still remembering fashion trends from the past and making ourselves for getting rid of the Kangol bucket hats and hoodies from Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap. This trend is just another fashion trend for which vintage retailers may come in profitable.


Replacing and swapping the athleisure items shorts like sweat shorts and biker shorts, the tennis skirts have recently made a comeback. Pleats bring some dimension and thrill to your look even if yours doesn’t turn on the sporty side.

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Romantic Details:

To connect us to our free-spirited, inner hippie, we’re fully prepared to start collecting blouses. Lovely details like eyelet and lace hems contribute to that vibe.


Thank God there are jeans on the runway, finally. Now the weekend wear is officially high fashion, as they have never looked better. Denim and Valentino’s sheer top combinations with everyone’s favorite Levi’s has us waiting for spring. At the same time, Xuly Bet’s denim company will turn the sidewalk into a catwalk.

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In the summer, everyone dreams of the seaside, but now you can have it wherever you are. From more literal representations at Versace to Acne Studios’ stunning take on a fisherman’s net nautical themes were all over the runways, as fishing is now high-fashion too.
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Final Words

Loungewear is the latest fashion trend worth investing in for 2021. The quality and cut do not suffice as the fast-fashion brands are all over it. Invest in a few pieces that are cut well and won’t bobble. Pangaia is made from 100% recycled fabrics, which makes it a responsible purchase.

The ones who now found themselves working from the comfort of their homes and Zooming with the climate of sartorial culture shifting to fit the lives, as the most notable trend of this season is an ode to relaxed awareness encapsulates ease and comfort. Still, don’t think only loungewear, but somewhat more elevated and effortless pieces focused on circular fashion and sumptuous fabrications.

Also, a sweater vest is a calm and understated piece that can quickly work into your wardrobe.

The list will evolve and grow as more designers share their plans for 2021, but for now, at least these trends come to mind. We bought and never wore out from the handbags in 2020 to faux leather, shackets, and lug sole boots. 2021 is forming up to be a pretty damn stylish year.