Over the past few years, Instagram has gone through rapid growth. Since 2014, this popular social media platform has got more than hundreds of millions of users every year, and images alone can speak thousands of words. So, it must not be a big deal to spread information on Instagram. Indeed there are some flaws of Instagram, such as the inability to share links in posts, but still, you can overcome them easily.

Firstly decide the purpose of your account. Know well if you want to throw more light on the promotion of the digital or print space. Or if you’re going to share the scenes behind the lens or want to have a complete channel of your own, that would provide all sorts of visual stories. Or you can even choose all of these at one go.

But you have to be consistent. Consistency is the key in Instagram that shows you the colors of success. Instagram can surpass Twitter if the account holders and the news brands are willing to do some of the things that we will mention a little later.

Reach out to new spectators

Social media is primarily for sharing stuff to make more people aware of your happenings. People choose them over anything cause you get to connect with more people there. Younger people are now turning towards social media more. So, that is an excellent opportunity to distribute news on Instagram for their better knowledge. Instagram users are far more than twitter ones. And the brands’ content and followers’ support are the absolute rulers of Instagram.

So once you get to spread out your content to more people, which is comparatively more straightforward on Instagram, it can be a popular news source. Reaching out to new people has become easier for revised Instagram algorithms.

Social media is found at the bottom of the list of news sources. Many people don’t trust the news shown on social media platforms for fear of fake news. So, reaching out to more people with daily news updates and building the trust process is essential.

Reaching out to more people on Instagram is the best goal for Instagram. Youngsters of ages 18-29 make up for the majority of the online crowd on Instagram. It has the highest percentage of all other age groups. And, this group is reported to have the lowest daily newspaper readership. Even eighty percent of Instagram users reside out of the United States. And this provides the real opportunity to approach more people.

Instagram is the most sought after because content sharing is effortless here, and the algorithms work pretty well to show the posts to maximum people. And when posts get shared, long and far, the brand name travels with it too.

Post stunning content –

This one is the most common tip that you will ever come across. And everyone knows that. Everyone is trying their best to produce great content. But the main point of this one is to make high standard content a priority. The real focus should be on keeping your present followers engaged and also attract new followers. The more followers you attract for reading news on Instagram, the greater will be Instagram’s importance as a News source. Individual account holders like you or the major news brands can create engaging and trustworthy content to engage and attract followers.

Tease your future content –

Teasing your upcoming content can keep your followers excited and also get you, new followers. Recent reports say that the leading news channel, CNN knocked their long-form reporting in their Instagram account. Even the images of the reporting photographers on the spot are posted along with the news.

Even you can use these images for hinting towards the longer and deeper stories that will be available in their profile or site. It urges the readers more to visit the site to read out the exciting news.

If you are a reporter, you can also make tour posts more engaging by clicking and posting some of the scenes from behind the lens for your latest story. You can also take a screenshot of that exciting project that you and the tour team were working on. You can also add unique captions that will attract everyone’s attention.

It also adds a lot of value to your post. You can also add trending hashtags or also your brand name as the hashtags for your posts.

Feature stories, news summaries, and specials –

You can always feature the images of the latest news in your stories. Those attractive images urge the readers to go to the main post to read out the complete information. You can also create a shortened version of your story and publish it on Instagram with images, videos, and links to your website.

You can analyze the top 5 stories that received the highest engagement and form their short summaries with unique designs and images.

For special events, you can directly live stream the video and keep it short. When there are several highlights to be made, you can launch different streamings to increase your videos in your feed.

These tips can drive in more engagement, and that alone will make Instagram surpass Twitter.

Be an expert in hashtags

The advantages of hashtags can be debatable for other platforms, but every Instagrammer knows that hashtags are indispensable assets. The posts which consist of at least one hashtag have 12.6% higher engagement chances than the posts without hashtags.

Hashtags categorize the content and make it easier to find when someone searches for the keywords mentioned in your hashtags. Using hashtags can help you to reach new audiences. Use all kinds of hashtags that resonate with your posts.

The final say

The initiative for making Instagram surpass Twitter as a popular news source may be a little difficult but not impossible. Instagram is very close to overtaking Twitter, and with a bit of effort, that day is not very far. By implementing the tips mentioned above more strongly, Instagram will become a popular news source.
Nowadays, most youngsters turn to Instagram more than newspapers, making Instagram the leading news source can also be of immense help to them for staying up-to-date with the latest on-goings. Instagram and its users surely can change the match on how the news industry promotes itself on Instagram and gains new readers.