Instagram is a powerful social media platform for business. Since its venture into e-commerce, it has been making some headlines for the interactive business and opportunities.

Before we go into the details, one thing to remember is that you need to have a good follower base for an excellent business to happen. Without the required target audience, how would you expect your business to have a good sale?

The first goal of brands utilizing Instagram is to attract a huge crowd and then promote their brand. Once they have their target audience, it becomes seemingly easy to flaunt your product and services.

So if you are reading this article, to make the best use of all the Instagram features, your first pivotal move should be to gain the audience’s attention. And how do you do that?

  • Keep your business account public so that viewers can easily reach your products.
  • Invest in buying Instagram followers– it is the fastest way to gather some real authentic users.
  • Upgrade your content-arouse some good emotional feelings through your content.
  • Collaborate with the influencers, let your brand be reachable to their followers as well.
  • Come up with exciting content like quizzes, contests, giveaways to increase engagement and instantly increase your count.

#feature 1: Instagram Live

One of the features that allow you to interact with your customers on a one-to-one basis directly. It’s a fantastic feature to make some good announcements or have some interactive sessions with collaborators.

It aims to strengthen your community by bringing people together and having a discussion over valuable things. Most of the brands go live and have interactive Q & A sessions, tutorials, and new product announcements.

One can even go live and have interviews with well-known personalities or influencers, thereby increasing your visibility within their followers.

For instance, Barry’s Bootcamp is a global fitness studio that offers classes featured on Instagram Live. With heavy followers, it hosts live workshops and gains some solid attention from its users.

#feature 2: Link in bio

Link in bio is the newest edition that can influence some good traffic towards your products. It is a direct link to the brand, product, or service, and within a click of a button, users can easily access your posts. Using such an URL, users can easily access your recent editions, sales, products, and collections.

Here are a few steps to include this feature on your account:

  • Step 1: go to your profile and click on “edit profile.”
  • Step 2: within the website field, add your URL.
  • Step 3: save the changes done, and you’re ready to post the link.

#feature 3: Instagram shop

one can reach their customers by providing a catalog of available products by this feature. The “View Shop” button on your profile page will give the list of curated products applicable. These businesses can also be discovered on Instagram’s Shop tab and be reached by thousands of users.

This feature makes users get a quick view of what they intend to buy and select according to their choice. Users can see similar products by simply clicking on suggested products, and in the US, customers can even purchase the product and pay online without even having to leave Instagram.

#feature 4: Instagram Stories

A Story includes a clip of sorts, videos, or images about anything and everything. It is a perfect feature to tell your crowd what you are up to or posting behind the camera scenes like bloopers. Brands can also announce new products, sales, content, giveaways, contests, and much more.

When you upload a story, your display picture gets featured on the top, making you easily visible to the audience. Stories include adding shoppable product stickers that allow users to tap on it and get directed towards the product.

#feature 5: Instagram IGTV

Instagram IGTV allows brands to highlight their products by posting a video. This feature is unique in the sense and it enables you to create and watch the video on full screen because it is designed to function vertically.

The videos begin as soon as you click and them, and you can even swipe to check out some more exciting videos. In this way, users get lured into watching more and more videos, increasing their connections with you. It provides accessible URLs like “View products,” so users can click on them, engage and save for later watch.

IGTV even gives you a platform to create series. For instance, “Mejuri” is a jewelry brand that hosts inbox stories- a weekly series where influencers talk about their latest jewelry collection.

#feature 6: Instagram Reels

Reels allows you to record and share 15-sec video creative tools and audio effects. A larger community can easily explore reels, and because they are mini-clips, they gain solid attention from users.

They are ways by which people express themselves, their work-life, or personal life. You can add some glitter to your brand by adding sound and audio effects. These reels can be easily shared on your feed, on stories, or via texts. They provide a gist of your content and therefore are powerful tools for businesses.

World-famous brands like Louis Vuitton make high-quality, creative eye-catchy reels to promote their plethora of new collections. It is one of the growth hack used by their brand to engage with their audience and excite their brand awareness on Instagram.

#feature 8: Hashtags

Hashtags allow users to reach you because they make you visible and viable quickly. This is another way followers will engage with your account by following the branded hashtags you create. A recent feature now allows you to track an account just by hashtags, so it is an easy-go tool to reach your audience.

#feature 9: video calling

You can video call your partners or collaborators to discuss your business. Such interactions can also be utilized to reach your customers and answer their queries. If you run businesses that include coaching or masterclass tutorials, this feature is the best to invite your audience.

If a personal meet-up doesn’t work, then the Instagram video can be used for conferences, meetings, and even interviewing potential employees. Customer service can be made easy by having one-to-one interaction with our loyal customers.

#feature 10: sticker like “Questions” on stories

It gives you a sneak peek into your audiences’ perspective on your product. You can pose a question relating to the new products and services your customers would want, or even requests for feedbacks are essential.

This data helps you in understanding your audience and their perception of your products and services. The answers that you receive should be positives that would help you strengthen your brand.

bottom line!

The given above are some examples that focus on global brands, but these features can also be used by small-scale or local businesses to enhance their brand. Engaging with your audience can take some time. However, to increase this interaction, you need to have a good follower base. Without the audience, how do you expect to have a sale?

Winning the confidence of your followers is the first thing to attract some good business, and the rest follows up. Use these tips and thrive towards changing the face of your brand.