Instagram has become a hot spot for marketers; this incredible platform not only engages potential customers but also helps your business grow.

Data shows that businesses active on social media, particularly Instagram have a success rate more than 50% compared to those brands not on social media.

In this post, we will reveal valuable tips not only for businesses but for every Instagram user. But first, look at these statistics to understand the power of Instagram.

Why is Instagram a Powerful Tool?

If you thought Instagram is just another social media platform to post your pictures, think again! Here are the five significant facts you must see to trust the power of Instagram.

  • The total number of Instagram users has crossed the 1 billion mark.
  • On average, more than 50 minutes are spent on Instagram daily by its users.
  • It has been assessed that 70% of trades in the United States use the Instagram platform.
  • At least 50% of Instagram users are linked or following at least one commercial site.
  • Instagram influences 80% of users to purchase a service or merchandise on Instagram.

13 Powerful Tips for Every Instagram User

  1. Make your Posts Recognizable

    It is good if, by just looking at the post, we know who the author is. In a visual platform like Instagram, it is essential to have your brand identity. Using signature filters, pictures, and the same fonts and color will give your profile a professional look.

    Whenever possible, try to invoke a persistent brand message. Your profile and pictures should reinforce the message and values; these minor adaptations will help get trademark recognition all across social media channels, including Instagram.

  2. Use Hashtags and Use them Wisely

    Hashtags are the force multipliers that will help you navigate through an ocean of content. Using hashtags helps, but stuffing posts with hashtags will spam the content. Research shows optimum use of up to 10 hashtags is good enough.
    It is worth analyzing the hashtag by your competitor; it will give a good insight into the tactics used by others in the game. You may not hit the bull’s eye in the first attempt, but hashtags have proven to grow your audience. The niche and communities in your playfield will know you.

  3. Videos and Images must have a Caption

    Every image that you upload must be relevant and edited with a runtime of under a minute. The pictures and videos should speak for themselves. A good way that has become successful over the years is posting a meme.
    Meme images and videos get into the depth of the content funnily. People know it is meant to give out a message. You will have accelerating success if your followers connect to your images and videos.

  4. Landing Pages and Links Help

    Your posts should be responsive for your audience. Responsive not only indicates a call-to-action button but also encourages visitors to look out for more. It could be your store, a newsletter, or your e-book.

    Create a relevant and engaging landing page on your website to guide visitors to take action. You must also post a link in your bio, but remember to post only one relevant link.

  5. Turn On that Notification

    It is mandatory to know about your competitors and influencers. Get that announcement whenever people that interests you post any content. One of the main reasons is to learn and also plan your next strategy.

    You can turn on the notification by visiting the user profile. These are three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the relevant post; go to notifications and switch on the toggle button for posts or stories.

  6. Schedule your Posts

    Mobile apps give you the advantage of posting content on the go. Another incredible way to do this is scheduling your posts in advance; set day and time as per your foresight and needs.

    There are plenty of apps that will help you manage your content and schedule them. Do complete research of pros and cons; you can even check the number of downloads, reviews, cost, and policy before jumping in.

  7. Polls and Contests will get Visitors

    Queries, polls, and contests will upsurge Instagram engagement. Quizzes and polls on Instagram (stories) enable getting feedback from your viewers. Trends show that people read content based on the number of likes, number of followers, and views.

    Analysis shows that content related to quizzes, contests, and polls has 50 times more engagement, likes, and comments than traditional posts. These are foolproof methods to boost your followers and raising awareness about your brand.

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  8. Collect and Save your Posts

    Instagram has an option to view all posts you’ve liked and bookmark and save posts that you think should be collected as a library.

    All you need to do is go to your profile and tap settings. Go to the right top icon and select – saved. Select saved images from the section. If you want to save more photos, click the bookmark option on the photo. Now you can go back and see if the picture is added to the saved images. This way, you can add or delete any desired photo.

  9. Explore Free Instagram Tools

    Business profiles are designed to make your business grow; if you haven’t switched to a business profile, do it immediately. Using features like insight, you can view engagement data, like impressions, and many more statistics. You can also break down the details of your followers, their age, gender, and location.

    The best part about insight is that they don’t provide generalized information, but you can get the specifics. You can look for impressions earned within a week or any relevant time frame that suits you.

  10. Sponsored Ads can Boost your Brand

    Instagram ads are also designed to grow your business. Not only that, but you can control your ads as per your requirement. Controls give you to manage your budget and multiple ads in a carousel.

    Ads features give you the ability to target the desired audience, and only users following your account will be able to see your photos and updates. You can also turn your posts into ads.

  11. Use Instagram Stories Effectively

    Instagram stories are meant to generate leads. These are similar to Snapchat and available for 24 hours. If you want, you can save it or extend the time duration.

    Use Instagram stories for announcements, polls, and behind the scene stories. You can also do a little experiment with Instagram stories to see if an idea works or not.

  12. Allow Participation

    Participation from your followers will create goodwill and get you more engagement. Apart from organizing contests and polls, allow your followers to post their content according to your niche.

    Before you jump into this venture, get secured from hackers and spammers. A good way is to enhance your firewall, recheck your security settings and enable features that check the content before making it live.

  13. Get Involved

    Last in the leaks, but a very crucial point for your brand and profile to sail through. Never leave a comment unanswered; always post content that encourages discussion and get linked to influencers to get more recognition.


Try these thirteen proven methods to boost your brand and content on Instagram. Do let us know which hacks you tried and if they worked?

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