The followers and likes ratio is a significant key factor that enables you to know the engagement rate of Instagram users. Specifically, if you are putting effort and time into growing your channel, this is an excellent analysis to understand.

While your page has around 5000 followers, you will get approx 2000 likes since all of your followers are not going to give you likes. The number of likes varies depending on several other aspects, such as your connections and interactions with the followers.

5000 followers count is not a small number, but not necessarily all will transform into likes. Assume that you have regular interaction and connection with your Instagram followers. You can get extra likes, but if you are occupied and unable to contact them or reply to their messages, you can get a smaller number of likes even with 5000 followers.

The quality of followers you have determines the number of likes. Several people now buy followers from not so genuine providers who serve only the count of followers, but these are not substantial ones. Such bought followers don’t interact, as they are not real people due to being fake accounts. Many other accounts are not able to give you frequent likes or genuine comments on your posts.

This is the reason that you should always choose real providers to get organic growth in your Instagram account. People use the mechanisms to enhance their profile and get substantial followers organically, ensuring connection and high engagement with their content. The followers are real users and not fake or bot accounts. They are users who are searching to follow people that have something engaging.

Understanding Instagram Algorithm

Understanding the Instagram algorithm is easy. The more views and likes your images, videos, and content received, the more users will watch them, and it certainly increases the follower count’s involvement rate over a while.

Users look at the percentage of your followers who connect with your content. The Instagram algorithm from a contextual viewpoint is simple and effective. A simple way to find out fake accounts and fake followers Is by looking at the count of likes and comments on their content. Practically 70% of the users on Instagram possess shorter than 1000 followers, and also 15.7% have between 1000 to 10000 while there are 5.7% with 10000- 50000.

How many likes should you get per follower?

Followers you have are contemplated to be real if the engagement rate on your posts is 3% to 5%, and they get involved with your posts, that is, 3 to 5 likes for every 100 followers. In contrast, you get 10% to 10%, which is assumed to be outstanding. However, this ratio varies between men and women. For women accounts, likes and comments are 250-350, whereas, for a man performance, it is 150 likes. While you have 2000 followers, you can expect this ratio for likes.

A worst-case is assessed wherein an account gets a 1% to 2% ratio. Someone gets this sort of percentage; then, the customers are evaluated to be fake. And if the engagement rate is 3% -4%, then it is deemed to be enough.

The factor that affects the likes you get

The number of likes typically depends on the utilization of hashtags and the kind of content you share; hashtags are an excellent strategy you may use to promote your content.

Other significant factors have short videos, and an attractive picture is always popular for most users. On top of that, if the videos are impressive, then it’s all the more remarkable, and followers are crazy about them.

Your daily schedule and activities matter a lot to the followers; they follow your daily routine and your time at the platform. Followers want to see how many times you comment, how you express your views on a particular subject and give reactions, your count of followers, and the ones who unfollow you. About all your posts that grow automatically.

Followers’ activities and involvement are essential to growing automatically. If followers are the most active sorts, then it’s a beautiful opportunity for you to have a great status, but if they are not so active, your content, posts, and videos don’t get the target audience. You can utilize tools to automate and schedule the posts so you won’t have to be on Instagram all the time; it substantially works for people. Adding the location to your post is a great feature that you can include in the posts to show different regions.

What is a good number of likes on Instagram?

Typically, more than 15% of followers is an excellent count. In an account, if organized activities are happening below 5%, it is considered to have a high number of fake followers. Hence, if you have like 500 followers and get 50 likes, it is undoubtedly a good number.

The overall count of the likes per Instagram posts especially banks on your reach, the follower’s count and their active participation on Instagram, and your frequent involvement with the viewers. You get to know about this when you combine the total, as an individual has a semi-active profile and has 300 followers base, out of that half of them will be friends, family members, and the rest half is random followers approx 50 likes on each post. That means more or less 17% of the followers they have.

Celebrities and influencers have a huge following count, like 1M followers. These influencers have such a following to get approximately 50K- 60K likes on content, and this is precisely only 5-6% of their fan base.


Mostly 3 – 5 likes you get per 100 followers, and this is considered a genuine activity. Looking at all the options, one can have to grow organically and be real to put sincere efforts into creating content. Keeping in mind that several likes heavily rely on hashtags and the sort of content you start, you can undoubtedly win the audience and make millions of genuine viewers who would engage with your content.

The most effective strategy is using hashtags in your posts and excellent and honest content that will pull the people to your Instagram account. Nice pictures, positive images, and short, exciting videos are all the mediums to attract viewers to your posts.

According to some experts, For accounts with under 10 thousand followers, a successful changeover rate is 15%. Above 10 thousand, a decent conversion rate is 7–9 %. Therefore we get to know the number of likes you can get if you have 5000 followers.