You have created a well-planned YouTube channel. That’s good. But you must be wondering what now? You must have made the channel to promote your brand or any particular product and services. The next step would be to attract desired traffic from your channel to your business or wish to share content to entertain or provide important information to your audience. In this article, you can learn about how to add clickable likes to your YouTube videos.

Before that, let’s learn about the type of videos that YouTube policies allow linking from your videos. However, the content that is allowed and not allowed by YouTube is not surprising, and it is crucial to understand the guidelines and policies so one doesn’t run afoul and get kicked off from the platform.

What types of videos can you link to your YouTube videos?

YouTube highly considers and protects the safety of its users. However certain types of videos are allowed to be linked, but there are some which aren’t. Listed below are types of videos that are not authorized by YouTube to be added as clickable links.

A. Own associate and verified sites:

YouTube has allowed its creators to add links to other websites and continents that they own. To add clickable links to your videos, one should verify that they own the sites they link to. You will also need to join the Partner Program by YouTube. A particular channel must have 4000 + watch hours and 1k subscribers in a year to join the program. If your track meets this criterion, then we can apply to the Partner Program and easily associate their website by using Google search, and they are good to go.

B. Sale of illegal goods:

YouTube forbids using websites that sell illegal services and goods like illicit drugs, fake legal documents, and counterfeit goods.

C. Unauthorized access to paid videos:

Creators are not allowed to link any of the year’s YouTube videos that can grant its users some unauthorized access to paid videos, regardless of what that video is about (live events, seminars, software licenses, music, workshops, etc.) As under YouTube policy, it is considered private.

D. Child Abuse:

YouTube creators are not allowed to add clickable links to the websites that promote child abuse.

E. Approved e-commerce sites and crowdfunding:

Approved e-commerce websites and crowdfunding can be added with clickable links on creators’ YouTube videos. Before you inform your viewers about external fundraisers and merch shops, make sure that YouTube policies allow such activities by checking the list.

F. Nudity and Sex:

YouTube policies do not allow its creators to add clickable links to the pornographic continent, but creators can surely use nudity for educational purposes.

G. Terrorism recruitment and financing:

Unfortunately, the internet has made it very easy for terrorist groups to spread their propaganda and take recruitment and financing procedures online. YouTube has created guidelines that help fight against terrorism by prohibiting the creators from adding clickable links to their videos linked with terrorist ideologies and groups.

Types of Links on YouTube Videos

Now that we are aware of what type of content can be added as clickable links. So, let’s learn about types of links and how to add them to your YouTube videos.

1. Description:

Adding clickable links to your YouTube video description box is easy. You have to add a URL pure website on your YouTube videos description box. This method is one of the most popular ways of adding clickable links because of its ease.

2. Cards:

Card pop-ups on another method to add clickable links to your YouTube video. They can be added during video playback at a particular time when you specify a specific video, and you can also use “i” in any corner of your video. Your viewers click on the link to open the related video, channel, website, or playlist. Card pops can only be added by those creators who are a part of YouTube’s Partner Program.

3. End Screen:

The end screen method is quite similar to card pop-ups, but they are shown at the end of a YouTube video. Like cards, one can also use the end screen method to link other websites, videos, channels, and playlists. In this method, you can again ask your viewers to like, subscribe, and comment on your video and channel. The end screen method can only be used by those creators who are part of YouTube’s Partner Program.

4. Videos:

Video links are a method by which you can mention a link within your YouTube video. You either add a watermark, talk about it, or display it on your screen at a particular point during your video when you are mentioning it. But these links are not clickable.

How to add clickable links to your YouTube video

We have already discussed four methods to add clickable links to audio YouTube videos. Still, there are only two methods to add clickable links to your videos directly: the end screens and the cards method. We will now learn how to add your YouTube video by using these methods.

  • Add Links to Your Videos Using Card pop up:

    The cards method is a great way to add clickable links to your video, including other channels, websites, polls, videos, and even playlists. Once you have added a card pop-up, an “i” will immediately repair in the right corner of your YouTube video. By clicking on it, a list of cards will pop up on your viewer’s screen that can be used to open other websites or videos. Listed below are steps to add card pop up:

    1. To add card pop-ups in your videos, you must start by logging into your account and opening YouTube studio. Then in the content section, click on the edit icon.
    2. After clicking on the edit icon, you will see your video details from where you can change the title, upload a thumbnail, add a description, and many more. All you have to do is click on the card option.
    3. After clicking on the card option, a new window with your card menu and video timeline will appear. All you have to do is select Add Card to see various card options.
    4. Then click on the Link option to add a link card. Under the associated website, enter your site URL from the drop-down menu of Select Site. Click on the settings to associate a website with your YouTube channel. In the start time field, you can add when you want to display the card pop-up. Click on the Next button and add the card title, teaser text, and call to action. Once you have performed all the steps, click on the Save button.
  • Add clickable links to your video by using End Screen:

    There are two methods to add an end screen to your videos: after uploading or when uploading.

    1. In your YouTube Studio, click on the upload videos option and choose the video you are willing to upload. Fill in all the details regarding your videos, and make sure to select your thumbnail that will make your videos stand out. Then click on more options to add more information related to your videos, such as subtitles, languages, categories, tags, and more. After that, click on the next option to open Video Elements. Now you can see the option to add an end screen to your YouTube video.
    2. You can either choose import from videos if you want to add another video or select the add to choose from various end screen options.
    3. After choosing your desired setup and filling in all the necessary details, click on elements to add end screen clickable links.
    4. To add links to your YouTube video by using the end screen method after you have uploaded your video, all you have to do is click on the content section from the main menu and choose the YouTube video you want.
    5. The next method is to click on the end screen option. You can easily add links in the end screen by clicking on the element options described above.


We have all the essential information on adding clickable links. As you have read, adding clickable links to your YouTube video is a straightforward procedure and offers big rewards. By adding clickable links, you can control and direct your brand narrative and view to the website and content essential for you.