Social media is fascinating. Today everything has digitally evolved, and we are all-consuming digital content. The connectivity has become fast, and it is easy to access the internet anywhere and anytime. It is easy for us to tune the video content. We like watching videos rather than listening to audio. Therefore, there is nothing to be surprised by in that the video quality has improved today for marketers. Video content has helped us learn many things. It has helped improve understanding and made us familiar with various products and services, and video has increased traffic by up to more than 87%.

Also, there has been an increase in sales which has directly been due to the video’s quality. Video plays a vital role in a marketer’s life. It is important for B2B marketing and B2C marketing. The B2B marketers use more videos to promote their brands than B2C marketers.

Youtube is one of the greatest platforms to promote your brand and also helps the audience know about the brand you’re promoting. You can use youtube for content marketing. However, It requires certain procedures to be followed so that you can start a successful youtube channel.

We are here to guide you on growing your youtube channel from scratch and promoting your brand.

  1. Create a google account

    The first and foremost step is to create a google account. This is important because the next coming steps lie under this first step. If you skip this step, then you cannot move on to the next one. Your first move should be to create a google account. But if you or your company have a Google account, you can move directly to the next step. It is not necessary that you need to have an email address that is linked to your youtube account or even your name. Instead, it is better to use a valid company account, so you can keep your business communications private. This will help you make things easy for you, and your youtube messages and notification would be organized.

    To start from, go to the ‘create your google account’ page, and then you can either use the company’s name or create a new one, according to your choice. You have to enter your necessary details and click on the ‘next’ button, and your all set.

  2. Create a business/ brand channel

    When you create your account on youtube, you automatically get a personal channel, but if you want promotion and grow your channel, you need to switch it into a brand account. This will be easier for you to customize your channel according to your brand name and its information. Then what you have to do is, advertise your brand account with others.

    You have to log into your new google account, and then there will be an icon on the top right corner of your screen, click on it and choose Settings.

    The next thing is to click on ‘create a new channel,’ and here you will get an option to choose if you want a brand channel or a person, so choose the brand, then enter your business name that you would like for your official youtube channel and then click, create. Once you have access to your business account, you will analyze the critical youtube data, which you can track, and you will get to know how your channel is performing. These tools will help you to fuel your video marketing efforts.

  3. Branding your channel

    Youtube channels need a brand identity just like other social media platforms, and it should be consistent and prominently visible. It should give the knowledge about the brand and what it is about to the audience. You can do this by optimizing your channel artwork. The good artwork you include in your channel, the more people will take an interest in it. Don’t forget to use the same cover picture and profile picture you have used on the other social media platforms.

    This is how people will recognize you. Be dedicated to your business and make sure to align with brand colors and visual identity. For example, you can recognize the national geographic channels logo by its bright yellow color picture. Moreover, they have also used their channel’s artwork to promote their new videos, ‘cosmos’ show. You can see the logo below.

  4. Plan your content properly

    This is one of the most challenging steps, youtube has many brainstorming ideas, and your channel theme totally depends on the product you’re promoting and also on the type of audience you are targeting. Generally, the videos related to information and education are always in the limelight on youtube. The people are keen to know about the styling and education videos that explain a lot of content and vote for these channels in huge numbers. They demand to see more videos and product demos. Explainer videos are one of the most interesting content on the youtube channel, and then comes the presentation videos and then the testimonial videos.

    So if you want to target a huge fan following, you must target informative and educational videos. Teaching them to do something and describing a product is what your audience will love.

    If you are a pet lover, you can create a youtube video that is informative and highly valuable for pet lovers, telling them about the product you use. You can showcase your products and share your experience and tips on setting up a pet gate or how you can brush your dog’s hair, teeth and share some friendly recipes. To make it more interactive, you can keep a Q and A session with vets.

  5. Invest the right equipment

    If you want your brand to be well-known among people, then you need to use quality content to gain credibility on youtube. Your work isn’t over. Once you have developed ideas that you will put on youtube, you also need to invest in quality equipment to boost your channel. You can start with the basics, the DSLR camera, a good quality microphone, and also look for proper lighting equipment and tripods. Also, use good editing software. Editing software allows you to cut unnecessary scenes from the video and minimize the duration of the video. There are simple programs available like window movie maker, apple imovie, which will help you edit better.

  6. Optimizing for SEO on youtube

    You need to target the maximum audience if you want the best, your subscribers should be supportive, you need to grow your network. Your content quality will make you discover the right people who will improve your youtube channel.

    It would be best if you optimized your youtube channel for SEO so that when people search for relevant content, they find it easily, and therefore, there are better chances that will help you find good and loyal subscribers. For good SEO use-

    • Relevant content and good video description on your channel, use popular keywords so that when people search with those easy and simple keywords, your video pops out.
    • Tag your most relevant video for further preferences, as when you add tags, then the youtube search engine makes it visible and displays it in the search results. Many tools are available you can use in tagging the content for a recommendation.
    • Use an attractive thumbnail so that when people click on your video, it may increase the views generally. If you want to get discovered, you need people to support you, so choose the best appealing image and texts and graphics to make your thumbnail look best. First, you can go through some of the good DIY videos, as they have attractive thumbnails.
  7. Create a boom trailer

    Once you have kept all the above things in mind, now it’s time to let your audience know about your youtube channel. So, add an interesting trailer video on your channel of about one minute to let people know what to expect from you. Tell them about your brand and what type of videos you will be creating to make them realize that your channel is important for them to watch, and they instantly subscribe. Make sure that your trailer video plays automatically when they visit your channel to engage them immediately. Once it grows, you can keep this section to explain your products and how they will add value to people’s lives. Highlight your videos by zeal customers to make them look more interesting.

  8. Grow your network

    This is the last step of how you can make your youtube channel grow. Your main aim is to grow networks so that you can truly leverage the platform. This step involves sharing your videos with your friends through social media and channel display. Reach people and get them to align with your products. Target adds and keeps a note of people who are keen on knowing your products.


To grow a youtube channel, you would require a lot of marketing efforts to be put in. This article will help you understand some of the crucial steps of making your youtube channel grow and all the things you need to know about making a youtube channel—Developing high-quality content and tools to know about youtube content.