YouTube is more than just a video sharing platform it is the second most powerful search engine in the world and maintains its top spot as the largest video sharing platform on the planet. Ever since its launch YouTube has grown exponentially and with the maturation of the technology and smartphone industry this growth has been more pervasive.

In present times half of all YouTube video views are generated through mobile phones. Due to its ever-growing popularity and other such reasons YouTube is the master platform that is used to reach across all generational boundaries. It helps impact and engage members from all generations like GenX, GenY, and GenZ. For example, YouTube is the only platform that reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds as compared to any U.S cable networking channel that is currently active.

Because of these reasons as well as many others, influencers continuously spawn with the help of YouTube and leave lasting impressions through their videos on their dedicated viewers. Studies have concluded that recommendations made by influencers are trusted 92% more than compared to any other celebrity or advertisement. Influencer marketing is one of the perks of being a social media influencer, this kind of marketing is quite notable due to the trust factor brought forth by influencers which is why it is also quite effective. Viewers trust their influencer and so will pay heed to his/her recommendations since they have seen the influencer grow and have played a role in his/her journey.

This is why influencer marketing works better than celebrity marketing. Celebrities are seen as otherworldly, elites however influencers are perceived as one of their own and so trust comes easy with regards to influencers.

It might seem simple however it is not

YouTube is an ever-evolving platform long gone are the days when funny cat videos and dogs on skateboards dominated the platform. Today YouTube is the hotspot for marketing, when used correctly YouTube is a powerful business tool and so to boost your sales you must first work on your views.

In this article, you will learn 10 ways to boost your views on YouTube, grow your brand and increase your sales.

But first, let’s quickly talk about how to make a YouTube video.

How to make a YouTube video

  1. Plan your video

    Before you directly jump on to making a video first plan your video. Create an outline of sorts, plan out your scenes and content.

  2. Write down your script

    Now that you have created an outline it is now time to note down the finer details such as the script. Write down the lines and topics you want to cover.

  3. Create a short list

    In a short list, you note down the points you want to pay attention to such as the camera position, lighting direction, expressions, etc.

  4. Organize your scenes

    Gather all the material you would require to make the video. For instance, if you are using any props in the video make sure you have them also decide what type of video you are working on is it animated, live-action, or real-time video.

  5. Prepare and rehearse

    If you happen to be starring in the video make sure you rehearse and practice so that the real thing can go off without a hitch. It is the details that matter so make sure you pay attention to the finer details.

  6. Edit your video

    After a few takes when you end up with a couple of best shots it is not time to edit and smoothen out the edges. Take time while doing this process make sure the lines are clear and delete any scenes that do not fit well.

  7. Upload

    This is the final step to creating a YouTube video. Now that you have created a video, edited the mistakes it is now time to show your work. Make sure you add a title, tag, and appropriate description for the convenience sake of your audience. If you plan to add more videos with this topic make sure to make a playlist.

How to get more views on YouTube

Now that we have talked about how to make a YouTube video it is now time to dive into the important topic and that is how to get more views on your videos.

  1. Create compelling content

    It won’t matter what tricks and tips you employ, none of them would work If your content isn’t good. So how do you know what kind of content is compelling and will get high views on YouTube? One of the most viewed topics is ” how-to ” videos. It is seen that “how-to” videos tend to get a high number of views. Simply identify the topic your audience wants to know most about and make videos meet their needs. Some creators have amassed millions of views by focusing on “how-to” content.

  2. Encourage viewers to subscribe

    The easiest way to get more views on YouTube is by encouraging your current viewers to subscribe to your channel. Gaining more subscribers will increase the number of views on every new video you release. The best way to ask your audience to subscribe is by simply asking them at the beginning and end of the video. But do not just ask them to subscribe also ask them to click on the bell button for notifications.

  3. Create playlists

    Use playlists to your benefit. The reason why playlists work so well is because of autoplay. Autoplay ensures maximum attention as the continuous playing of videos grabs your attention. So go on and make sure you create a playlist of your best content so that your audience can enjoy a click-free marathon of your best content.

  4. Promote your videos on other social channels

    It’s 2021 and one thing that we can be sure about is that you have social media accounts. So if you have followers on your accounts make sure you notify them every time you upload a new video. Remember the idea is to get the maximum number of free views you can get. A good way of notifying your followers is by creating a short teaser, a minute-long will be sufficient to grab their attention.

  5. Nurture a community

    YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform it is a community in itself. It is also like a social media site. So if you want to get more views you need to interact with those around you, those who follow you, those who appreciate your content, and also with those who give constructive feedback. ITobe good, you need to pay heed to feedback, this is how you will understand your audience and their likes. The best way of doing this is by replying to comments, answering any questions made by a viewer, etc. This way other viewers will be more inclined to comment if they know there is a possibility of a response.

  6. Crete a YouTube trailer

    Create a short video that showcases all your best YouTube works. Kind of like a trailer to your new audience. This way you can easily show your audience your content, highlight your best work and lastly encourage them to subscribe to your channel. A nice short video that provides a glimpse of your passion, your work and creativity is a perfect idea for a trailer.

  7. Compelling thumbnail images

    The preview image of a video is a thumbnail. You might take this little image for granted but it is what brings you the most views. Your audience decides based on the thumbnail whether to watch the video or not. A compelling thumbnail can attract many new viewers and subscribers. So make sure your thumbnail is attractive and that it stands out.

  8. Timing

    A rookie mistake would be to upload videos at random. The best time is when your viewers are most active on YouTube. Thankfully these analytics are now available for your knowledge. You can simply find out the timeline during which viewers are most active and can upload your videos based on that.

  9. Know what’s trending

    Your awareness of the trends happening on your platform is what keeps you from sinking into the background. Make sure you keep up with the trends. It is important to figure out the content types you like and create your version. Remember to stay true to your content and ideas do not try to copy someone.

  10. Transcribe your videos

    Your content is great and there may be potential viewers who are interested in your content however language serves as a barrier. YouTube allows for closed captions, where you can add a transcript to provide subtitles. If you want to target an international audience it would be best to provide multiple language subtitles.


There you have it: 10 tips and tricks that will help you get millions of views in 2020.

All things said you must first focus on creating content that your audience enjoys. The next step would be to optimize your channel as well as your content and also focus on promoting your videos via other social media platforms. Lastly, focus on nurturing a relationship with your audience. That is all make sure you try these tips and enjoy the extra views.