Social media aimed to assist people in connecting with each other, Be it about Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, or videos on YouTube. The primary purpose behind them is to share your experiences with people around the world. This is also where influencer marketing comes in.

Now, social media has grown into a source of income for numerous people; over an interval of two years, budgets for advertising on social media soared from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. A place for recreation for many has become a spot where businesses advertise their products as well as services.

Social media platforms gain the biggest part of this budget. Other than them, the popular users on the platform also get a share of the profit. These popular individuals are usually called influencers. Influencers have an active and engaging audience in huge numbers. They set trends and provide information to other users on the platform who are looking for a specific service or product.

What should be your first steps?

Begin by creating a YouTube account & build your profile. Creating a YouTube channel will allow you to explore content by other users and post videos, leave comments, and add photos. Once you are done creating an account and have logged into it, you will have to make a new channel. You may also be required to verify your account before you can post video content.

Make sure that the chosen channel name is consistent with your brand and will stick with users. The name should be simple and catchy so that it can be searched quickly.

As for branding your channel, consider carefully what type of content and skills you will be showcasing; this is an opportunity to show your creativity and personality. In addition, make sure that you have a specific audience in mind while creating your content; novice YouTubers desperately attempt to make content that appeals to everyone. On the contrary, it appeals to no one. So, ensure that your content targets a specific audience, such as Horror film enthusiasts, reviews on movies, or books.

The content on your channel should be reflective of your brand and skillset. Some of the most viewed videos on the platform cover genres such as product reviews, video game walkthrough, funny animal, how-to and do it yourself guides, gossip videos, sketch routines or comedy, parodies, pranks, unboxing or at-home shopping, educational content, vlogs, and hauls as well as shopping sprees. You might notice many successful YouTubers targeting a specific genre, while others may aim for sharing content that might touch a bigger audience, such as a heartwarming or a wholesome moment or of a cute animal.

Develop A Brand Identity

Developing a brand identity should be on the top of your to-do list. Your brand identity consists of various elements that should be consistent in all the platforms you market your channel on. Such elements include visual elements, corporate or brand logo, particular font, color palette, intro video of your brand, other styles, and visual elements.

All the elements of your brand must remain consistent across all the platforms and online channels you market your channel. This helps you in creating credibility, easier association with your brand, and brand loyalty.

Additionally, print advertising should similarly include your branding, and it must be identifiable and cohesive with the rest of your marketing strategy.

How often should you be posting content?

The more content you have on your channel, the better it would and make sure that the quality of the content does not deteriorate. Preferably, to build a fan following, you should attempt to create more quality content, follow a routine to ensure that you’re posting on your channel in time.

Invest in a website

If you wish to become an influencer on YouTube, you must get a website for your brand, and it will be one of the most vital purchases you make as an influencer.

The design of your website should express your brand and what you represent as an influencer. In addition, your website can also be utilized to drive traffic to your other online channels.

Your website should also be SEO optimized; optimized websites are ranked higher Google in search results, making it easy for your following to find it.

Create a marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy should outline the plan of action that you can take and what they should look like and achieve. Asking yourself for some simple actions can help you develop a suitable marketing strategy for your YouTube channel. Some of these questions include what you wish to accomplish on the platform, how to keep your viewers engaged, how you can attract users from other platforms to your YouTube channel, what tools you can utilize to create a successful YouTube marketing strategy, will you be hosting giveaways and such events.

A separate camera will be necessary if you wish to be mobile in your content. If your channel is about podcasts or music, then mics that provide high-quality audio should be your priority.

Enhance organic visibility

Do you make engaging and high-quality content but still don’t get enough views, in that case, then you should optimize your content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learning to optimize your content for SEO enables you to rank higher on search results. Only then can you go on to expand your reach across various platforms and grow your subscribers and following to become a popular YouTube influencer.

You can use creative titles for your videos as well as include keywords relevant to your content, including long tail keywords in the description of your videos and the tags included. Utilize compelling thumbnails instead of using a random image for the video.

Post content when most of your audience is online

Upload several videos on your channel, then utilize analytics to conduct research in which you identify your audience’s timeline when they are most active; otherwise, your content will be lost in a huge pool of uploaded videos every minute.

To summarize things,

  • Narrow your target audience:

    Identify and target a particular audience and then make quality content targeting them, rather than attempting to please everyone.

  • Create a trailer: A trailer for your YouTube channel, which plays out whenever unsubscribed users visit your YouTube channel, along with a call to action for them to subscribe to your channel.
  • Catchy Profile:

    Make an interesting profile and ensure that your channel’s about section stands out and interests the visiting user in your content. This is one of the main places where you can market and sell your services as well as services.

  • Choose catchy and searchable titles:

    Before deciding on a title, set a title that users can remember while searching for your content. Keep the keywords limited to the first 45 characters.

  • Create Interesting thumbnails:

    Users are more likely to be visually stimulated, boring, and uninteresting thumbnails will not be able to catch user’s attention.

  • Add watermark to your content:

    You can include watermarks to raise your brand awareness and loyalty. It is also useful in identifying your brand when the videos are shared on other platforms.

  • Utilizing YouTube analytics:

    Utilizing YouTube analytics will allow you to learn how you can improve your content views by letting you analyze the preference and various other details about your audience. You can utilize this newly gained knowledge to tailor content according to the preference of your audience.

  • Follow a schedule consistently:

    Building and following a schedule will allow your audience to know when to expect a new video from you.

  • Create a playlist:

    Creating a playlist makes it easier for your audience to find videos. It also ensures that the audience watches the content in the right order while you can also advertise for your other videos.

  • Just Ask:

    Invite viewers to subscribe; users would not necessarily subscribe to your channel even if they enjoyed a video; with this in consideration, invite them to subscribe to your channel at the end of the video. Other than YouTube, you can post certain clips on other social media platforms to promote your YouTube channel to raise your YouTube following.


Gaining success on YouTube as an influencer does not happen overnight, it is a step-by-step process, but it is still something anyone can do if they follow the right steps required to make it happen. Create a branding strategy that will help you convey your message to your audience.