These days most smartphones are equipped with high-end camera features that allow you to take impressive photographs. You don’t need to carry your bulky DSLRs anymore to be picture-ready.

Most Instagrammers create some incredible content using these smartphone features and mark their solid presence on Instagram.

We’ll walk you through some smart techniques to capture the best shots for Instagram in this article.

So let’s get started.

How to Take Good Instagram Photos on Your Phone?

You can hone your basic understanding of lights and angles and play with your instincts as a photographer. Follow some straightforward steps:

Step 1: Use Natural Light

Awesome photos can be clicked using your phone; you need to know a couple of basics needed for lovely pictures. Adequate light is the basis of a good photo. Learning to utilize light is the first and most important rule of getting extraordinary pictures by using the phone.

It would be best to prevent flash as natural light is much brighter and better, which produces richer and livelier photos.

Using flash can impact your photo quality adversely, as flash can flatten out the photo and decolorize your subject. Click photos near the windows or in well-lit rooms if you can’t shoot outdoors. It’s preferable to find ambient light sources even at night, like shop windows and street lights.

Step 2: Don’t Overexpose Your Images

You should avoid overexposing the images, as you can brighten up photos utilizing editing tools later, which are very dark. Still, you will not be able to fix the overexposed pictures.

You can avoid too much exposure by adapting the lighting on the screen. To adjust the direction, you can tap and slide your finger up or down.

How to capture good Instagram pictures, overexposed

One more way to deter overexposure is by patting the finger on the sharpest portion of the frame to modifying the lighting before taking your picture.

Step: 3 Perfect Shot at Perfect Time of the Day

Nature is the best filter. If you take shots when the sun is low on the horizon, it’ll give mesmerizing results, which is why most photographers wait for this golden hour eagerly.

But if you are shooting when the sun is at its peak, it’s hard to get a perfect picture as too much brightness blurs the image at times.

Clouds are your friend; they reduce the impact of sunlight and help create a softer and flatter picture.

Step:4 Apply Composition Principle

Textures, colors, shapes, and other elements make up your picture. Thus the asymmetric arrangement of all these elements is called composition.

One such composition principle is the rule of thirds which is the most straightforward way of balancing the object along the grid lines by diving it into a 3×3 grid.

For example, you can get a pleasing effect in your photo by arranging the objects on either side of the frame to balance out each other. Let’s say you create a setup for a shot by placing a bouquet in the lower-right frame and set the sun in the top-left corner of the frame.

Pro Tip: Practice alignment by turning on gridlines in your camera setting in the phone.

Step 5: Consider Your Viewpoint

Don’t go by your natural tendency while clicking a pick. If you want to take an unusual and unique photo, don’t hold your phone around your eye level. It might sound absurd, but that works wonderfully.

Clicks taken from a different angle can give a new perspective even in a familiar environment or object captured earlier. Try taking a shot laying on the ground as low as possible or scaling on a wall or from above or below the surface.

Try doing something new which you have never attempted before in pursuit of a perfect shot.

Step: 6 Frame Your Object

Instead of zooming in, leave some space around the focal point of your photo. This will allow you to edit the picture later so that you don’t miss any detail, and also, the shot will be really interesting.

Step 7: Draw the Viewer’s Attention with a Captivating Shot

Photography is an art in itself the captures the eye-locking moments, and that draws the heart. Capture images that have depth. Natural elements, roads, rustic looking buildings can set good leading lines. Play with such elements smartly and add motion to these shots.

Step 8: Add Depth

Focus only on the object, whether it’s still life photography or a slice of an apple. But shots loaded with layers of different patterns, colors, or backdrop are by default intriguing as they have a lot of depth in them.

For instance, if there’s a flower, a tree, and a sunset on the horizon in the shot, then instead of cropping tightly on the flowers, include other elements as well. Even if there’s a railing behind the flowers, then add that as well. This way, each detail of the picture will draw your viewer’s attention.

Step 9: Be Creative

Instead of flooding your Instagram with heaps of images, find your creativity. Serve something different, fresh, and new.

Stand out, create a distinctive identity of your brand which people will remember explicitly.

Step 10: Visually Appealing

Certain subjects go well with Instagram themes, given their visual appeal. Slapping interesting clicks on Insta can boost your visibility online.

Underneath are Insta photography ideas worth considering:

  1. Symmetry

    Add symmetry to your photographs to make them look interesting, whether in nature or creating it.

  2. Patterns

    Patterns can bring creativity to your shots, and a lot of people could be drawn to them. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s mirror rooms have gone viral, which revolves around beautiful and simple shapes and colors. You can find your inspiration in nature, architecture, old monuments, etc.

  3. Vibrant colors

    Splashing some vibrant colors can pop up your images. Bright colors add richness to your shots and make us happy as well. Colors can add beauty to a mundane-looking object.

  4. Humor

    Humor is refreshing and adds life to your content. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously; humor is a gentle reminder of that. Give out happy vibes on Instagram by slapping some funny images.

  5. Straightforward Action

    Apprehending your subject in motion is a very hard approach, but this makes it more splendid. An enthralling action report is very thrilling and striking. This turns every usual subject into an extraordinary one.

    It would be best if you didn’t always aim for perfection. Every so often, any obscure motion can result in something awesome.

    Whenever you take motion pictures, take numerous alternatives to grow your chances of getting a bewildering shot. You can also use Burst Mode to take ten pictures per second.

  6. Characteristic Shots

    A fascinating feature can be striking, and it might prove to be an intermezzo. You can also use some Instagram picture editing features, like vignette or tile shift, to intensify the picture’s character.

    About the angle, start taking pictures from an adjacent space to conserve the standard of the picture.

    Taking pictures from a distance and trimming the lower part of the image’s firmness leads to chapped and bland pictures. Make certain you are posting images grasped for Instagram.

  7. A Captivating Background

    It is an easy approach, which works. Avail of these awesome backgrounds. This can also be why you might want to click a picture in a restroom with awesome wallpapers. It’ll be better if the background of the picture is innovative.

  8. Animals

    Instagram photos capturing cute animals are very appealing and compelling. So, if you have an adorable pup at home, don’t forget to capture the same in your frame, and people will be bowled over.

  9. Food

    Aesthetic food photography is another area that is exploding, and people get flawed seeing them.

    So, what’s the secret behind outstanding food images? You asked for it, so be it. It’s always good to click from above, utilize natural light and surroundings for the image to pop up.

  10. People

    As per research, most contents on Instagram get likes on photos having people 38% more than the ones without it.

    Use Hootsuite to save time spent on managing your Instagram account. Schedule your post and publish on Instagram directly to keep your audience engaged, measure your performance and other social media handles.


Take a clear shot utilizing all of the above techniques: attractive background, different angle, symmetry, and natural light. You might want to consider turning on the portrait mode on your phone to capture the best shot.