The enormous user base of Instagram has made it one of the leading social media platforms. The platform has more than one billion active users. And this makes it impossible for any brand, small or big, to ignore Instagram. It is also the most Influencer-friendly medium, and there are thousands of those on the platform who would happily do so.

There is no shortage of users in this platform, and most of the users being in the age group of 18-29, makes it more attractive for marketers from all over the world. Instagram has also helped these brands, influencers, and marketers to make their job a little easy by providing them with excellent Instagram features for marketing.

Nowadays, Instagram is somewhat less for social media and more for businesses for its unique features. They are all ready to be used in business accounts to promote their brand names through Instagram marketing. So, whether you are looking to capture the market or seeking to buy ads, it is very much possible in Instagram itself. You can find almost every feature required for successful marketing under one roof and over a single platform named Instagram.

The youth are the most significant users of Instagram, who contribute to about 64% of all the active Instagram users. The latest Instagram features are so attractive that most users use them primarily for their posts, videos, and marketing.

Let us know more about the latest Instagram features that are tremendously helpful for Instagram marketing.

  1. Picture advertisements

    This one is the Instagram feature that is mainly for adding filters to images and posting them. That allows on-time editing and publishing of your memories. That is why the app is named “Instagram.” you can post different marketing messages after adding some suitable filters. This option makes your post more attractive and eye-catching. So, you can also add some memories there.

    Instagram also allows the advertisers to create Instagram Ads through its features. This feature is also linked to the Facebook Ads. So, apart from posting about the latest news and products, you can also advertise about them quickly, just by using a unique feature to create advertisements.

    This feature also allows you to tag products and connect them to your leading site for increasing engagements. The only requirement for using this feature is to have a business account, which most brands and marketers already own.

  2. Instagram stories advertisements

    When Instagram launched its feature of Instagram stories, it also permitted the advertisers to create Instagram Stories Ads. It could be at the most fifteen seconds photos or videos that could run between the stories that your followers watch daily. Facebook comments that this type of advertisement is the first of its kind that permits 9:16 full screen on Instagram. Brands that use these advertisements could see an increment in their earnings.

    This feature of Stories Ads is a great way to engage people and increase your brand awareness. Instagram also confirmed that updates in the feature would have other aims like adding conversions, mobile install apps, website clicks, and many other options.

    These are some of the necessary information about Instagram Ad stories –

    For images –

    • Uploading up to 6 images is allowed – but it will never seem like a carousel advertisement.
    • The size should be 1080×1920 pixels with the ratio aspect 9:16.
    • The advertisements are skippable.
    • When you use images that have little to no overlay text, maximum ad delivery is achieved.

    For videos –

    • The upload size of the video should not exceed 2.3 GB, and the upload format consists of MOV, MP4, or GIF files.
    • The duration can be for fifteen seconds maximum.
    • No standalone texts like titles or messages, or descriptions are allowed.
    • The resolution should be of 720-pixel quality.

    So, it is a great start to understand how these Ads work and can be managed.

  3. More than one video and images

    Another favorite feature of every Instagrammer is the permission to post more than one image or video, all in a single post. Up to 10 pictures or videos can be uploaded at a single go, in a single post.

    Some benefits of this feature are —

    You get the chance to display your team. If your brand has several departments in it, you can undoubtedly settle a time to post multiple images of a single department, where it will show all your members. It will help you customize your brand, and your followers would get more attached to it after seeing them.

    Show the scenes of your products. People are tired of seeing the products and their beautiful package boxes. They are more than willing to see the behind-the-scenes of your products, including the formation of the product or arrangements of the substances, and so on. It is an essential trust-building process that encourages your followers to come up and try one of your products. What soothes their eyes, they are willing to buy.

    So, after seeing the scenes that are mainly not shown, they can surely come up with more followers for you. It is a great feature and idea to drive more engagement, conversions, and sales, all at once.

    You can also create videos on an informative substance like the use of any new feature or merchandise. It will allow people to get knowledge from your videos only without going to youtube. It is an intelligent step on Instagram’s part to promote its substance and let the three hundred and sixty-degree use of its features instead of other apps.

    Whether you are an artist, designer, dancer, or photographer, always display your latest works. When you are willing to put yourself out there, you will have to believe in yourself or have faith. You will get more customers than ever once you start showing your work more.

  4. Get in touch with influencers

    Instagram is the most Influencer-friendly platform. It is another way to flaunt your brand, at this moment collaborating with influencers and working with them to advertise your brand. Do a creative campaign that will match the tastes of both sides – yours as well as theirs.

    There are different types of influencers and before approaching an influencer, make sure that they match your audience’s profile. When your audiences follow that influencer from before, it becomes a better way for marketing. Your audiences will shower more love on your products once they find their favorite influencer flaunting your products. Of course, you would always want to be credible when it comes to the products that you are selling.

    Even the recent trend of micro-influencers appears to be very helpful. These people don’t have a huge follower count like celebrities, but they can surely bring some revenue to your brand.

    It encourages more meet and greets of the brands with ordinary people who might have used your products earlier or trust your brand a lot.

  5. Like the other social networks

    Instagram also released a feature in which publishers can tag products in the image that they post. This feature helps them to direct the user to your site, from where they can purchase the product they like.

    This way, Instagram takes baby steps to make it more user-friendly and marketing-friendly, where brands can elegantly display their items and attract more customers. Even when you are taking the help of influencer marketing, you can ask them to tag your products in their posts to reach your website easily.

The bottom line

These were some of the latest Instagram features that can surely give you an upper hand in Instagram marketing. Different businesses have their unique audiences. So using the latest features can serve both – your strategy and purpose. Thus, after going through your business profile, look for using the elements to improve your profile and posts.