Last year when the whole world was abuzz with excitement and celebrating the beginning of a new decade, no one had the slightest of a clue that this year would be a changing pedestal and add a new page to our history, which would be a life learning lesson for many years to come and that is the ongoing corona pandemic which forced this ever running world to stop and reflect on what we have been doing and what should be changed, like an anonymous call quote that I read somewhere said

Corona has proved that everything around us is so temporary. Things revolve around ……work, gym, malls, movies, Society have all gone for a toss as we’re learning to live without them.

It has taught us that in the end, it’s your own home and family that keeps you safe.

The entertainment industry has suffered the most incurring a massive loss because of the lockdown. Even people feel the absence of every Friday releasing movies, celeb interviews, TV world gossips, etc., and online platforms took the place of theatres, and series replaced films affecting the industry even more. We have two Industries ruling the world at this moment that is Bollywood and Hollywood. Among these two, Hollywood is at number one and is considered the mother industry of Bollywood from where our Indian industry draws all its inspiration and knowledge.

The Most Anticipated Movies

If we have a look at the statistics we see that the world wide Economy incurred a monetary loss at the global gross domestic product of about 75 billion US dollars in 2020 out of these it is the entertainment industry that suffered incurring a huge loss of approximately 30 billion US dollars as theatres, film releases ,promotions, shootings everything I had come to a sudden halt even the people felt the absence of every Friday releasing movies, the excitement around it ,celebrity interviews, TV world gossips etc.

The Hollywood is being too hopeful, that soon everything would be back to normal and theatres would be back in business and so the calendar is flooded with movies scheduled to release this year as statistics also state that there has been an increase in people watching movies is now people have time in the hands as they are stuck in homes though they also seriously wish everything to return back to normal so that they can use the big screen once again as you might agree or not going for a movie with friends or family is an outing on its own and awaited by all. So before diving in to the .movies let’s have a quick look at the background and touch history a bit:-

The Count of Monte Cristo was the first film to be completed in 1908 though most of the shoot was done in Chicago, so the first film shot entirely in Hollywood was a short film named In Old California in the year 1910. With the coming of 1911, the first movie Sunset Boulevard had come up. By 1915 many more Motion Picture companies had shifted their base to Hollywood from the East Coast. Hollywood was an apt place to produce movies since movie makers couldn’t be sued for infringing on Motion Pictures Film Patents held by Thomas Edison and his Motion Picture Patents Companies. It also had pleasant, predictable, sunny weather and varied terrain that was ideal for movie backdrops.

With the vaccine out there in the markets now, though the effects will still be felt through 2021, people are still looking forward to movies, and Hollywood is optimistic, and the calendar is flooded with movie releases. So we have a lot to look forward to like we have a new Matrix edition. A yet another thrilling edition of Mission Impossible, Spider-Man, and not to forget The Fast and the Furious 9 scheduled to release this year, along with these we have a Bond movie, Venom, Minions, Top Gun: Maverick and Ghostbusters along with these look forward to some new franchises which are set to release this year like Dune, Uncharted, and Chaos Walking are the major ones going to release with some smaller sporadic releases spread all over the year, e.g., Jungle Cruise, the king’s man, suicide squad, no time to die, Mobius, Black Widow, free guy, reminiscence and a lot more.

Let’s dive deeper and give a quick cursory glance to some of the big banner movies stated to release this year:-

1. Chaos Walking

Set to Release in March, this thrilling science fiction is directed by Doug Liman and written by Patrick Ness; the movie is based on the scientific trilogy Chaos Walking; the story of the film starts with our protagonist Todd was brought up to believe that a germ was released by the Spackle, killing all the women and releasing noise on the remaining men. His adoptive parents told him to leave with just a map of the New World, a letter, and several unanswered questions after finding a patch of silence in the swamp. The root of the silence, a girl named Viola, he soon learns.

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2. Nobody

Set to Release in April, this action crime drama is directed by Ilya Naischuller and written by Derek Kolstad; the movie is a story of a bystander who saves a woman from being molested by a group of men, and that is why becomes the target of a vengeful drug lord.

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3. Fast and the Furious 9

Set to Release in May, this most awaited action-adventure film is directed and written by Justin Lee; the movie is a sequel of the most famous series of Fast and the Furious story where once again, the story revolves around Dominic Toretto and his crew who come together to fight the most experienced killer and high-performance driver they’ve ever met, John, Dom’s forsaken brother.

The 10 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2021

4. Venom: Let there be Carnage

Set to Release in June, this adventure superhero movie is directed by Andy Serkis and written by Kelly Marcel. This forthcoming American superhero film is based on the Venom character from the Marvel comics.

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5. Minions: The Rise of Gru

Stated to release in July, this most famous animated movie directed by Kyle Balda, Brad Abelson, Jonathan Del Val. This is the tale of a 12-year-old’s dream of being Minions’ biggest supervillain in Minions: The Rise of Gru.

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6. Suicide Squad

Scheduled to release in August, this action thriller genre, directed and written by James Gunn the movie is based on John Ostrandevi’s Suicide Squad; this is yet another American superhero film based on the DC Comics team with the same name. Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, and their team of assembled Supervillains are back.

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7. Reminiscence

Scheduled to release in September, this Sci-Fi thriller drama written and directed by Lisa Joy; the movie sees a scientist discovering a way to relive his past. He uses technology to search for long-lost love.

8. Dune

An altogether brand new franchise scheduled to release in October, directed by Dennis Villeneuve and written by Frank Herbert, John Spaiths, and Eric Roth, the movie is a feature adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi novel about a noble family’s son entrusted with the protection of the most valuable asset and the most vital element in the galaxy.

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9. Mission Impossible 7

Scheduled to release in November, this action spy film written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie is the seventh instalment of the Mission Impossible film series based on Bruce Geller’s synonymous novel titled Mission Impossible.

10. Untitled Spider-Man: Far from Home

Scheduled to release in December, this superhero action film directed by John Watson written by Steve Ditko is a sequel to the previously released Spider-Man: Far from Home and American superhero film based on the Marvel comic character Spiderman.


With the scare of Corona Pandemic still looming on our heads and we still are locked in our houses somewhat, these movie releases are slightly a piece of good news, I feel, and as Roman Polanski says Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theatre.

Movies have the power to send you into a zone far away from reality so that you can relax, de-stress and forget what is going around you for the time being, so let’s wait and watch what is in store for us in 2021.